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Named for Red Willow Creek. The term is a mistranslation of the Sioux word Chanshasha Wakpala, literally, Red Dogwood Creek. This shrub was abundant along the stream. Boundaries were defined by an act of the Legislature and approved February 27, 1873.
  • Addenda
    Place shown in early county atlas as a community.
    Peak population in (1910) 19. Post office established Feb 10, 1886; discontinued Sep 30, 1907. Named in honor of Edward Banks, former sheriff and father of Mrs. Winfield S. Webster.
    Peak pop in (1910) 511. Post office established Jul 29, 1886. Named in honor of Rev. Allen Bartley, Methodist Episcopal minister who homesteaded the land on which the town was platted in July 1886. Mallalieu College, was operated here for a few terms before it was abandoned.
    A proposed townsite located in 1871 by Mr. Billings from Cheyenne WY territory. Never went beyond platting stage.
    Peak population in (1890) 12. Post office established Mar 13, 1882; discontinued Dec 6, 1887. Named in honor of William. Bond, first postmaster.
    P.O. established Sep 30, 1879; discontinued Jun 15, 1911. Named for the heavy growth of box elder timber in locale.
    Formerly called Perry.
    Early army depot established during Indian uprisings in the western part of the state.
    Post office established Jun 23, 1874; discontinued Aug 20, 1875. Name origin unknown. Dr. Bennett first postmaster.
    Early settlement named for local stream where numerous racoon trapped.
    Peak population (1930) 321. Post office established Dec 24, 1873; name changed to Danbury Station Jan 13, 1888; changed back to Danbury Apr 16, 1888. Named in honor of Danbury, CT, former home of first postmaster, George Gilbert.
    Post office established Jul 2, 1879; name changed to McCook Jun 14, 1882. Named in honor of it's descriptive location and commands a view of the Republican Valley. S. Homer Calvin, postmaster.
    A former Post office between Danbury and Lebanon. P.O. established Nov 24, 1879; discontinued Jan 18, 1888. Named in honor of Hamburg, Germany.
    Peak pop (1930) 815. Post office established Jun 25, 1873. Named in honor of Indianola, Iowa former home of Mr. Starbuck. First postmaster Dr. A.J. Shaw. Platted by Rep Valley Land Assn. surveyed by D.N. Smith May 1873. Indianola was made county seat but lost the title in election with McCook Apr 1896.
    Peak pop (1930) 262. Post office established Sep 12, 1873. Named in honor of Lebanon, Ohio former home of Mr. B.F. Bradbury.
    Post office established Jun 23 1884; discontinued Sep 21, 1886. Named in honor of Luray, Virginia probably.
    Peak pop (1930) 252. Post office established Jan 15, 1902. Named in honor of Marion Powell prominent in town's livestock and feed business. Burlington Northern chose the name Marion because there was already a Powell township.
  • McCOOK
    Peak pop (1980) 8,404. Post office named changed from Fairview Jun 14, 1882. Name given by Burlington Northern Rail Road in honor of Union general Alexander McDowell McCook. City platted by Lincoln Land Co. Won county seat election against Indianola Apr 15, 1896.
    Post office established Nov 14, 1879; discontinued Jul 26, 1880. Name origin unknown.
    Station on the C. B. and Q Rail Road named in honor of W.S. Perry, super of bridges on the McCook division. Formerly called Campbell.
    Peak pop (1890) 105. Post office established Apr 22, 1872; discontinued Apr 31, 1912. First Post office in county. Named in honor of county and creek of local Republican Valley Land Co.
    Peak pop (1930) 14. Post office established Feb 10, 1913; discontinued 1934. Named for Leonard Shippee first postmaster and early resident.
    Post office established May 5, 1876; discontinued Mar 12, 1877. Named in honor of local creek.
    A former Post office between Danbury and Cedar Bluffs, Kansas. Post office established Mar 24, 1880; discontinued Feb 5, 1886. Named for Rev. Stoughton early homesteader.
    Post office established Mar 4, 1881; discontinued May 5, 1902. Named in honor of Tyrone, Pa. by first postmaster.
    Post office established Mar 29, 1881; discontinued Aug 17, 1900. Name origin given as it was a valley in Driftwood Creek. R.H. Williams first postmaster.
    Post office established Sep 29, 1873; discontinued Feb 4, 1884. Probably received name from the active National Grange organization. Located in a valley of the Driftwood near McCook. William Fitch first postmaster.
    Post office established Mar 28, 1881; discontinued Apr 6, 1883. Named in honor of Charles H. Van Wyck, U.S. Senator.
    Post office established Mar 12, 1877; moved to Red Willow County Aug 1, 1879 from Furnas County. Post office discontinued Dec 23, 1884. Named in honor of B.F. Whitney, early settler, store owner and local official.
    Post office established Jun 25, 1879; discontinued Aug 28, 1882. Named for a grove of willow trees near post office.