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We are now located at the Masonic Building on the second floor. The library is in a good location in downtown McCook at 322 Norris Avenue Suite 2 - 7. Shopping, restaurants and parking are within walking distance. The entrance is the old theatre entrance of the Masonic building. An elevator is available to the 2nd floor. The library is a large space with a nice research center, which is WiFi accessible. The library will be open for researchers on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.   The following list of books are at the SWNGS library for your use.



The People 1872-1972
Adams County
Tales from the Prairie 3 Booklets
Biographical Souvenir of Buffalo, Kearney, Phelps, Harlan & Franklin
Fort Kearny on the Platte
Farm & Ranch Directory 1966
Craig, NE 1867-1967
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Chase County High School Directory 1977
Soil Survey of Chase County NE
New Horizons, Enders Dam Dedication
Lake View Cemetery Interments, Champion, NE
Some Early Chase County History 1995
Chase County History Vol. 2 by CCHS
Chase County History Vol. 3 by CCHS
Chase County History Vo. 9 by CCHS
Chase County Research Web Notebook
The Old Town Vol. 7
West Point, NE 101 Years
West Point, NE 125 Years
Farm & Ranch Directory 1941
Farm & Ranch Directory 1943
Clear Creek Echoes 1878-1978 Westerville, NE
Farnam, NE  From these beginnings we grew
Deuel County History
The Story of Omaha
Douglas County Cemeteries
Family Trails, Omaha World Herald Column
Dundy County Heritage and Index Book
Dundy County Cemeteries by Mr. Sutton
Dundy County Veterans
Dundy County Dept of Roads/Post Offices
The War Years
History of Dundy County NE 1880-1987
Burials in Dundy County 
Haigler Centennial Book
The Fillmore County Story
They called it Exeter
Marriage Records Index 1872-1990 
Some Early History of Campbell, NE
Franklin County Cemeteries
Frontier County Indians & Pioneers
Frontier County Rural Resident Directory
Willow Creek Memories
History of Garden Prairie Church
Soil Survey of Frontier County NE
School Census Records 1899
Frontier County Marriages A-Z
Frontier County Cemeteries
Aggie Newspapers 1918-1968
Historic Building Survey Report
Veterans Buried in Frontier County
Diary of Sergeant Wenzel Patzelt
Mt. Zion Hill Cemetery
Curtis, NE The First 100 Years
Maywood, NE  100 Years of Memories
Cambridge, NE  1874-1974
Furnas County Cemeteries
History of Furnas County Vol. 1 1987
Furnas County Marriages 1876-1935
Wilsonville, NE  100 Years 1873-1973
Furnas County Gen Society Newsletters
Hendley, NE  100 Years 1873-1973
Furnas County Plat Book 1916
Early Arapahoe
History of Beaver City 1872-1972
Pioneer Stories of Furnas  1914
1906 Gage County Landowners
History of Beatrice
Gage County Research Guide  x2
Gosper County Archives WPA
Pleasant Grove Church
Gosper County Cemeteries  x2
Farm & Ranch Directory 1967 & 1968
Soil Survey of Gosper County, NE
Historic Building Survey Report
Early Map of Gosper County
Greeley County Archives WPA
Historic Building Survey Report
Historical Sketches of Giltner, NE
History of Hamilton County 1867-1967
Centennial 1867-1967
Harlan County Cemeteries x2
History of Ewing, NE
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Harlan County Marriages
1907 Hayes County Landowners  x2
Hayes County Cemeteries
Hayes County Heritage Book 100 Years  1877-1977
St. Johns Lutheran Church, White, NE  1886-1986
Soil Survey of Hayes County, NE
St. Ann's Church 1887-1987
Wauneta Breeze Papers
Palisade Cemetery
NE History 1973 Articles on Hayes County
Hayes County Plat Map
Hayes County Rural Directory 1990
Farm & Ranch Directory 1966
Farm & Ranch Directory 1990
Rain Follows the Plow
Hitchcock County Records Vol. 1 Paul Riley
Hitchcock County Records Vol. 2 Paul Riley
Hitchcock County Records Vol. 3 Paul Riley
Farmers Highline Journal Vol. 1
Farmers Highline Journal Vol. 2
Cornell Cemetery
Trenton Dam & Swanson Lake 1949  x2
Trinity Methodist Church 1882-1982
Historical Facts Concerning Culbertson 1867-1967
Farm & Ranch Directory 1966
Farm & Ranch Directory 1967
Farm & Ranch Directory 1989
Rose Hill Cemetery, Stratton, NE
Hitchcock County Massacre Canyon Battle Centennial
Hitchcock County Atlas 1896 & 1906
Trenton Cemetery Register
Historic Building Survey Report
Hitchcock County History 1873-1989  x2
Culbertson Cemetery Book
NE History 1973 Articles on Hitchcock County
Howard County Archives WPA
Cemeteries of Jefferson County Vol. 1 & 2
Index to Portrait Album of Johnson & Pawnee County
Cemeteries in Lancaster County, NE Vol. 1
Tower on the Plains 1859-1959 Lincoln, NE Centennial
The Diocese of Lincoln 1987-2002
Lincoln City Polk Directory 1930
Pre-Statehood History of Lincoln County, NE
Fort McPherson
1885 Census of Lincoln County, NE
Farm & Ranch Directories 1966 & 1970
Heritage Lines First 10 Years  NP Telegraph Column
Historic Building Survey Report
Facts, Families & Fiction
Merrick County Archives WPA
Lawrence, NE  1884-1984
75th Diamond Jubilee 1887-1962 Album
Historic Building Survey Report
Memoirs of Perkins County
Farm & Ranch Directory 1966
Ogallala - A Century on the Trail
Phelps County Cemeteries Vol. 1 & 2
Phelps County History 1873-1980
Bethel Lutheran Church 100 Years 1877-1977
Phelps County Marriages Vol.. 1 & 2
Prisoners on the Plains German POW Camp Atlanta
Historic Building Survey Report
Platte County Cemeteries
History of Stromsburg, NE  1872-1972
Looking over our Shoulders The Saline Ford Saga, Ashland, NE
First 100 Years Ashland, NE  1857-1957
Water for a Thirsty Land
Soap weeds, Sandburs & Sod
Webster County Archives WPA
Cradle Dads in York County


RED WILLOW COUNTY    (top shelf left)
History of First Christian Church
Membership Directory First Christian Church 1969-1970
First Baptist Church Then & Now 100 Years 1892-1992
Peace Lutheran 90th Anniversary 1908-1998 Peace & Unity in Christ
Memorial United Methodist Directory 50th Anniversary Dedication
Memorial United Methodist Directory 1979 & 1982
Memorial United Methodist Centennial Edition 1884-1984
Bartley Kemper Memorial United Methodist 80th Anniversary
Bartley Trinity Lutheran Church 1885-1951
Indianola Church of Christ 1899-1979]
Indianola St. Catherine's Parish History 1927-2002
Indianola Methodist 1873-1959
1905 Red Willow County Plat
1905 Red Willow County Land Owners x3
1923 Red Willow County Plat x2
1958 Red Willow County Plat x2
Plat of Red Willow County Map
Assessor Real Estate Field Notes
Red Willow Farm Directory 1965, 1966, 1968, 1970, & 1971-72
Soil Survey of Red Willow County 1967
Early Maps of County Schools (Envelope)
The "N" Club Cornhusker Athletics 1923
Indianola High School 1891-1969  x2
Rep Valley Class of 1980
McCook High School Graduates from Gazette:
Preschool Class 2016 & 2017
MHS Classes of 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012, 2013
Illustrated Handbook of Red Willow County  x2
McCook, NE Centennial Celebration Booklet
McCook, NE Diamond Jubilee 1882-1957 x2
Marion, NE - Settled, Struggled, Soared and Slumped
Danbury, NE Centennial 1873-1973
Red Willow Courthouse Rededication 1993
Red Willow County Agricultural Leaflet
Lebanon, NE Centennial 1873-1973
Indianola, NE 100 Years of Living 1873-1973
Bartley, NE  A College Town 1886-1891  (orig & copy)
Red Willow County History Volume 1
Nebraska Place Names Book
McCook Daily Gazette Centennial Edition 1882-1982 x3
The Pioneer's Dream in 1882  (orig & 2 copies)
Our Past in Pictures Southwest Nebraska Gazette
McCook's First 100 Years Morris x2
McCook Memories 125th Anniversary Gazette
Red Willow Pioneers Bicentennial Hall of Fame
Trails West to Red Willow County Ray & Rutledge x2
Ray Search Remembers McCook  Sehnert
Faces of McCook  Sehnert
New Horizons, Enders Dam 1947
RED WILLOW COUNTY (center shelf left)
Open Arms Nebraska Adoptions
Early Red Willow Babies
Pioneers, Indians & Buffalos
McCook Business Directory 1886  x2
McCook Business Directory 1926-27  x2
Red Willow County Cemetery Index Book thru 1979 x3 (orig & 2 copies)
Bartley Cemetery 1883-1996
Indianola & St. Catherine Cemetery 1873-1994  x2
Indianola Cemetery Burial Permits 1935-1945
Red Willow Rural Cemeteries Notebook
McCook Cemeteries Notebook:
Memorial Park, St. Pat's Calvary & Riverview
Cemeteries Notebook: McCook's 3 + Cedar Grove Indianola and Bartley
Certificates of Election 1900 Notebook
1880 McCook Red Willow Census (orig & x2 copies)
1906 Loose Leaf Census of McCook
RED WILLOW COUNTY (bottom shelf left)
Scrapbook of older miscellaneous obits
Blue Notebook of older miscellaneous obits
Funeral Home Records Notebook:  Herrmanns 1974-1978 & Carpenters 1974-1978 Registers
Carpenter Register of Funerals 1891-1900
Carpenter Register of Funerals 1901-1910
Notebook Before 1990: Births, Weddings, Anniversaries, Obits, Letters from Serviceman
Obits - Funeral Home Notices from Carpenter-Breland
Notebook Funeral Cards Carpenters 2008-2009-2010
Notebook Funeral Cards Carpenters 2011-2012
Red Willow County Marriage Index A-Z 1871-1972
Notebook of Obituary Index for Red Willow
Envelope Copy of Original Probate Index of Red Willow County
Red Willow County School Census 1891-1898
Red Willow County Servicemen
WW I 1918-1919 News Articles Notebook
War News 1940-1943 Notebook
2009 Veterans of Danbury & Surrounding Communities
McCook Army Air Base Booklet
Roster of Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Living in NE June 1, 1891 from:
State of Illinois, State of Indiana, State of Mass/Mich/Maryland/Wisconsin
State of Minnesota, State of Ohio x2, State of Penna and Rhode Island
District 65 Perry School Records  (Box)
District 65 Perry School Records (Box)
RED WILLOW COUNTY (top shelf right)
McCook Polk City Directory(s):
Red Book Phone Directories
North Platte-Ogallala 2010-11
Dex Directory 2012
RED WILLOW COUNTY (center shelf right)
Red Willow County Surname Books
Baldwin, Joseph
Benjamin, Myrtle (Relph) Pioneer Days
Blackburn, Benjamin & Mary Hartley
Calkins - Hanners Genealogy
Canaga - Gnage, Johanes & Kenege, John & Related Families
Canaga - As Long As Life - Mary Canaga Rowland
Crisman - Crossmann-Kressman Cressman-Crissman
Crisman Family
Dack, John W. & Frances Elizabeth Albrecht - Sherrie Dack
Davis, Dr. Byron B. The McCook Letters 1885-1887
DeVoe, Elmore E. 1941 Autobiography
Drain, Joseph Samuel & Sylvia Jane Heskett - Anita Drain
Dutcher-Strayer 1996 - John Wittenburg
Egle - Relative Speaking - Nola Egle Maheffy
Eno - Frank P.
Fritz, Adam
Foster Family History - Vickie Ortiz
Gammill Family
Gillette - A Twinkle in His Eye - Barb Gillette
Hamilton-Long - Barb Gillette
Harsch 1911-1980 - Elizabeth Mills Harsch
Grandfather's Stories - Lester Harsch
The Leonard Harsch Family
Little - David C. His Ancestors & Descendants
Morrison, My Journey Thru the 20th Century - Governor Frank B. Morrison
Nickerson Family Parts I-III, Part IV, Part V
Norris, Fighting Liberal Senator George W. Norris
Noyes Family Data
Ray Family 1986 - Kirby Ray Whitaker
Ray - They were Trail Blazers
Ruby Line
Seberger, Family on a Farm - Eleanor Seberger
The Tarnished Saber
Brown Notebook contains various other surname charts and info.
1854-1957 Nebraska Army & Air Nat'l Guard History
Wild Towns of Nebraska - Wayne Lee
History of Nebraska 2nd Ed. - James Olson
Perkys Nebraska Place Names x2
Wolf's Rest & Other Tails of SW Nebraska - Jean Smith
Prairie Schooner Days - Mary McDonald
1935 Flood High Water Mark - Ray Borcher
1935 Bluff to Bluff - Marlene Wilmot
1935 Rep Valley River Flood The Final Chapters - Marlene Wilmot
The Hardship Trail - Marlene Wilmot
Broken Hoops & Plains People
NE State Historical Vol. 67 No. 4
NE State Historical Vol. 67 No. 2
NE State Historical Vol. 47 No. 4
Hwy. 83 The Last American Highway - Stew Magnuson
Growing up in Plainview - Sehnert
The Last of the Name - Brian Friel
It Happened in Nebraska 1st Ed.
Go West Young Man - George Ball
NE History Magazine Chief Crazy Horse 1929
A History of the Boundaries of NE & Indian Surveyor Stories - Rollin Cord
Landmarks of the West
Women in Nebraska History
Roadside History of Nebraska
Burlington Lines Milepost 100
Nebraska Good Humor
The Never Ending Journey
Historic Places in Nebraska Natl Registry
The Sod House Frontier
Who's Who in Nebraska 1976-1977
Nebraska Blue Books 
The Panhandle
South Central x2
Central & North Central x2
North North East
Central Northeast
Central Southwest
East Southeast
McCook Community College Chieftain(s)
McCook High School
50th Anniversary 1945-1995
1947 x2
1948 x2
MHS Reunion 1948-1998
Bison Fever 2010
Beaver Valley 1980
McCook Democrat 1885-1895
McCook Tribune
McCook Republican
McCook Daily Gazette
Red Willow County District Court Books
("Notebook contains abstracts of all volumes)
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6
Book 8
Book 9
Book 11
Book 12
Book 13
Book 15
Book 17
Book 19
Book 20
Book 21
Book 22
Book 23
Book 24
Book 25
Book 26
Book 27
Book 28
Book 29
Book 30
Book 31
Book 32
Book 33
Book 34
Book 36
Book 38
Book 39
Book 40
Book 41
Book 43
Book 44
Book 45
Book 46
Book 47
Book 48
Book 49
Book 50
Book 51
Book 52
Book 53
Book 54
Book 55
Mortgage Sales Books
Book 7
Book 14
Book 16
Book 19


Atlas State of Ohio
CENSUS Illinois 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Indiana 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Iowa 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Kansas 1860 Territorial Census Index
CENSUS Kentucky 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Missouri 1850 Census Index
CENSUS North Carolina 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Ohio 1830 Census Index
CENSUS Ohio 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Pennsylvania 1790
CENSUS South Dakota 1885 Census Index
CENSUS Tennessee 1830 East, Middle & West 3 Books
CENSUS Tennessee 1850 Census Index  4 Books V. 1-8
CENSUS Texas 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Virginia 1850 Census Index
CENSUS Wisconsin 1840 Census Index
CENSUS Map Guide to Federal Census 1790-1920
CHURCH Marriage Records for U.S. 1784-1794
CHURCH Indiana Harmony Society 1814-1824
CHURCH Quakers on American Frontiers 1969
CHURCH Quaker Friends of Ye Olden Time
CHURCH Death Notices from Freewill Baptist 1811-1851
DAR Daughters of American Revolution Patriot Index 1966
DAR DAR Patriot Index Supplement 1969-1973-1982-1986
DAR DAR in Nebraska Catalog to Holdings at Lue R. Spencer Library GI, NE
DAR DAR North Dakota 1915-1976
DAR DAR Nebraska (Blue Booklet)
DAR DAR Nebraska 1994
DAR DAR Nebraska DAR/SAR 1963
DAR DAR In Nebraska 1990
DAR DAR Illinois 1957
DAR DAR Virginia 1890-1958
DAR DAR Oklahoma 1909-1959
DAR DAR Kansas Directory 1961
DAR DAR Texas Directory 1962
DAR DAR Patriot Index Centennial Edition with wife's volume  V. 1-4 set
DAR DAR California 1891-1966
DAR Various Old DAR Lineages Books No. 27, 43-64
SAR Nat'l Sons of American Revolution Directory 1993
SAR SAR Illinois 1896
SAR SAR Massachusetts 1911-1925
SAR SAR Massachusetts 1904
SAR SAR Massachusetts 1907
SAR SAR Connecticut 1913
SAR SAR New York 1893-1894
SAR SAR Pennsylvania 1888-1988
SAR SAR Pennsylvania 1891
ENGLAND Gleanning in England V. 1 & 2
ENGLAND Homes of Family Names in Great Britain
ENGLAND Parish & Vital Records from LDS
ENGLAND The Augustan V. 1
ENGLAND The Augustan V. 2
ENGLAND English Genealogy
ENGLAND British Aliens in the US During War of 1812
ENGLAND Parish Maps of Counties in England & Wales
ENGLAND The Norman People
ENGLAND Knights of England V. 2
ENGLAND Domesday Book V. 1
ENGLAND Magna Charta Sureties 1215  3rd Edition
ENGLAND English Probate Jurisdictions
ENGLAND Commoners of Great Britain & Ireland V. 1
ENGLAND Commoners of Great Britain & Ireland V. 2
ENGLAND Commoners of Great Britain & Ireland V. 3
ENGLAND Commoners of Great Britain & Ireland V. 4
ENGLAND American Families with British Ancestry
ENGLAND Directory of British Peerages
ENGLAND Magna Charta Barns
ENGLAND Winthrop Fleet of 1630
ENGLAND American Wills & Administrations Canterbury, England 1610-1857
GERMANY Palatine Families of New York Germans V. 1
GERMANY Palatine Families of New York Germans V. 2
GERMANY Palatine Church Visitations Deanery of Kusel
GERMANY More Palatine Families
GERMANY Emigration from Germany to Russia 1763-1862
GERMANY Germans & German Russians in Nebraska
HOW TO Everton Handbook 2002
HOW TO Guide to Gen Research - Natl Archives
HOW TO Professional Genealogy
HOW TO Evidence, Citations & Analysis - Mills
HOW TO Stylebook
HOW TO Tracing Ancestors -Lauers
HOW TO Anestors - PBS Series Booklet
HOW TO Hidden Half of the Family - Schaffer
HOW TO After Visiting Friends
HOW TO We are Americans
HOW TO First Steps in Genealogy
HOW TO Climbing Your Family Tree - Wolfram
HOW TO Creating Junior Genealogist
HOW TO Idiot's Guide to Genealogy
HOW TO Decipher Old German
HOW TO Orphan Train
HOW TO Women of Color, Daughter of Priviledge
HOW TO 500 Brickwall Solutions
HOW TO Guide to Going to Salt Lake City Research
HOW TO Guide to Irish Roots
IMMIGRATION Passenger & Immigration List Index Vol. 1  A-G
IMMIGRATION Passenger & Immigration List Index Vol. 2  H-N
IMMIGRATION Passenger & Immigration List Index Vol. 3  O-Z
IMMIGRATION Migration, Emigration & Immigration
IMMIGRATION Bibliography of Ship Passenger Lists 1538-1825
IMMIGRATION Passengers to America
IMMIGRATION Emigrants from England 1773-1776
IMMIGRATION Emigrants from England 1718-1759
IMMIGRATION Immigrants to America Appearing in English Records
IMMIGRATION Ship Passenger Lists Nat'l & New England 1600-1825
IMMIGRATION New World Immigrants Names & Ships Vol. 1
IMMIGRATION New World Immigrants Names & Ships Vol. 2
IMMIGRATION Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants
IMMIGRATION Emigrants from Ireland 1847-1852
IMMIGRATION Passenger Lists from Ireland
IMMIGRATION List of Emigrants to America 1600-1700
IMMIGRATION Huguenot Emigration to America 2 Volumes in 1
IMMIGRATION Bonded Passengers to America Vol. 1 & 2
IMMIGRATION Bonded Passengers to America Vol. 3 & 4
IMMIGRATION Bonded Passengers to America Vol.. 5 & 9
IMMIGRATION New York Passenger Arrvals 1849-1868
IMMIGRATION Family Names of Huguenot Refugees to America
IMMIGRATION Czech Immigration Passenger Lists
IMMIGRATION Book of Immigrants in Bondage
IMMIGRATION Immigration of Irish Quakers
IMMIGRATION Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660
IMMIGRATION Passenger Ships New York Harbor 1820-1850
IMMIGRATION The Great Migration to New England Vol. 1 1620-1633
IMMIGRATION The Great Migration to New England Vol. 2
IMMIGRATION The Great Migration to New England Vol. 3
INDEX Family Records of Southern States Vol. 1 1979
INDEX Newspaper Directory 1989
MICRO FICHE Canada West Ontario Census 1850
MICRO FICHE Michigan Veterans 1890
MICRO FICHE Minnesota Veterans 1890
MICRO FICHE South Carolina Census Index 1860
MICRO FICHE New York County Guides
MICRO FICHE New York Genealogical Research Secrets
MICROFILM IL - Stark, Stephenson & Tazewell Counties 1850
MICROFILM IL - McCom & Macoupin Counties 1850
MICROFILM IL- Madison & Marion Counties 1850
MICROFILM IL - Franklin & Fulton Counties 1850
MICROFILM IN - Adams & Clark Counties 1850
MICROFILM IN - Census 1860
MICROFILM IN - Steuben & Sullivan Counties 1850
MICROFILM IN - Mobil & Ohio Counties 1860
MICROFILM IN - Warren Co. 1870
MICROFILM IN - Warren Co. 1850
MICROFILM KS - Dickinson & Doniphan Counties 1870
MICROFILM NE - Nemaha, Otoe & Nuckolls Counties 1870
MICROFILM NE - Schedules of NE State Census Harlan, Hitchcock & Hayes 1885
MICROFILM NE - Grant, Garfield, Gosper & Greeley Counties 1910
MICROFILM NE - Nemaha, Nuckolls, & Otoe Counties 1910
MICROFILM NE - Territory Census 1860
MICROFILM PA - Index to 12 PA Indexes
MICROFILM PA - Index to Old & New Westmoreland Pa
MICROFILM PA - Index to 12 Pa Indexes
MICROFILM PA - Index to Old & New Westmoreland Pa
MICROFILM PA - Index to Old & New Westmoreland Pa
MICROFILM PA - Index to History of Indiana Co. Pa
MICROFILM PA - Index to History of Indiana Co. Pa
MICROFILM PA - Index to History of Indiana Co. Pa
NAT'L DENVER 1984 Genetics & Genealogy Tape
NAT'L DENVER 1984 Reasons for Leaving Ireland in the 19th Century TAPE
NEW ENGLAND Genealogical Dictionary of New England Vol. 1  A-C
NEW ENGLAND Genealogical Dictionary of New England Vol. 2  D-J
NEW ENGLAND Genealogical Dictionary of New England Vol. 3 K-R
NEW ENGLAND Genealogical Dictionary of New England Vol. 4  S-Z
NEW ENGLAND Bibliography of Colonial Germans of North America
NEW ENGLAND Ancestral Roots of 60 Colonists
NEW ENGLAND Ancestral Lines 144 Families England, Germany, New England, NY, NJ, PA
NEW ENGLAND General Register of the First Settlers of New England
NEW ENGLAND For King or Country Vol. 1
NEW ENGLAND For King or Country Vol. 2
NEW ENGLAND English Origins New England Families Vol. 1
NEW ENGLAND English Origins New England Families Vol. 2
NEW ENGLAND English Origins New England Families Vol. 3
NEW ENGLAND New England Marriages Prior to 1700
NEW ENGLAND Memorial Biographies of New England Historic Society 1860-1862
PILGRIM Mayflower Families through 5 Generations Vol. 1
PILGRIM Mayflower Families through 5 Generations Vol. 2
PILGRIM Mayflower Families through 5 Generations Vol. 3
PILGRIM Chronicles of Pilgrim Fathers 1602-1625
PILGRIM England & Holland Pilgrims
PILGRIM Saints & Strangers
PILGRIM Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families
PILGRIM Mayflower Planters
PILGRIM Portraits of Founders Vol. 1 & 2
PILGRIM Portraits of Founders Vol. 3
PILGRIM Records of Plymouth Colony 1633-1689
PILGRIM Mayflower Ancestral Vol. 1
PILGRIM English Ancestry & Homes of Pilgrims
PILGRIM Genealogies of Mayflower Families Vol. 1
PILGRIM Genealogies of Mayflower Families Vol. 2
PILGRIM Genealogies of Mayflower Families Vol. 3
PILGRIM Lineages of Members of Nat'l Society Sons/Daughters of Pilgrims 1909-1928
PILGRIM Lineages of Members of Nat'l Society Sons/Daughters of Pilgrims 1929-1952
PILGRIM Mayflower Dimensions and Images
PILGRIM Mayflower Births & Deaths Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
PILGRIM Mayflower Deeds & Probates
PILGRIM The Compact Newsletters 1987
PILGRIM Mayflower Descendants Vol. 19  1917
PILGRIM Mayflower Descendants Vo. 21   1919
RESOURCE Genealogies in Library of Congress A-K
RESOURCE Genealogies in Library of Congress K-Z
RESOURCE Genealogies in Library of Congress Supplement 1972-1976
RESOURCE Ancestry's Red Book
RESOURCE Genealogies Cataloged by Library of Congress Since 1986
RESOURCE Who's Who in America 1942-1945
RESOURCE Nebraska & Midwest Genealogical Record Books 1, 2 & 3
RESOURCE Prominent Families of the U.S. of America
RESOURCE Bios of New England Historical & Gen Society 1860-1862
SCOTCH-IRISH Irish & Scotch Irish Ancestral Research Vol. 1
SCOTCH-IRISH Irish & Scotch Irish Ancestral Research Vol. 2
SCOTCH-IRISH Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster & America
SCOTCH-IRISH Irish Emigration to New World 1815
SCOTCH-IRISH Emigrants from Ireland 1847-1852
SCOTCH-IRISH Famine Immigrants 1846-1847
SCOTCH-IRISH Famine Immigrants 1847-1848
SCOTCH-IRISH Famine Immigrants 1848-1849
SCOTCH-IRISH Famine Immigrants 1849-1849
SCOTCH-IRISH Famine Immigrants 1849-1850
SCOTCH-IRISH Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America 1625-1825
SCOTCH-IRISH Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America
SCOTCH-IRISH Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America
SCOTCH-IRISH Famine Immigrants 1850-1851
SCOTCH-IRISH Famine Immigrants 1851-1852
SCOTCH-IRISH Index to Townlands, Parishes & Baronies of Ireland
SCOTCH-IRISH Irish Settlers in America Vol. 1
SCOTCH-IRISH Irish Settlers in America Vol. 2
SCOTCH-IRISH Emigrants from Scotland to America 1774-1778
TAPE Beginning Genealogy 1985 Indiana Gen Society
TAPE Gone to Iowa
TAPE Pa & The Pa Dutch Tape 1 & 2
TAPE Gone to Missouri
TAPE Getting it ready for publication
TAPE Thinking Creatively Tapes 1, 2 & 3
COLONIAL Colonial Families of U.S. Volumes 1 - 7
COLONIAL 17th Century Colonial Ancestors
COLONIAL 6 American Colonist and their Descendants
COLONIAL Americans of Gentle Birth and their Ancestors
WAR Loyalists in American Revolution Vol. 2
WAR Loyalists in Ontario
WAR List of non-Commissioned Officers/Soldiers of Virginia
WAR Register of Federal US Military Records Vol. 1 1775-1860
WAR Illustrated History of the Civil War
WAR Grand Army of the Republic Auxiliary
WAR 1890 Census Civil War Union Vets & Widows
WAR Spanish-American War Adj. General Report IL
WAR The Douglas Register
WAR Pierce's Co. List
WAR Officers of Continental Army
WAR Kansas Colonial Dames 1905-1974
WAR Society of Colonial Wars Massachusetts 1897
WAR Society of Colonial Wars Minnesota 1901
WAR Society of Colonial Wars New York 1899-1902
WAR History of 89th Division 1917-1919
WAR Great Plains During WW II


Tulare County, California Marriage Index Records 1853-1892  
Tulare County, California Marriage Index Records 1892-1908  
Weld County, Colorado Misc. Box Land Grantor/Grantee/Tombstone Inscriptions Weld Co. Genealogy
Early Connecticut Probate Records V. 1 Charles W. Mainuaring
Early Connecticut Probate Records V. 2 Charles W. Mainuaring
Early Connecticut Probate Records V. 3 Charles W. Mainuaring
Portrait of a Town, Litchfield, Connecticut Henry L. Shepherd
Early Connecticut Marriage Records Prior to 1800 Frederick W. Bailey
Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut Lucius B. Barbour
Records of State of Connecticut V. 1 1776-1778  
Records of State of Connecticut V. 2 1778-1780  
Records of State of Connecticut V. 3 1789-1792  
History of Ancient Woodbury, Connecticut 1659-1854 William Gothern
Connecticut Shore Edmund T. Delaney
Genealogies of Connecticut Families V. 1 A-G New England H & G S.
Genealogies of Connecticut Families V. 2 H-O New England H & G S.
Genealogies of Connecticut Families V. 3 P-W New England H & G S.
New London County, Connecticut Vol. 1  
Cemetery Records of New London, Connecticut Vol. 2  
Connecticut Nutmeggers  
Georgia Passports issued by Governors of GA Mary G. Bryan
The Georgians Genealogy of Pioneer Settlers Jeanette H. Austin
Miscellaneous Box  
Clay County, Illinois Census 1850 Maxine E. Wormer
Illinois Her Counties, Towns, Townships Jennifer B. Rau
Dupage County, Illinois Federal Census 1850  
Dupage County, Illinois Federal Census 1840  
Illinois Census of Returns 1820 Margaret C. Norton
Clay County, Illinois Census 1830-1840  
Christian County, Illinois History Dorothy D. Drennan
Madison, Illinois Census & Miscellaneous  
Illinois 1840 Census Index Ronald V. Jackson
Prairie Pioneers of Illinois ISGS
War of 1812 Bounty Lands in Illinois  
Portrait & Biographical Record of Kankakee County, Illinois 1893  
Winchester, Illinois Sesquincentennial 1830-1980  
Peoria County, Illinois Census 1860 Radnor Township  
Peoria County, Illinois Census 1860 Kickapoo Township  
Peoria County, Illinois Census 1860 Chillicothe Township  
Peoria County, Illinois Cemeteries Radnor Township  
Peoria County, Illinois Cemeteries Chillicothe Township  
The Hudson Colony Ruth B. Hamm
Good Ole Times in McLean County, Illinois E. Dubis
Early Pioneers of Illinois Counties Harley L. Ross
Illinois Blue Book 1937-1938  
History of Peoria City, Illinois 1880  
Prairie Pioneers of Illinois Vol 1  
History of LaSalle County, Illinois  
History of Indiana Decade 1814-1824 Karl J.R. Arndt
Indiana Her Counties, Towns, Townships  
Hoosier Family Archives K.G. Lindsey
Indiana & Old Northwest  
Pioneer Ancestors of Members of Indiana Society of Pioneers R. Doriel
Abstracts of Records of Society of Friends Willard Heiss
Early Marriages in Clark County, Indiana 1807-1815 Ken T. Lindsay
Early Marriages in Knox County, Indiana 1807-1832 Ken T. Lindsay
Indiana Land Entries V. 2 Part 1 1807-1877 Margaret B. Waters
Indiana Miscelleanous Box*  
Indiana Marriage Records  
Indianaolis Indiana In the Gay Nineties Holman Hamilton
The 1979 History of Adams County, Indiana Dick Hiller, Jr.
History of Orange County, Indiana 1884  
The Indiana Years 1903-1941 Walter B. Hendrickson
Indiana Sources for Genealogical Research in the State Library  
Early Architecture of Madison, Indiana Windle & Taylor
History of Indiana Historical Society 1830-1980  
Indiana Land Entries 1807-1877 Waters
Indiana Through Tradition & Change 1920-1945  
Spencer County Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions Vol. 2  
*The French, the Indians, and George Rogers Clark   
*Harmoist Construction  
*To the West 1894  
*Indexes to Manufacters Census 1820  
*Brief History of Indiana  
*Surname Register Dubois County & Newsletters  
*Ferdnand Indiana 1840-1940  
*Ferdnand Indiana History  
Lucas County, Iowa Early Marriages 1849-1879 Ella M. Herald
Lucas County, Iowa Early Marriages 1880-1888 Ella M. Herald
Lucas County, Iowa Early Marriages 1889-1899 Ella M. Herald
Federal Census for Iowa 1850 IGS
Bibliography for Iowa Newspapers 1836-1976  
Iowa Gen Society Surnames V. 1 1972 IGS
Iowa Gen Society Surnames V. 2 1975 IGS
Iowa Gen Society Surnames V. 3  A-L 1977 IGS
Iowa Gen Society Surnames V. 3  M-Z 1977 IGS
State of Iowa Official Register of State 1951-1952  
Iowa Census 1880 Misc. & Federal Census  
Iowa Records Miscelleaneous Box  
Birth Records of Warren County, Iowa thru 1920 Warren Co. GS
Marriages of Warren County, Iowa 1880-1899 Warren Co.GS
1850  Federal Census Lucas County, Iowa IGS
Decatur County, Kansas 1982 Decatur Co. HS
Kansas Pioneers V. 1 Topeka GS
Trails of Smoky Hill Wayne C. Lee
Tales of Western Kansas Amy Lathrop
Kansas Miscellaneous*  
Goodland City Cemetery Inscriptions & Early Death Records of Bowers Funeral Home  
Kansas Maps 1885-1906-1910  
Sheridan KS 1885-1985 Vol. 1 & 2 A History of Faith & Labor  
Sherman County & Family History V. 1 Sherman Co. HS
Sherman County & Family History V. 2 Sherman Co.HS
Sherman County & Family History V. 3 Sherman Co. HS
Decatur High School Directory of Alumni Decatur Co. HS
Kansas Miscellaneous Box  
*Shawnee County, Kansas Cemeteries V. 1  
*Marriage Notices 1854-1862 from Kansas Newspapers  
*Decatur County, Kansas County Directory 1971  
*Death Notices 1854-1861 from Kansas Newspapers  
*Phillips County, Kansas Settlers Prior to 1900 Phillips Co. GS
*Civil War Vets in Phillips County Phillips Co. GS
*Phillips County Marriages Book A Phillips Co. GS
Deadly Days in Kansas  
Boots & Bibles - Fort Riley, KS  
Genealogies of Kentucky Families V. 1  A-M Kentucky HS
Genealogies of Kentucky Families V. 2  N-Z Kentucky HS
Genealogies of Kentucky Families Filson Club
First Census of Kentucky 1790 Heinemann
Kentucky Genealogy & Biography V. 7  
Historic Families of Kentucky Thomas M. Green
Kentucky Pioneers & Court Records V. 2 Mrs. H.K. McAdams
Kentucky Court & Other Records V. 2 Mrs. Wm. Ardery
Kentucky Obituaries 1787-1854 Glenn Cliff
Index to 1810 Census of Kentucky Ann T. Wagstaff
Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865 Glenn Cliff
Kentucky Court Records, Wills, Marriages V. 1 Mrs. Wm. Ardery
Early Kentucky Tax Records Index Carol L. Ford
Kentucky Family Records V. 16-17  
Kentucky Miscellaneous Family Records V. 10 KY Genealogist V. 22, 23, 24  
Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire Sybil Noyes
Maine Revolutionary Pensioners Charles A. Flagg
General Register First Settlers of New England ?
Maryland First Census 1790  
Index of Maryland Colonial Wills V 3 in 1 James A. Magruder
Maryland Marriages 1778-1800 Robert Barnes
Founders of Anne Arundel & Howard Counties, Maryland J.D. Warfield
Marriages & Deaths from Maryland Gazette 1727-1839 Robert Barnes
Maryland Genealogies from Historical Magazine V. 1 Md. Historical Society
Maryland Genealogies from Historical Magazine V. 2 Md. Historical Society
Passenger Arrivals at Port of Baltimore 1820-1834 Michael H. Tepper
Early Settlers of Maryland 1633-1680 Gus Skordas
Index to Source of Records of Maryland Eleanor P. Passano
Life Records of Frederick County, Maryland Millard M. Rice
New Facts & Old Families of Frederick County, Maryland Millard M. Rice
Flowering of the Maryland Palatines Harry W. Newman
Maryland Colonial Revolution County & Church V. 1 G.M. Brumbaugh
Maryland Colonial Revolution County & Church V. 2 G.M. Brumbaugh
Marriage Licenses of Frederick County, Maryland 1811-1849 Margaret E. Meyers
Marriage Licenses of Frederick County, Maryland 1778-1810 Margaret E. Meyers
Maryland Miscellaneous Box*  
*Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery Baltimore County, Maryland  
*Gun Powder Manor & Plots Bradleigh V. Slattery
Old Families of Salisbury & Amesburg, Massachusetts David W. Hoyt
Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths Wm. S. Appleton
Early Settlers of Eastham, Massachusetts Josiah Paine
Plymouth Church 1620-1859 V. 1  
Plymouth Church 1620-1859 V. 2  
Early Massachusetts Marriages Worchester County Prior to 1800 Frederic W. Bailey
Early Massachusetts Marriages Plymouth County Prior to 1800 Frederic W. Bailey
The Quaker Invasion of Massachusetts Richard Hallowell
Massachusetts Miscellaneous Box*  
*Massachusetts Register 1802  
*Massachusetts Militia 1812  
Pioneer Families & History of Lapeer County, Michigan J.Dee Ellis
Minnesota Miscellaneous Box*  
*Emmanuel Methodist Church Fairbault, Minnesota  
*Houston County, Minnesota History  
Casey Jones Fatal Crash  
Missouri Marriages Before 1840 Susan Ormesher
Kentuckians in Missouri by Way of Ohio, In, Il Stuart S. Spencer
Missouri 1830 Marriage Records  
Pioneer Families of Missouri Wm. S. Bryan
Missouri 1890 Special Census Wm. S. Bryan
Death Records from Missouri Newspapers Jan 1866-Dec 1870 George Wilson
Missouri Miscellaneous Box*  
*Harrison County Missouri Cemetery Records  
New Jersey in 1793 James S. Norton
Documents of Colonial History V. 12 Marriages 1665-1703 Wm. Nelson
New Jersey Patents & Deeds 1664-1703  
Historical & Genealogical V. 1 John E. Stillwell
Historical & Genealogical V. 2 John E. Stillwell
Historical & Genealogical V. 3 John E. Stillwell
Historical & Genealogical V. 4 John E. Stillwell
Historical & Genealogical V. 5 John E. Stillwell
The Early Germans of New Jersey 1895 Theo. F. Chambers
New Jersey Index of Wills Atlantic to Essex County Ken Rodda
New Jersey Index of Wills Goucester to Monmouth County Ken Rodda
New Jersey Index of Wills Morris to Warren County Ken Rodda
New York in 1800 Phillip McMullin
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy V. 3 Wm.W. Hinshaw
New York Historical Manuscripts Dutch V. 1 1661-1667  
New York Historical Manuscripts Dutch V. 2 1664-1665  
New York Marriages Previous to 1784  
New York/New England Gen Notes S.V. Talcott
1810 Census with Index Dutchess County, New York  
New York Owego County Federal Census 1820 CNYGS
New York Seneca County Federal Census 1810 CNYGS
List of Inhabitants of Colonial New York Edmund B. O'Callaghan
Dutchess County, New York  
Long Island, New York  
Baptismal, Marriage Registers of Old Dutch Church Kingston, Ulster County, NY 1660-1809 Roswell R. Hoes
Settlers of Beekman Patent V. 1 Frank J. Doherty
10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York 1777-1834  
New York Miscellaneous Box*  
*History of Montgomery & Fulton County, New York 1772-1838  1878  
*Map of New York  
*Suffolk County, New York Biography Pamphlets  
Records of N. Carolina Families V. 1 John S. Welborn
Records of N. Carolina Families V. 2 John S. Welborn
Old Buncombe County Heritage Doris C. Ward
Randolph Story Randleman Rotary Club
Index to N. Carolina Ancestors NCGS
Society in Colonial N. Carolina Alan D. Watson
War of Regulation Battle of Alamanci Wm. S. Powell
Indian Wars in N. Carolina 1663-1763 E.Lawrence Lee
The Proprietors of Carolina Wm. S. Powell
Indians in N. Carolina Stanley A. South
N. Carolina and War of 1812 Sarah M. Lemmon
History of Asheborn, N. Carolina Hammer & Lambert
Randolph County Chronology Randolph HS
N. Carolina Historical Alamanac Elizabeth Wilborn
Records of Emigrants from England & Scotland to NC 1774-1775 A.R. Newsome
Marriages of Rowan County, N. Carolina 1753-1868 Brent H. Holcomb
Highland Scots of N. Carolina Duane Meyer
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy N. Carolina V. 1 Wm. W. Hinshaw
N. Carolina Marriages & Deaths 1799-1825 Carrie L. Broughton
NC & SC Marriage Records 1861 Wm. M. Clemens
N. Carolina Folk Lore, Ballads V. 2 Frank C. Brown
Index to 1800 Census of N. Carolina E.P. Bentley
N. Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register V. 1 J.R.B. Hathaway
N. Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register V. 2 J.R.B. Hathaway
N. Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register V. 3 J.R.B. Hathaway
Randolph County 1779-1979 Randolph HS
State Census of N. Carolina 1784-1787 Alvarett & Kenan
Some Neglected History of N. Carolina Wm. E. Fitch
Quaker Marriage Certification Given Boyer
Simple Pleasures Queries Mt. Airy, N. Carolina 1993-1998  
NC Miscellaneous Box 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 23 24 25  
Biographical Record of Carroll County, Ohio Beers & Co.
Biographical Record of Harrison County, Ohio Beers & Co.
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Ohio V. 5 Wm. W. Hinshaw
Ohio Marriages Marjorie Smith
Ohio Area Key Florence Clint
First Ownership of Ohio Lands Albion M. Dyer
Pioneer Women of Western Reserve V. 1 1896  
Pioneer Women of Western Reserve V. 2 1896-1924  
Ohio Land Grants Thomas  E. Ferguson
History of Columbia County, Ohio  
This Land of Ours Public Domain Ohio 1791-1803  
Index Washington County, NW Territory Marriages Fay Maxwell
History of Ohio from Glacial to Present J.P. Lawyer
History of Ashtabula County, Ohio 1878 ACGS
Index Washington County NW Territory Fay Maxwell
Early Ohio Settlers SE Purchasers of Land 1800-1840 David A. Berry
Ohio Cemetery Records Old NW  Elizabeth Bentley
Early Ohio Tax Records Esther W. Powell
Ohio Frontier War of 1812 Fayette County Militia Robert C. Gettys
Ohio 1830 Census Index Ronald V. Jackson
Warren County, Ohio Marriage Records 1803-1834 Willard  Hess
Warren County, Ohio Marriage Records 1834-1854 Willard Hess
Harrison County 1862 and Ownership Maps  
Warren County Cemetery Records  
Greene County, Ohio  
Ohio Society of Daughters of American Revolution Master Index Vol. 1  
History of Western Reserve Ohio Hayden
Ohio Miscellaneous Box*  
*Ohio Holmes County  
*Washington County Marriages  
*Carroll County Tax List  
*Ohio Marriages  
*Marriage Records Adams County, Ohio V. 1 & V. 2  
*History of Hamilton County, Ohio  
History of Berks & Lebanon County, Penna. Von G. Hamilton
Marriage Licenses Prior to 1790  
Dauphin County, Penna. Marriages 1793-1810 Wm. L. Iscrupe
Old Westmoreland History During Revolution Edgar W. Hassler
Lancaster County, Penna. Marriage Licenses 1791-1799  
Marriage Records Squire Isaac & Joseph Mayes Pittsburgh, Penna. Harris W. Peyrich
Allegheny County, Penna. Area Key Florence Clint
Crawford County, Penna. Area Key Florence Clint
Guide to Gen & Historical Research in Penna. Lloyd Hoenstine
List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization Allegheny County, Penna. 1798-1840 V. 1  
Index to Will Books & Intestate Records Lancaster County, Penna. 1729-1850  
30,000 Names of Immigrants in Penna. Daniel Rupp
German Immigration into Penna. Frank R. Diffenderffer
The Penna. Germans Ralph Wood
Genealogical & Personal History of Bucks County, Penna. W.H. Davis
Genealogies of Penna. Families History & Biography  
Penna. German Marriages 1915 Donna R. Irish
Church of the Brethern Eastern Penna. 1708-1915 Church Committee
The Penna. Line 1977 John B. Trussell
Penna. Germans in Revolutionary War 1775-1783 Henry Richards
Early Lutheran Baptisms & Marriages in SE Penna. Elizabeth P. Bentley
Emigrants to Penna. 1641-1819 Michael Tepper
The Penna. Dutch Fredric Klees
Central Penna. Marriages 1700-1896 Charles A. Fisher
Early Penna. Births 1675-1875 Charles A. Fisher
Guide to Gen Sources at Penn State Archives Robert M. Dructor
Swiss & German Pioneers of SE Penna. H.Frank Eshleman
Sources for Genealogical Searching in PA Betty L. McCoy
Penna. Vital Records V. 1 Don Yoder
Penna. Vital Records V. 2 Don Yoder
Penna. Vital Records V. 3 Don Yoder
Penna. German Immigrants 1709-1786 Don Yoder
History of York County, Penna. 1729-1834 A.Monroe Aurand
Biographical History of York County PA John Gibson
York County, Penna. Area Key Florence Clint
Penna. Her Counties, Townships, Towns  
The Penna. Traveler Post  
York County, Penna.  
Index to 1800 Census of Penna. Felldin & Inman
Penna. Genealogies - Scotch, Irish, & German Wm. H. Egle
Penna. History & Biography Magazine V. 1 1877 HSP
Abstracts of S.C. Penna. Newspapers 1785-1790  
Births, Deaths & Marriages Nottingham Quakers Alice L. Beard
100 Years Marriages of York County, Penna Margaret B. Walmer
Penna. Line Research Guide SWPAGS
Index to Lancaster, Penna. before Federal Census V. 1  
Index to Lancaster, Penna. before Federal Census V. 2  
Story of Palatines Sanford H. Cobb
York County, Penna. Church Records V. 3 Bates
Fayette County, Penna. Index Wills 1783-1900 Closson
PA Miscellaneous Box*  
*Beaver County Wills 1800-1900 Closson
*Marriages/Deaths Cambria Tribune Johnstown, Penna. Closson
*Index Westmoreland County Wills 1773-1896 Closson
*Bedford County, Penna. Archives V. 5 J.B. Whisker
*Bedford County, Penna. in American Revolution J.B. Whisker
*Penna. Connections Closson
*Maps Showing the Dev. of Penna. 1920  
*Sacred Heart Church of Conewago, Hanover, Penna.  
*Bedford County, Penna. Unrecorded Bible Records M.A. Spielman
*Listing of Inhabitants in 1779 York County, Penna.  
*York County, Penna. Birth Registration Book 1852-1855  
*York County, Penna. Directors of the Poor Records of Apprentices 1860-1911  
PA Miscellaenous Box**  
**German, Swiss Settlements of Colonial Penna. Oscar Kuhns
**Early History of Reformed Church in Penna. Daniel Miller
**Penna. Germans in Revolutionary War 1775-1783 Henry Richards
**Guide to Gen/Local History Section of State Library  
**1800 Federal Census Adams County, Penna Wm. C. Lightner
**Records of Reformed Church of Shippensburg, Penna. Cumberland County 1770  
**Sources for Researching Westmoreland County, Penna Karen Cavanaugh
**Mother Cumberland Tracing Your Ancestors SC Penna.  
**Early Penna. Research Everton's
**Marriages/Deaths from Pittsburgh Gazette 1829-1833  
**Index to Bedford County Wills 1771-1900  
PA Miscellaneous Box***  
***Old Westmoreland Quarterlies  
***St. Clairs of Bedford Quarterlies  
***Penna. in the Revolution Quarterlies  
***PA Line Red Book  
***Early PA Births misc.  
Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island J.O. Austin
160 Allied Families J.O. Austin
Genealogies of Rhode Island Families V. 1 RIHS
Genealogies of Rhode Island Families V. 2 RIHS
Rhode Island 1777 Military Census M.M. Chamberlain
Vital Records of Rhode Island Little Compton 1636-1850  
Vital Records of Rhode Island Tiverton 1636-1850  
Vital Records of Rhode Island Portsmouth 1636-1850  
Vital Records of Rhode Island Newport 1636-1850  
Union County Heritage, S. Carolina M.L. Mabry
History of Spartanburg, S. Carolina J.B.O. Landrum
S. Carolina Marriages 1688-1799 B.H. Holcomb
South Dakota Cemeteries  
Marriages of Davidson County, Tennessee E.R.Whitley
Tennessee Genealogical Records Early Settlers from State Archives E.R. Whitley
Tennessee Cousins W.S. Ray
Monroe County History 1889 Goodspeed
Hidden Tennessee Marriages T. Hays
Tennessee History of Carter County  
Tennessee Wills & Administrations 1779-1861 Sistler
Smith County, Tennessee Marriage Books 1838-1845-1854  
Clairborne County, Tennessee E. Holt
Place Names of Tennessee R.O. Fullerton
Alamo Defenders B. Groneman
The Alamo 12 Historical Pocket Prints  
Genealogies of Virginia Families V. 1  
Genealogies of Virginia Families V. 2  
Genealogies of Virginia Families V. 3  
Genealogies of Virginia Families V. 4  
Genealogies of Virginia Families V. 5  
Cavaliers & Pioneers 1623-1666 V. 1 N.M. Nugent
Cavaliers & Pioneers 1666-1695 V. 2 N.M. Nugent
Cavaliers & Pioneers 1669-1732 V. 3 N.M. Nugent
Genealogies of Virginia Families Tylers V. 1  
Genealogies of Virginia Families Tylers V. 2  
Genealogies of Virginia Families Tylers V. 3  
Genealogies of Virginia Families Tylers V. 4  
Old Churches, Mniisters, & Families of Virginia V. 1  
Old Churches, Ministers, & Families of Virginia V. 2  
History of Southwest Virginia 1746-1786  
Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock & Essex County Virginia Reever
Archives of Pioneers to Tazewell County 1973 N.S. Yantis
Marriage Bonds & Records Amherst County Virginia W.M. Sweeny
A Short History of Page County, Virginia H.M. Strickler
The German Element of Shenandoah Valley Virginia W. Wayland
History of Highland County Virginia J. Jenkins
Virginia Wills Before 1799 W.M. Clemons
Annals of Tazewell County Virginia 1922 J.N. Harmon
Abstracts of Wills & Inventories Fairfax County Virginia 1742-1801 J.E.S. King
Abstracts of Administrations & Marriages Fauquier County Virginia 1759-1800 J.E.S. King
Index to 1820 Census of Virginia J.R. Felldin
Abstracts of Wills & Inventories Loudon County Virginia 1757-1800 J.E.S. King
Quit Rents of Virginia 1704 A.L.W. Smith
History of Patrick & Henry County Virginia V.L. Pedigo
Marriages in Rockingham County Virgina H.M. Strickler
Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666 G.C. Greer
Southern Historical Southern Families V. 4 J.B. Boddie
Southern Historical Southern Families V. 15 J.B. Boddie
They Went That Away C.H. Hamlin
Virginia Genealogies H.E. Hayden
Virginia Settlers & English Adventurers N.C. Briggs
Virginia Tax Records Index G. Parks
Virginia Military Records Index E.P. Bentley
Frederick County Virginia Wills & Administrations 1795-1816 Kangas & Payne
Marriage Records of Berkeley County Virginia 1781-1854 G.L. Keesecker
Settlers by the Long Grey Trail J.H. Harrison
Historical Southern Families V. 2 J.B. Boddie
Historical Southern Families V. 8 J.B. Boddie
Historical Southern Families V. 9 J.B. Boddie
Early Quaker Records in Virginia M. White
Loudon County Virginia Marriages 1760-1850 Kethley
Virginia Colonial Soldiers L.D. Bockstruck
Frederick County Land That's Fair J.V. Hutton
Early Virginia Wills 1790-1850  
Marriages Hopewell Virginia 1748-1830  
Pioneers of Old Frederick County Virginia C.O. Dell
6 American Colonists and Their Descendants E.N. Clark
Early Marriages & Wills of Revolutionary War Boutetourt County Virginia A. Worrell
The Douglas Register  
Civil War Burials Fredricksburg VA  
Wenatchee Area Gen Society Bulletins 2003 Mar June Sept Dec  
West Virginia Estate Settlements R. Johnson
History of Pendelton County West Virginia O.F. Morton
West Virginia Revolutionary Ancestors A.W. Reddy
West Virginia 1850 Census Surname Index  
John Brown's Raid Booklet  
Searching for your Wisconsin Ancestors in Wisconsin Libraries C. Ryan


Abbott E.A. Rutledge
Abell, Edmund Richard Abell R. Ray
Adams, John Adams 1734-1807  
Adams Addenda  
Akana, She Never Met a Stranger  
Anderson - George Albert & Margaret Ann Stephens  
Andrews - Genealogy & Alliances  
Austin, Richard Austin 1638 Charlestown, MA  
Bailey, Robert Bailey from Infancy to Dec. 1821  
Barnes Family Digest  
Baucom Families in America  
Bongers-Gerhard Family  
Boone & Henton Families  
Boyd Clan & Their Related Families  
Branscombe Family Laurel Fork, Virginia C. Branscom
Brown, Descendants of James Brown Augusta Co. VA  
Chapman, John Chapman  
Chapman, Robert Chapman  
Churchfield Connection  
Clark, Elwood David Clark 1760-1970  
Clark, John Clark Descendants  
Clark, Wm Andrew  
Cocklin - Caquelin Chronicle  
Crissmans - Our McKaugham, McCoins & Crissmans 1978  
Douglas, Angus  
Douglas, Charles Henry James Douglas  
Douglas, The Douglases  
Elstons East to West  
Fleenor, Jacob William Fleenor & Mary Susannah Hope  
Garrett Story  
Gatewood Families  
Goodpasture, Capt. James Goodpasture Tennessee Pioneer  
Gray Family & Allied Lines  
Griffiths of Wales & America  
Hadley Families  
Haffey Family Data Sheets  
Hamilton Newsletters V. 1 B. Gillette
Hamilton Newsletters V. 2 B. Gillette
Hamilton, Wm. Anderson J.E. Hamilton
Hanson, Receipt for an Inheritance M.F. Day Hanson
Harrington - Herrington  
Heaths From England to New England 1632-1883  
Helling, Peter Heinrich  1995  
Henton - Boone  
Hensley Family  
Hoffmeister, Anoma Clark Hoffmeister Forever Us Hoffmeister
Hoyt & Related Families  
Holcombe - Holcombe, Doane, Henke  
Holcombs of America  
Hopkins, Richard & Harriet W.S. Hopkins
Keith Kinfolks  
Kern, Adam Kern  
Kisker, Craig & Janie Hertel Kisker  
Klein, Casper Little, Son Adam & Descendants  
Kraus 1902-1920  
Larue, James Larue  
Lareau - Descendants of a Carpenter V. 1 & 2  
Lewis: 12 Generations 1634-1997 D.F. Lewis
Lincoln - Kellogg  
Little, David C. Little Ancestors & Descendants  
McCollum Family B. Bailey
Miller, Lewis Miller Biography Essay 1925  
Miller, Ralph Miller Family 1792-1983 R. Miller
Montgomery in America  
Moore 18th & 19th Century  
Moore Family Registry 10/1979   
Moore Family Registry 4/1980  
Moulton Family History  
Neiderberger - Bocker  
Nelson Family History  
Nelson Family Records  
Neverve Genealogy 1844  
Newton - Forsythe  
Oakley Family Records  
Ohlson Family R. Peterson Jr.
Pack - Peck, Peek Pioneers V. 1, 2 & 3  
Priour Family of South Texas  
Putnam, William Putnam 1809-1853  
Ray - Documents of War of 1812  
Rays Look Back  
Rea, Dr. Caleb Rea  
Rock 1807-1969  
Rockwell, Thayer W.F. Rockwell
Roney 1690-1972  
Rutherford V. 1  
Rutherford V. 2  
Rutherford V. 3  
Rutherford V. 4  
Sargent, James Sargent of Maryland  
Seward & Related Families  
Seward, Carol Seward We Remember Carol  
Seward & Related Families V. 2 G. Seward
Shepherd, John Clemens Shepherd  
Smith - People Named Smith A. Smith
Somers - Sommers, Summers, That Missed the Boat 1575-1979  
Stacy, Capt. William Revolutionary War Hero  
Stovall - Bartholomew  
Taylor, Zachary Taylor & Margaret Smith  
Thompson, William & Margaret Thomson 1720-1915  
Thomas, Hans Jacob Thomas, Switzerland & US 1648-1974  
Tisdales, Meet the Tisdales R. Tisdale
Towne Family  
Truman Variant Spellings  
Tuft Kinsman Assn.  
Walls Across America  
Watkins, The Watkins Family  
Watson - From Irish Emigrants to Mayflower Descendants  
Weethee - Withey, Withe, Wythe  
Welch Price Family Tree  
Wells Family History  
Wests & Rays Allied Lines  
Whitaker, Kirby Ray 1985  
White - Letter to Dr. Thomas White  
White - Some White Family History  
Whitnay Genealogy Pierce
Wilkinson  S. Brenning
Williams Genealogy  
Williams, Descendants of Jonathan  
Wilson - The Folks