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SWNGS Learning Center

With this Learning Center we are going to present a set of articles about Family History Research or Genealogy. The articles presented will get you started in basic research and progress through more advanced technics. The following categories are being presented for your use.
  • Genealogy
    This category will give you an idea where to start and how to progress in your quest of finding your ancestors.
  • Terms and Acronyms
    This category will give you Terms and Acronyms that are commonly found in genealogy research and records.
  • Questions
    This category is a list of 175 questions related to a persons life. Can all of the questions be answered, no they can't, but you would be surprised how many can through records and newspaper articles. Everybody leaves a record of some nature, it is our job to find that record.
  • Census
    The Federal Census is taken every ten years and each census has a different set of categories on it. The 1790 through 1840 census names only the head of the household. With the 1850 census, every person in the household was listed.
  • Land Records
    This category will give you the information needed to obtain records associated with land transfers that your ancestors was involved in. Land record research is very important. If your ancestor owned real property and died with or without a will the land is left to the Heirs of the estate. This may be the only proof you will find for a parent to child relationship.
  • Pedigree
    The pedigree chart is the place to start recording our family data. The number one position would be yourself and then progress to your ancestors through your parents, and grandparents.
  • Family Group
    The Family Group sheet is where you record the information about each person from the Pedigree chart. The birth, marriage and death dates as well as spouse information is recorded on this form.
  • Churches
    Church records may be the only source of information for our ancestor. The church registers will include a Baptism Register, Confirmation Register, Marriage Register, and a Burial Register. The information from these registers will help you trace relevent events in your ancestors lifes.
  • Mayflower
    The Mayflower brought the Pilgrims that established the first permanent settlement in New England. The records generated at Plymouth have had an influence on the progress of our countries system of government
  • Military
    Military records have always generated records back to the earliest conflicts in our countries history. The records can be used to place an ancestor at a place at a particular time in our history.
  • World War I Draft
    The World War I draft deserves it's own category. Virtually every man in the country born between 1870 and 1900 had to register for the draft.
  • DNA Project
    DNA research using Genetic Genealogy can be used to supplement your genealogy records. Family lines can be established or proved with the Y test. Cousin relationships can be established with an Autosomal or Family finder test.