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Chase County Towns and Places

Created by legislative enactment in 1886, it was named in honor of Champion S. Chase (?-1848), then attorney general of Nebraska. County divided from Keith County.
  • Allendale
    Named for a local settler, this short lived town showed a population of thirty two in 1890. Moved to Lamar upon completion of Burlington Railroad
  • Best
    Post office established June 12, 1902: discontinued 1939. Named in honor of Mrs. Ethel Best, first postmistress.
  • Blanche
    Post office established June 18, 1887; discontinued February 28, 1920. Named for the daughter of G. C. Davis, first postmaster.
  • Catherine
    Post office established April 2, 1890; moved to Hayes County August 7, 1891; moved back to Chase County September 3, 1896; discontinued November 14, 1914. Named in honor of the wife of Emmanuel Reisinger, homesteader of land on which the post office was established. Patrons suggested the name.
  • Champion
    Peak population (1950), 140. Post office name changed from Hamilton May 26, 1887. Named in honor of Champion S. Chase, for whom the county is named. The Champion Mill is a state historical park operated by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
  • Chase
    Post office name changed from Eldridge November 28, 1887; discontinued 1939. Named for the county.
  • Colberg
    Post office established June 6, 1891; discontinued April 3, 1893. Probably named for locality in Sweden
  • Eldridge
    Post office established September 22, 1886; name changed to Chase November 28, 1887. Named for a local settler.
  • Enders
    Peak population (1950), 100. Post office name changed from Martin February 8, 1890. Town platted by Lincoln Land Company and named for Peter Enders, a rancher.
  • Frease
    Post office established September 6, 1880; discontinued February 16, 1882. Named in honor of Milton Frease from Texas, who established a ranch.
  • Hamilton
    Post office established May 26, 1884; name changed to Champion May 26, 1887. Probably named for a local settler; vied for county seat at one time.
  • Imperial
    Peak population (1990), 2,007. Post office established 1885. County seat named by homesteader Thomas Mercier, who donated townsite. Mercier, an emigrant from Canada, supposedly named the town after a place in Canada or for the British imperial government.
  • Lamar
    Peak population (1930), 122. Post office name changed from Lennox October 31, 1887. Town commemorates Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, secretary of interior in President Grover Cleveland's cabinet.
  • Lennox
    Post office established November 23, 1886; name changed to Lamar October 31, 1887. Probably named for a city in New Jersey.
  • Manderson
    Possibly a proposed town but was not identified as a post office.
  • Martin
    Post office established October 19, 1888; name changed to Enders February 8, 1890. Named for a local settler.
  • Pearl
    Post office established October 11, 1888; moved to Perkins County March 9, 1900. Origin of the name not learned. Firt postmaster was Henry Wagoneer.
  • Pezu
    Origin of the name of this locality has not been learned.
  • Wauneta
    Peak population (1950), 926. Post office established June 19, 1877; discontinued October 19, 1882; reestablished August 27, 1886. Named after popular song "Juaneta." Since there already was a town similarly named within the state (Juanita), the spelling was modified to Wauneta.
  • Winchester
    Post office established August 6, 1886; discontinued September 24, 1890. Origin of the name not learned; there are sixteen Winchesters in U. S.
  • Zell
    Former railroad station on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy line.