Volume 54 of Red Willow County District Court Records

1. Oct. 8, 1968 Divorce # 10,129, Arlene B Rauch Vs Grant O Rauch MD. July 7, 1945 at Oberlin, KS.

Children; Cheryl Rauch age 21, Debra Rauch age 15, Stephen Rauch age 13 and Michael Rauch age 11

Extreme cruelty , not enough support , restraining order issued, Cross petition filed. Decree of divorce issued March 13, 1969 journal 19 page 655 Pages 1-9

2. Oct. 10, 1968 # 10,130, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Vs Phyllis Roblyer , a single woman; and Ruth O. Hansen , a Widow , James E Diehl and Carolyn S Diehl mortgaged property then sold it to the defendants , which made no payments , foreclosure on Mortgage. pages 10-14

3.Oct. 14, 1968 , # 10,131, In the Matter of the Application of Larry K Stone , Guardian of the estate of Myrtle Stone , an Incompetent , for license to sell real Estate. to benefit the incompetent, Heirs are; Myrtle E Stone, Larry K Stone, Elfie Weaver , Norma Moore, Clara Simeon, Nola Appleyard, Lloyd Stone Dick Stone, Roger Stone, Alice Conrad , Laura Stuck, Mala Thornley, sold real estate to Alvin L Porter and Ethel Porter pages 14-23

4. Oct. 31, 1968, # 10,134, Divorce, Janell K Frease Vs Jack E Frease Md. Feb. 29, 1968, at McCook, NE. One child James J Frease. excessive drinking, non support and abuse. restraining order issued,

divorce issued March 14, 1969

5. Oct. 31, 1968 Divorce # 10,135, Candace Dian Ruppert Vs Larry Alan Ruppert Md. Aug, 31, 1968 at Oberlin, KS. extreme cruelty, his conduct intolerable , separated, wants maiden of Stevens restored. Divorce granted Jan. 16, 1969 , pages 27-28

6. Nov. 12, 1968 # 10,136, Divorce , Raymond Oscar Clark Vs Chloe E Clarl also known as Betty Wolfe Md. Oct. 29, 1966 at Clay Center, KS. no children, deserted him, divorce granted March 25, 1969 pages 29-30

7. Nov. 18, 1968 Transcript # 10,138, State of Nebraska Vs Jim Leigh Wilson , bad checks pages 31-34

8. Nov. 27, 1968 Transcript # 10,139, State of Nebraska Vs Charles J Jordan ,Broke into Ranchers Supply and stole property . given probation pages 35-37

9. Dec. 4, 1968 # 10,142, J.W. Trenchard and R. C. Trenchard d/b/a Tranchard Service Station Vs Howard Watson and Frances Watson, Leased station to defendants, 2 causes , wants judgment on promissory note. pages 38-39

10. Dec. 10, 1968 # 10,144, Lonergan Corporation Vs Glen P Rainey d/b/a Travel Trailer Center. bad check, pages 40-41

11. Jan. 28, 1969 Divorce # 10,148, Charlene Skinner Vs Frank Skinner Md. Aug. 18, 1962 at Fort Morgan, Colo. one child Christine Skinner , residing with plaintiff. threatened her with loaded gun. divorce granted April 21, 1969 pages 42*-43

12. Feb. 3, 1969 Divorce # 10,150, Charles J Jordan Vs Teddy J Jordan, Md. . Jan. 12, 1963 at Kodiak, Alaska. Children are; Jennifer Lynn born Oct. 29, 1963 and Michael Glenn born April 30, 1965 , Desertion . divorce granted April 25, 1969 pages 45-46

13.Feb. 10, 1969, Divorce # 10,153, Richard William Cubbage Vs Cheryl D Cubbane Md. Sept. 26, 1963 at Castle Rock, Colo. one child Christine Ann born Jan. 11, 1968, refuses to do housework and prepare meals, divorce granted April 25, 1969 pages 47-50


14. Feb. 10, 1969 # 10,154, In the Matter of the Application of Robert Arent to change his name he was born Feb. 16, 1930 at St. Catherine Hospital McCook, NE. and on Feb. 26, 1930 was taken to the home of Leo C Vontz and Marcella M Vontz and lived with them until he married Dorothy Kircher , he has always been known at Robert Leo Vontz, and would like his name changed to this. granted pages 51-52

15. March 26, 1969 # 10,158, In the Matter of the Application of Evelyn M Haag, Guardian for license to sell real estate of Jane L Haag , Marilyn J Haag and Jill R Haag minors, other heirs are, Judith K Wilson, John J Haag, Patsy Haag, Evelyn M Haag, Joyce M Zackery, Robert Zackery , Jacquelyn A Miller and Elton R Miller, sold to Cyrus T Haag and Beverly C Haag, pages 53-56

16. April 1, 1969 # 10,159, Divorce, Merry J Thomson Vs Larry Thomson Md. Jan. 4, 1968 at Denver, Colo. no children, extreme cruelty, granted Aug. 20, 1969

17. April 2, 1969 # 10,161, Divorce Judith K Wilson Vs GlennC Wilson Md. Aug. 27, 1966 at McCook, NE. no children adultery , He is in Military service, wants maiden name of Haag restored. granted June 12, 1969 pages 58

18. April 10, 1969 # 10,162, Divorce, Learry Everett Taylor Vs Carol Evelyn Taylor Md. Sept. 22, 1963 at Norton, KS. Children , Larry Everett Taylor Jr., age 4 and Michael Todd Taylor age 2, living with plaintiff, deserted family granted June 17, 1969 pages 59

19. April 14, 1969 # 10,163, Divorce , Barbara J Shadley Vs Leland L Shadley, Md. March 23, 1965 at Denver, Colo. no children, plaintiff has minor children from former marriage so wants her name restored to Ozbun, deserted her. granted June 19, 1969 page 60

20. April 23, 1969 # 10,164, Divorce, Siegrid Reiners Vs Melvin K Reiners Md. Sept. 15, 1962 at McCook, NE. no children, excessive drinking, verbally abuse, divorce granted July 2, 1969 pages 61-62

21. April 28, 1969 # 10,168, The County of Red Willow , NE. Vs 1. Marion Vontz and Elda Vontz, 2. Julia C Wiedman, Theodore F Barnes, Belle Barnes, Neva Barnes, and Lord’s Inc. 3. Elmer Daffer and Helen Daffer, Warren Brown, Berneice Brown; 4,5. Eugene L Jones and Maxine Jones , 6&7. Eveline Galusha, Wipple Goble, L. B. Goble, first real name unknown, , Mable Bickford, ____Bickford, first real name unknown, Helen Simmons and ____Simmons first real name unknown, and all persons having or claiming any interest in or to 1. Lot16, Block 29, Original Town of Indianola, 2. Lot 7, block 38 , Original Town of Indianola, 3. Lot 13 block 4 Original town of Danbury, 4&5 Lot 4 and the North Half of Lot 5, Block 5 , 1st Addition to town of Danbury, 6&7, Lot 1 and the North 46 feet of Lot 2, Block 3, Original Town of Marion, Except the North 24 feet of Lot 1, all in Red Willow County, NE. Including the devisees, Legatees, personal representatives and all persons interested in the estates of C. W. Barnes , A. H. Barnes , Albert H Barnes and Elizabeth Chambers , deceased , real names unknown. County bought real estate for taxes , and they want title for property. pages 63-68

22. Jan. 26, 1965 Complaint # 8907-20-107, State of Nebraska Vs Robert C Blackman and Robert D Sahm. both minors , having liquor in Vehicle on public Highway. Jury found them guilty pages 69-71

23. Feb. 1, 1965 Complaint # 9796, State of Nebraska County of Red Willow, Vs James A Slater, 2 counts of having beer in vehicle on public Highway jury found guilty of both causes. pages 72-73

24. Dec. 21 , 1966 # 9965, First Leasing Company , a Corporation, Vs Stanley M Reynolds, leased equipment for his supermarket, made some payments but refuses to finish the payments pages 74-75

25. June 5, 1967, # 10005, Paris Gay Greenlee , a Minor, by her Father and Next Friend Vs Huben Hoff Sr. she was kicked in head while in the care of the defendant. wants Judgment for expenses and Medical costs page 76-81


26. June 9, 1967, # 10,006, In the Matter of the Application of Dale R Crocker, as guardian of Joanne M Crocker, William D Crocker and Ronald D Crocker , Minors, for license to sell real estate. Joanne Lives with Lowell and Sena Ruggles, William D Crocker lives with Glenn and Velma Ruggles , and Ronald D Crocker lives with Leo and Gladys Crocker . land was sold to settle the estate pages 82-86

27. June 26, 1968 Divorce # 10,101 Linda Sue Resseguie Vs Dennis Ray Resseguie Md. June 1, 1967 at McCook, NE. one child Tammy Sue Resseguie living with the plaintiff. non support , Divorce decree Aug. 25 1968 pages 87-88

28. dec. 2, 1968 Divorce # 10,140, Ellen M Kennedy Vs Fred R Kennedy Md. Jan. 6, 1934, at Norton, Ks. Children, Patrick J Kennedy age 30, Jon W Kennedy age 28, Katheryn R Kennedy age 19, Sally R Kennedy age 18 and Fred R Kennedy age 13, minors in custody of the plaintiff. excessive drinking of liquor, cross petition filed pages 89-94

29. July 11, 1969, # 10,181, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs R. L. Berens , bad checks pages 95-97

30. Aug. 26, 1969 # 10,194, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Ervin Chester Hall , Made an Assault upon Mildred Bolte . pages 98-100

31. Sept. 4, 1969 # 10198, In the Matter of the Application of Evelyn M Haag, guardian of the persons and Estate of Jane Haag, Jerrilyn Haag and Jill Haag minors. To Ratify the oil and gas lease. other Heirs are; Evelyn M Haag, Jacquelyn Miller, Joyce Leach Zackery, John P Haag, Judityh Wilson Grant, Jane Haag , Jerrilyn Haag, Jill Haag. pages 101-102

32. June 24, 1969 # 10178, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Robert R Ridpath, Driving under the influence of alcoholic liquor pages 103-104

33. May 15, 1968 # 10087, The County of Red Willow, NE Vs 1. E Carl Macy, Bessie B Macy, 1,4. The City of McCook, NE; 2. Robert W Allen, I. Lavonne Allen, Dewey Wright , Ina Wright; 3. Lois Rude Gollehon, John Gollehon, first real name unknown, Maxine Emerick , John Emerick , first real name unknown, Margaret Myers, John Myers, first real name unknown, Richard R Rude, Mary Rude, first real name unknown, Rosemary Anderson , John Anderson, first real name unknown, Kenneth E Rude, Jane Rude first real name unknown, Grant Allen Rude, Alice Rude, first real name unknown , Gloria Lee Rude first real name unknown, John Rude, real name unknown , 4. Leona M James, Gurnie James , 5. Marvin e Salmon, Evelyn Salmon; 6, Johanna Sughroue, Frances Green Allen, Joe Allen, Gerald J Sughroue, Ann Sughroue, Charles W Sughroue, Rita Sughroue, Mary Lyons, Dale Lyons, James F Sughroue, Leah C Sughroue, Donald E Sughroue, Loretta Sughroue, Nellie Ryan, James Ryan, Thomas D Sughroue, Sharon Sughroue, ; and all persons having of claiming any right, title or interest in or to the following described real estate, to-wit; 1 Lot 18, block 5 Original town of McCook; 2. Lot 2, block 11 , Second Addition to McCook, 3. North 90 feet of lot 54 Block 3, South McCook Addition, 4. Lot 6 Block 2, First Addition to South McCook, 5. Lot 18 Block 5, Original Town of Marion, 6. Part NE 1/4 NW1/4 Section 18 ,Township 3, Range27 Commencing 80 Feet east of the Northeast corner Block 40, Original Town of Indianola , east 119.9 feet, southwest parallel to CB&Q right of way 131.97 feet , northerly to point of beginning, including the heirs, devisees, legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of Harry E Rude, deceased real names unknown, County bought tax certificate and now want to sell real estate. pages 105-114

34. April 25, 1969 # 10166 , Elmore O Harris . and Louise Harris husband and wife Vs Barney Mack & Company a corporation, Bernard W McKillip and Merna M McKillip husband and wife, and Ronald E McKillip. real estate mortgage. to foreclose and sell real estate Pages 115-118

35. May 13, 1969, # 10170, County of Red Willow, NE Vs 1.August Hackenkamp , Mamie Hackenkamp, City of McCook, 2. Gottlieb H Clouse, Evelyn Clouse, 3,4. Muriel Morris, Bryon D Morris Joanne Morris , Don Morris, Maxine Morris, Dean Morris Nellie Morris , 5,6. Harvey Ohlson, Mavis Ohlson, 7,8. Vernon E Leeds, Lucile Leeds, 9. J. L. French , First real name unknown, Flora E French, 10, 11, 12, . Lloyd Mays, Mary Mays, first real name unknown, Reba Springer , M. C. Springer , first real name unknown, Edna Gotchall, Alfred Gotchall, and all persons having or claiming any interest in or to 1. Lot 1 Block 9 , third addition to McCook, 2. Part Lot 1, Block 3, Esther Park Add. to Bartley, described as, Com. 191.3 feet. south of the northwest corner of Lot 1 east 140 ft. , south 140 ft., West 140 ft. North 140 ft., ; 3,4. S1/2 Lot 4 and Lot 5, Block 2, 5,6. N1/2, Lot 11 and 12Block 9, . 7,8. S1/2, Lot 4 and 5, block 15 , all original town of Lebanon; 9. Part lot 3, section 1, Tin, R26W Described as beg. 294 ft. west of NW corner of CB&Q stockyards driveway , west 80 ft., south 280 ft., east 80 ft., north 280 ft., ; 10, 11, 12. S1/2 Lot 8and Lot 9 and 10, block 7 Original Town of Danbury ; All in Red Willow County, NE. ; real names unknown; and including the heirs devisees, legatees, personal representatives and all persons interested in the estate of Thomas M Mays and minnie C Mays, deceased , real names unknown, County bought tax certificates and now want to foreclose and sell real estate. pages 119-127

36. Aug. 26, 1969 # 10193, Transcript City of McCook Vs Dennis C Awtry. driving under the influence of alcoholic liquor . Jury found him not guilty. pages 128-130

37. June 24, 1969 # 10179, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Douglas F Vap. Had accident but failed to stop and give his license . Jury found him guilty pages 131-133

38. May 23, 1968 # 10090, James A Matson Vs John D Dawson, Individually and as parent and natural guardian of Diana Dawson, a Minor and Diana Dawson as a minor. the minor was driving car belonging to her father and was involved in an accident. the plaintiff wants judgment for damages. pages 134-144

39. May 29, 1969 # 10172, Earl Price A/k/a Earl E Price , a single man Vs Blanche Dack a/k/a Blanche Price Dack and Fred Dack wife and husband; Pearl White, a widow, ; Marjorie Tourtellotte, a/k/a Margery Price Tourtellotte and Earl Tourtellotte wife and husband; Frances Marie Price , a widow; Alma V Price, a widow, Donna Brown, formerly Donna Price and Richard L Brown wife and husband, Patricia Price , single, a minor; Rebacca Price single, a minor, Alma V Price, as Mother, Natural Guardian and Custodian of Patricia Price and Rebecca Price; Myrna Price Clement and Franklin D Clement, wife and husband, ; Myra Andrest and Richard Andrest, wife and husband; Victor Cozzetti, single; LeAnn Wynkoop, and Richard Wynkoop wife and husband; Sandra S Wall Formerly Sandra S Hamilton , and Charles Wall, wife and husband; Mark Hamilton , single a Minor, Suzanne Hamilton single, a Minor; Traci Hamilton single, a minor, ; Sandra s Wall, formerly Sandra S Hamilton as mother, natural guardian and custodian of Mark Hamilton, Suzanne Hamilton and Traci Hamilton ; and Cloyd Peters. to settle the estate of Anna Price pages 145-152

40. June 16, 1969 # 10175, In the Matter of the Condemnation by the State Fire Marshal of Building located on 212 east 6th, Lot 1 Block 10, 4th Addition , Town of McCook, Red Willow County, NE; Mr. Albert R Coburn Rt. 3 McCook, NE owner. Order of the State Fire Marshall, pages 154-155

41. June 19, 1969, # 10176, Wacker, Elliott, Wacker Company , a NE. Corporation Vs Jim Cummings, Sold the defendant Merchandise, he paid part of the bill but has stop making payments , Want Judgment for the balance. pages 155-156

42. July 23, 1969, # 10183, Darlene J Brunswick Vs Byron B Brunswick Md. May 7, 1960 at Cambridge, NE. Children; Robert Byron Brunswick born Sept. 23, 1960, Tonja JoAnn Brunswick born Aug. 26, 1961, and Rona Sue Brunswick born Aug. 4, 1962. excessive drinking of liquor, separated, non support. divorce decree issued Dec. 18, 1969 pages 157-158

43. Aug. 8.,1969 Divorce, # 10186, Sondra J Henk Vs Steven A Henk Md. June 18, 1966 at Lincoln, NE. no children, extreme cruelty, wants maiden name restored to Hinds. Divorce decree issued Nov. 19, 1969 pages 159-160

44. Aug. 14, 1969 # 10187, State Bank of Bartley Vs John A Ginther, a Widower; Dwight m Ginther single, Ruth A Roach, Formerly Ruth A Ginther , and Allen Roach , Wife and Husband, Mrs. Louisa Johnston and Eldon Sides. Mortgage. to foreclose by order of sale, pages 161-165

45. Oct. 22, 1969 # 10208, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Gary L Hartwell, Terry L Stevenson, and Charles B Thieben. Broke into store occupied by Pat Crawmer and stole property. pages 166-173

46. Nov. 24, 1969 # 10214, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Henry Morland, bad checks pages 174-178

47. Dec. 5, 1969 # 10217 Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Gary Nitsch Broke into dwelling occupied by Keith Hackney with intent to steal property. pages 179-181

48. Dec. 10, 1969 # 10218, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Dawrin L Porter, while working for Montgomery Wards embezzled goods . pages 182-184

49. June 18, 1968, # 10095, Lewis J Messer Vs Lorna J Trupp , leased building for cafe to Defendant . which she did not pay , wants judgment for the lease building. pages 185-193

50. Dec. 31, 1955 # 8957, M. E. Stay Vs Danbury Cooperative Credit Association , a corporation, L. D. Cathcart and Charles E Furman, as members of Liquidating committee of Danbury Cooperative Credit Association. need to appoint an receiver to take charge of the books , records and assets of every description . pages 194-203

51. Jan. 19, 1956 # 8960, In the Matter of the Application of the Frenchman-Cambridge Irrigation district for approval of an amendatory contract between said district and the United States of America. want to set meeting to confirm the proceedings of the Board of Directors pages 204-206

52. Nov. 30, 1956 # 9047, County of Red Willow , NE. Vs Harriett A Dike, R. E. Dillman, and Blanche Dillman, his wife; The unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, personal representatives and all persons interested in the estate of Samuel G Bastian; Mary F. Morgan; Chester Keith and Levena Keith; Ray C Murphy; Harry Warner; Myrtle O Ankeman; and all persons having or claiming any interest in the following described real estate situated in Red Willow County, NE. to-wit; Lot 5 block 81, South McCook, NE.; The North 40 Ft. of Lot 6 Block 2 West McCook Addition to the city of McCook, NE. Lot 82 block 5 South McCook, NE. Lot 4 Block 8, Village of Danbury , NE;; a tract of land commencing 20 feet east of the North east corner of Block 10 Original town of Danbury, NE. thence east 100 feet, thence south 180 ft. east 60 ft., South 120 ft., west 140 ft., to a point 20 ft. east of the southeast corner of block 10, thence north to a place of beginning, being 1/2 of lot 4 Block 2, original town of Lebanon, NE. : Lot 5, Block 2 Original town of Lebanon ,NE. : a part of the NW 1/4 SE1/4 Sec. 19, Town 1, North Range 27; section 17. County bought for back taxes, and want to sell the real estate or get their money back pages 206-220

53. Nov. 1, 1957, # 9129, County of Red Willow, NE . Bought property for back taxes at Tax Sale trying to find the owners. Vs L. L. Hines and ___Hines real name unknown, Lot 1-12 Village of Bartley, NE.

Joseph L Porter and ___Porter real name unknown, Lot 1 block 3 in Bartley, NE

J. L Porter and _____Porter real name unknown, Lots 1&2 block 3 Bartley, NE

Danbury Equaity Exchange , Lots 1&2 Block 1 Danbury, NE, Elmer Daffer and ___Daffer real name unknown, Lot 13 Block 5 in Danbury, NE; Barnett Lumber Company, Lot 6 in section 32, Two 3, North , Range 29,; F. R Parker and ____Parker ; Jake Walters and __Walters; Lucy and Mabel Cotton,; Hollie E Molzahn, ; Nettie M Thomann and ____Thomann; Emil Reiners and ___Reiners; F. W and Elizabeth Yonker; wants conformation on titles, pages 221-236

54. Aug. 13, 1963, # 9655, In the Matter of the Guardianship of Trientje Boltjes, Incompetent, , for Authority to execute Oil and Gas lease. other heirs are; Jeannette Hayden, Guardian, Violet Nelson and Henry Boltjes. pages 237-238

55. Feb. 24, 1960, # 9320, Edward R Reiners and Caroline W Reiners husband and wife, D.M. Williams and Ben H Parker Vs Rena Mohler and Gustav Mohler, wife and husband; Pauline Buhr and Bert Buhr, wife and husband; Olinda Schroeder and Gus A Schroeder, wife and husband; Leona Brungardt and Edmund G Brungardt wife and husband;; and Clara Bartels and Emil H Bartels Wife and husband; Declaration Judgment and quiet Title. pages 239-242

56. Nov. 20, 1957, # 9135, County of Red Willow, NE bought tax certificates on land which back taxes was owed, 1949-1953, The following names are involved. Calvin D Jones and June D Jones; John M Neihaus and ----Neihaus, Thomas R Daniels and ____Daniels, William Wincup and ___Wincup. ; Dale Jones and Etta Jones, Gerald R Munsell and Martha Marie Monsell ; E.W. Frank and ____Frank, ; Will A DeMay and ___DeMay, ; Clarence E Sughroue and Esther Sughroue (3 parcels of land); William Fritz and ___Fritz; Clarence Sughroue and Esther Sughroue; Lillie May Ingram and ___Ingram , Floyd Aller and Martha Aller , Edgar Lockhart and ___Lockhart, F/ A/ Tigard and Iva M Tigard, (2 parcels of land);

Harry Larson and ___Larson ; G Kennedy and ____Kennedy ( 5 parcels of land); Etta Boehm ; Clyde Alstot and Nora M Alstot ; O. F. Messer and Jacqueline F Messer; Dale R Jones and Etta Jane Jones(3 parcels of Land) ; Charles Caldwell and ____Caldwell, ; William Carfield and ___Carfield , ( 2 parcels of land); Thomas Utter and Minnie Utter ; William H Dike and ___Dike ; and the McCook National Bank lien holder of record of the property described . pages 244-263

57. Nov. 21, 1957 County of Red Willow, NE. Bought tax Certificates on land which back taxes was owed, 1951-1953, The following names are involved. Dale Jones and Etta Jones, Gerald R Munsell and Martha Marie Munsell ; Robert E Phillips and Lorane T Phillips ; Clarence Sughroue and Esther Sughroue; Earl Ridpath and Marcella Ridpath; Elmer E Cecil and Sarah Jane Cecil; Fred Morris and ___Morris ; Clarence M Randolph and Mabel Randolph ; and any person or all persons having or claiming any right, title, or interest in and to any or all of said land. pages 264-267

58. Feb. 12, 1959 # 9235, Prucka Transportation Inc., a corporation Vs Alton D Boeckner , Mike A Loreg, Jr., and David C Muir; truck collision , want judgment for damages . pages 268-278

59. Aug. 7, 1969 # 10185, Divorce, Joy M Burton Vs Ralph M Burton Md. Oct. 8, 1948 at Holbrook, NE. 5 children Jacqueline Burton age 18, Michael Burton age 16, Max Burton age 15, Billy Burton age 14 and Joy Lynn Burton age ll. Assault and Battery , pages 279-281

60. Aug. 28, 1969 # 10196, Rudolph E Quaduor and Delma Faye Quaduor Vs Central States Drilling Company, Buddy G Hubbell, Bill d Hubbell, Gary Beard, Ken Berry , John Buzhardt, Norman Cash, Richard S Castante, Eddie Fisher, Reg Fleming, Ronald L Hansen, Joel E Horlen , Bruce E Howard, Robert A Locker, Harry Jupiter, Joseph C Martin, Stuart L Miller, Dan Osinski, Gary C Peters, Edward H Prell, Brooks Robinson, Floyd Robinson, Louis C Seno, Lawrence Sherry, c. R. Sykes, Albert Weis and Leeland D Young. failed to drill oil well on property in the set time limit, 2. wants paid for calf that was killed , when they failed to put fence around well pages 282-288

61. Sept. 4, 1969, # 19197, American General Life Insurance Company of Delware. Vs Edward H Siedschlag and Norma J Siedschlag, husband and wife; John N Barratt and Myrna J Barratt, husband and wife; Leroy B Fortner and Elaine E Fortner, husband and wife, Wayne Doak and Vonda G Doak, husband and wife; Mortgage . to foreclose on mortgage, and sell property pages 289-295

62. Sept. 5, 1969 Divorce # 10199, Sharlee Diane Powell Vs Robert Keith Powell Md. Nov. 3, 1967 at Benkleman, NE. one child Brian Keith Powell age 11/2 years old in custody of the plaintiff. property settlement made. divorce decree March 25, 1970 pages 296-298

63. Oct. 1, 1969 Divorce # 10202, Ricky Lee Kempt Vs Norene Bernice Kempt Md. Jan. 28, 1968 in Oberlin, KS. No children, but the defendant has 3 minor children from former marriage. She packed his clothes and told him to leave. Cross petition , one child has been born Dale Allen Kempt born Sept. 2, 1969, he was abusive to her children divorce issued March 12, 1970

64. Oct. 3, 1969 Divorce, # 10204, Michael K Hunter Vs Lynda AHunter Md. June 11, 1967 at McCook, NE. no children, the plaintiff is in U. S Navy, the defendant has been keeping company with someone other than the plaintiff Divorce granted March 20, 1970 pages 301-303

65. Oct. 7, 1969 # 10206, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Charles Lehl, and Chester DeVaughn, destroyed personal property belonging to the City of McCook, NE. pages 303-307

66. Dec. 1, 1969 Divorce # 10215, Sandra Joan Vanderzee Vs Jon Louis Vanderzee Md. Sept. 30, 1969 at Stockville, NE. one child Derek Brian Vanderzee born Nov. 24, 1969 , Divorce Decree issued Feb. 13, 1970 pages 307-308

67. Oct. 20, 1969 Divorce # 10207, Phyllis H Jolls Vs Lawrence B Jolls Md. Dec. 8, 1946 at Grant, NE. Children Connie G Jolls born Nov. 27, 1947 and Janet A Jolls born May 19, 1951 , Janet living with plaintiff . non support, and moves out decree recorded on March 16, 1970 pages 309-313

68. Nov. 13, 1969 Police Court # 10212, City of McCook, Vs William D Wicklund, driving while license was suspended pages 313-314

69. Jan. 9, 1970 # 10223, Floyd E Kelly Vs Franklin Kennel and s. N Drum. sold oil pumping equipment, and has not been paid. wants judgment . pages 315-318

70. Jan. 22, 1970 # 10224, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Fred M Baldonado, bad check pages 318--321

71. Jan. 23, 1970 # 10225, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Shirley Fout. bad check pages 322-323

72. Jan. 26, 1970 Divorce # 10226, Karen K Wishon Vs Dale L Wishon Md. Sept . 5, 1966 at Oberlin, KS. no children. maiden name restored to Kasper, violent temper, decree of Divorce April 14, 1970

pages 324

73. Feb. 3, 1970 Divorce # 10230, Olelia Ann Stubblefield Vs Wilker Harrison Thelbert Stubblefield Md. Nov. 3, 1947 at Corinth Mississippi, children , 10, Janice Ann born April 10, 1949, Mickey Malone Born Dec. 18, 1950, Mary Kathrine born Jan. 19, 1952, Stephen Craig born May 13 , 1954, Dennis Keith born Jan. 2, 1956, Angela Renee born Dec. 14, 1957, Rise Gay born Oct. 1, 1959, Valerie Dawn born Feb.8, 1961, Julia Lorraine born June 6, 1963, and Christy Elaine born March 6, 1965. all children but Janice and Mary Katherine are living with plaintiff they are in Lincoln , NE. drinking, and abuse, decree recorded June 2, 1970. pages 325-326

74. March 23, 1970 Divorce # 10245, Ruth E Podoll Vs Lester A Podoll Md. March 29, 1949 at Waukegan, Illinois, children 7 , all in foster homes but youngest Ruth Eleanora Podoll, born June 13, 1968 in custody of the defendant. divorce decree June 1, 1970 pages 327-328

75. March 18, 1969 # 10157, In the Matter of the Application of Daniel W Sawyer, as executor of the estate of Noah E Sawyer, deceased for license to sell real estate. to pay debts and expenses. heirs are; Geraldine Margaret Brown minor, Daniel W Sawyer and Jennie V Sawyer, Dora Delaplane , formerly Dora Underhill , Walter Orcutt, Noah Orcutt, Ralph Orcutt, Alma Niessen, Violet May Baysinger, and Clara Elam . pages 328-331

76. Oct. 3, 1969 # 10205, Prudential Insurance Company Vs Sylvia M Livoin, a widow; James Edward Dutton, a single man, and R & L Development Co. Mortgage , foreclose on mortgage or sell to pay mortgage pages 332-338

77. March 16, Divorce, # 10241, Merita F Larson Vs victor I Larson Md. June 18, 1945 at Atwood, KS. Children; Larry W Larson age 22, Jerry F Larson age 19 and Victor D Larson age 17, two youngest living with the plaintiff. excessive drinking liquor. decree filed June 17, 1970 pages 339-340

78. March 17, 1970 Divorce # 10243, Patricia Louise Siverly Vs William Harley Siverly Md. Feb. 7, 1954 at Creston, Iowa. children; Vicky Lynn born June 13, 1955, Patricia Louise Siverly born Nov. 5, 1956 and William Michael born Aug. 13, 1958 , Elaine Marie born July 17, 1963, physical abuse, Decree of Divorce June 23, 1970 pages341

79. Aug. 21, 1969 # 10190, Blue Flame Gas Association Vs McCook, Public Power District. They advertised to install heating systems free if you bought the executrix system. pages 342-347

80. March 16, 1970 Divorce, # 10240, Robert L Hull Vs Lucille R Hull, Md. April 2, 1961 at McCook , NE Children; Theresa Hull age 7 and Candy Hull age 6, failed to maintain a home. Cross petition filed , charging adultery. Decree of Divorce June 26, 1970pages 347-350

81. Nov. 12, 1969 Divorce # 10211, Colleen Lucille Gibson Vs John Scott Gibson Md. Aug. 23, 1965 in Rapid City, S. D. One child Shelley Rae Gibson born Sept. 1, 1966 in custody of the plaintiff. leaving home for long periods of time. decree of divorce June 2, 1970 pages 351-352

82. March 3, 1970 Divorce # 10236, Jennifer Rae Rogers Vs Richard Eugene Rogers Md. Aug. 22, 1968 at McCook, NE. one child Shari Michelle Rogers born Nov. 22, 1968, non support, agreement reached, Decree Sept. 1, 1970 pages 353-354

83. July 13, 1970 Divorce # 10284, Roy A Schultz Vs Beatrice Schultz Md. Aug. 1, 1969 at Grant NE. no children, violent temper, restraining order, wants her name restored to James. decree of Divorce Sept. 17, 1970 pages 355-359

84. June 9, 1970 Divorce # 10266, Alberta Maxine McCoy Vs Francis Leon McCoy Md. April 16, 1965 at Loveland , Colo. no children, non support, decree of divorce Aug. 21, 1970 page 359

85. March 2, 1970 Divorce # 10235, Edna Wood Vs Earl E Wood Md. Feb. 12, 1968 at Denver, CO. no children . abusive , property settlement made. pages 360-362

86. July 10, 1970 Divorce # 10283, John Harris Vs Shirley Harris Md. Jan. 28, 1969 in Switzerland, no children, agreement made. cross petition filed, decree of Divorce oct.26, 1970 pages 362-364

87. Feb. 6, 1970 The First National Bank of McCook, NE Vs Lloyd C Padgett and Rowena M Padgett husband and wife. Mortgage, foreclose on mortgage pages 365-370

88. May 13, 1970 Divorce # 10258, Luanne E Haller Vs Charles R Haller Md. Sept. 16, 1948 at Denver, CO. 5 children, Linda age 20, Nancy age 19, David age 17, Mark and Marcie age 12 four younger in custody of plantiff. the hostility of the couple is affecting the children; pages 371-373

89. May 15, 1970 Divorce # 10261, Jacqueline F Meints Vs Reinke Eugene Meints Md. Jan. 23, 1963 at Derby, Co. Children are Reinke Delray Meints age 6, and Stacey Lynette Meints age 4 ,non support, decree of Divorce Nov.10, 1970 pages 374-375

90. June 8, 1970 Police court, # 10265, City of McCook, Vs Terry Fischer driving reckless in city of McCook, NE. Jury found him guilty pages 376-378

91. Jan. 24, 1969 # 10146, Jacob J Rutt also known as J J Rutt Vs Nadine Rowene Frank, Formerly Nadine Rowene Rutt and Robert Frank husband and wife, Kenneth Rutt, also known as Kenneth William Rutt, single and Patrick Keitges and Carol Keitges husband and wife. Mortgage, foreclose pages 379-390

92. June 23, 1969 # 10177, Lincoln Saving Bank Vs Harry D Warner and Elizabeth H Warner, husband and wife. Mortgage, foreclose on mortgage. pages 391-395

93. # 10234 March 2, 1970, County Board of Commissioners of Red Willow County, NE. Ex Officio the County Board of Public Welfare. Vs Hazel Ball , Sam Ball James Herron, Luretha Herron, Charles Herron, Margaret Herron, John Herron, Beulah IHerron, Minnie Ahrens, Mary E Herron David Herron, Rebecca Herron , Eva Herron, Andrew Forest Stombaugh, Henrietta Stombough, Donal Ray Stombough, Vera Stombough, Harold Stombough, ___Stombough first real name unknown, Etta Herron, Rugh Carter, Lee Carter, Stan Herron, ____Herron, first real name unknown, forest Grunden, ___Grunden first real name unknown, Ralph Grunden, ____Grunden, first real name unknown, Wanda Pasman, Rosetta Crawmer; Charles T Herron died while owning property and being on welfare of the county. 2. James Scott, Vera Scott, Woodrow Scott, Eunice Scott, Delsie Schweitzer, Paul Schweitzer, Catherine Baldwin, Frank Baldwin, Calvin Scott, ___Scott first real name unknown, Clifford Scott, __Scott First real name unknown, Elizabeth Wilson __Wilson first real name unknown, Jessie Rasher, ___Rasher first real name unknown, Ruth Scott , real name unknown, ____Scott, real name unknown, Thelma Scott, real name unknown, ___Scott real name unknown, Nellie Scott, real name unknown, ____Scott real name unknown, Opal Mitchem ., Gale Mitchem, Billy Sailors, ---Sailors first real name unknown, Jesse Sailors, ___Sailors first real name unknown, Catherine McGuire received old age assistance while owning property in McCook, want to settle estate. 3. John Bauer, Irma Bauer, Jack Bauer, Edna Bauer, Katherine Wade, Lynn Wade, Ernest Fritsche; Katherine Bauer died while receiving old age assistance and owned property want to settle the estate. 4. Hattie Gay, Clare O Gay, Pearl Gay, Freeman Gay, glen Magers and ____Magers first real name unknown, ; and all the unknowns heirs devisees, Legatees, personal representatives and other persons interested in the estates of Charles T Herron, Catherine McGuire , Katherine Bauer and Elma Magers, Deceased , would like the liens paid on the estates to the welfare , or property sold then liens paid. pages 396-405

94. March 9, 1970 # 10238, County of Red Willow , NE Vs Ted Hilker , Harold E Beebe, Dixie K Beebe, First National Bank (Unpaid taxes) 1. Charles B Boehm, Jacquelyn Boehm, Volentine, Inc. ( Unpaid taxes) 2. Jacob J Rutt, Hazel E Rutt; , Unpaid taxes, 3. Angelo Monzon, Lucile Monzon; unpaid taxes, 4. Stephen J Harrison, LaDonna F Harrison unpaid taxes, 5. and the city of McCook , NE (2,3,&4) special assessments. County bought tax certificates and now are ready to foreclose . pages 406-415

95. March 16, 1970, # 10238, County of Red Willow, NE Vs Stanley Hart et al. Stanley Hart and Lehta Cameron are the owners or real estate bought for taxes. the premises are vacant and unoccupied.

Cause 2. Gerald Ruby and Lela Ruby owner of property with back taxes

cause 3, James A Lafferty estate. Heirs are. Ole Lafferty, Clifford Lafferty, Ida Wyckoff, a widow, May A Sines, a Widow,, Vernon Lafferty , Everett Lafferty, Opal Conzelman single, Velma Pugh , Maud Lafferty, a widow, Macy L Clark, Arless Lafferty, Myrtle M Lafferty Coulter, Winifred A Dutrow, Maurice E Lafferty, Darlene E Eaton, Betty M Devine, Gladys C Smallberger, Elnora E Tucker, Carl C Lafferty, single, Kenneth W Lafferty, single, Virgil Lafferty, Lois Meyers, Cecil Lafferty, Wayne Lafferty, Jean Hunt, Evelyn Hofman, Cleo McClung, Carl McClung, single, Anna McFarland, Doris Zimmerman, Evelyn Coulter, Pearl Miller single and May B Gertrash single. are the owners of lots in Marion, NE County has tax Certificate.

cause 4, Warren W Brown and Bernice Brown owner and occupants of land which county has tax certificate.

Cause 5. William Everett Rouch and Hazel May Rouch are the owners , and Modern Appliance Tenants in possession back taxes.

Cause 6, William Everett Rouch and Hazel May Rouch are the owners, Joe Mavigliana and Martha Mavigliana are the tenants in possession also special assessments and taxes against property.

cause 7. Lois Rude Gollehon and James Gollehon are owners and premises area vacant and unoccupied , back taxes.

cause 8, Evelyn M Martin, single owner and premises are vacant and unoccupied, back taxes

cause 9, Eleanor Harris, John T Harris, Sr. and the First National Bank and Trust Co. of Lincoln, NE . Trustees of Ethel M Suess Trust , are the owners, premises are vacant and unoccupied, County wants to foreclose on these Tax Certificates pages. 415-426

96. June 29, 1970, # 10274, County of Red Willow, NE Vs Herman August Thole et al., Cause # 1, Herman August Thole and Violet Thole are owners of real estate and county has tax certificate the premises is vacant and unoccupied, also special assessments.

cause 2. Denton L Clouse Single Back taxes and special assessments on property his is the tenant.

Cause 3. Oliver W Schneider and Reba Nan Schneider Vacant and unoccupied, McCook National bank has the Mortgage.back tax Es

cause 4, Leopold F Bahl and June E Bahl owners with John E Bruner and Ginger M Bruner as tenants, taxes and special assessments against real estate

Cause 5. McCook Country Club owners real estate is vacant and unoccupied only Lot 28, Donald L Moffitt and Ruth Moffitt in possession by virtue of an unrecorded deed of Conveyance, special assessments and taxes.

cause 6. Donald D Shepherd and Patricia Shepherd owners real estate is vacant and unoccupied, special assessments against it also taxes.

Cause 7, William W Lyons and Phyllis E Lyons owners , vacant and unoccupied back taxes

cause 8, Joseph E Meyers and Sheryl S Meyers owners vacant and Unoccupied , taxes and special assessments against it.

cause 9, Sylvia Drain, Sister of James Heskett, deceased, Joseph S Drain her husband, and William Heskett single real estate is vacant and unoccupied, taxes and special assessments

Cause 10, Harry Curl, Emery Curl and Jessie Clark , plus their spouses are the owners , vacant and unoccupied, Public Welfare has a lien , back taxes.

Cause 11, Larry D Fisher and Charlotte Fisher , owners, vacant and Unoccupied , public Welfare has lien on real estate, belonging to Bessie Jones , deceased, back taxes

Cause 12, McCartys drive In , owner and Occupant , special assessments, and back taxes

Cause 13, Saddie Ellen Smith and ___Smith owners, vacant and Unoccupied , back taxes

Cause 14, Adda Welsh a widow, Loren Welsh and Margie Welsh his wife are owners and occupants back taxes.

Cause 15, Carlton J O’Dea and Andrea O’Dea and Connecticut General Life Insurance Co. are the owners, Life Insurance owns 1/2 in minerals, Mary Brady has the mortgage, Carlton is the occupant of the real estate. back taxes

Cause 16, Archie Merle Bishop and Maxine Bishop owners and occupants, Producers Livestock credit Corp. it he owner and holder of the mortgage, back taxes,

County wants to foreclose on the tax certificates it holds on this real estate. pages 427-753

97. June 29, 1970 # 10275, County of Red Willow, NE Vs Patricia Sybil Dolan Asbash , et al.,

1. Patricia Sybil Dolan Asbash , and husband are surviving Joint tenants, vacant and unoccupied back taxes,

2. Richard H Urling and Ruth E Urling, owners, Bank of Indianola , NE has a Mortgage, Vacant and unoccupied, back Taxes

3. Ernest E Randel and Roberta M Randel owners, Clarence Madden tenant in possession back taxes

4. Johanna Surghoue Widow , Owner, vacant and unoccupied, taxes

5. Johanna Sughroue, Widow, owner , vacant and unoccupied , back taxes

6. Edward W Frank and Ruby Frank , owners , vacant and unoccupied , back taxes

7, Cecile M Carlson and Stanley E Carlson , owners vacant and unoccupied, back taxes

8. Bert A Smith, Bernice Smith, his wife, Lorene Harris a widow, Prudence Burger, __Burger first real name unknown , her husband are the owners, vacant and unoccupied, back taxes

9. Fay H Larson and Lena E Larson owners, vacant and unoccupied, back taxes

10. Muriel Morris, a widow, Bryon D Morris, JoAnne Morris , his wife, Don Morris, Maxine Morris his wife, Dean Morris , Nellie Morris, his wife. all heirs of Earl Morris, Vacant and unoccupied taxes

11. same as # 10

12. Gerald Waterman, Faye A Pennington, Rex W Waterman, Merwin C Waterman, Dwight W Waterman, Laura B Green are owners, along with their spouses, vacant and unoccupied, back taxes.

13. Charles Wiggins, unmarried, owner vacant and unoccupied back taxes

14. same as 13

15. William Jefferson Horton and ---Horton first real name unknown , owners, Vacant and unoccupied, taxes

16. Hattie Hunt and ----Hunt first real name unknown, owners, back taxes

County has tax certificates on property listed above and wish to foreclose, property will be sold . pages 454-469

98. June 29, 1970 # 10276, County of Red Willow, NE Vs Danbury Cooperative Equity Exchange a corporation, et al. County has the tax certificates on the following real estate.

1. Danbury Cooperative Equity Exchange, vacant and unoccupied

2. Kay Lynn Graham Steinke and John R Steinke , her husband, Vacant and unoccupied,

3. Kenneth McCoy and Lorene McCoy, husband and wife , owners Vacant and unoccupied

4. Lucille Evelyn Herrod , only child of Laura M Ryan deceased, heir to her estate, vacant and unoccupied.

5. Kenneth R Jones and Vada M Jones owners, vacant and unoccupied

7. E. H. Everist, first real name unknown and ____Everist first real name unknown his wife owners, vacant and unoccupied.

6. Boaz Lodge # 185 A F & A.M. . a Corporation, owners vacant and unoccupied

8. Allen E Boyer, Cora Bennett, Pearl Stevens, Elma Gockley, John Boyer, Nellie E Burger, Mae Dolph , Faye Brestel, Edwin Boyer, Earl Boyer, along with their spouses are the owners, Vacant and unoccupied.

9. Bob Abbott and __Abbott first real name unknown , his wife, vacant and unoccupied,

10. Milfred Hess, and Wildia Hess husband and wife owners, vacant and unoccupied

11. Ella Macfee Hanke a widow, Owner and occupant.

12. Robert Lofton and Elaine Lofton issued a sheriff’s deed to them they are owners, Vacant and unoccupied.

13. & 14 same as above

15. Marvin Salmon and Evelyn Salmon vacant and unoccupied

16. Homer G Deck and ___Deck, his wife Patrick H Deck and ___deck his wife, real names unknown, owners vacant and unoccupied.

County of Red Willow, NE has tax Certificates which the bought , now time to foreclose and sell property. pages 469-485

98. Dec. 18, 1970 Divorce # 10312, Gloria Garcia Vs Camilo L Garcia Md. July 1958 at Oshkosh, NE. 6 children ; Zulema D Garcia born 1959, Myra L Garcia born 1961, Gregory C Garcia born 1962, Mario A Garcia born 1963, Olan A Garcia Born 1964, Camille K born 1967 all in custody of the plaintiff. deserted family. Divorce decree March 19, 1971

99. Aug. 27, 1970 # 10289, G. H . Clouse , Guardian of the estate of Pete Selby an Incompetent , for leave to sell real estate. to pay debts page 487-491

100. Sept . 16, 1969 # 10200, Herbert Newton Vs MFA Life Insurance Co. a corporation, He had insurance policy , and was hurt and has to wear a brace. the insurance Co. said they never had received the renewed policy. pages 491-494

101. Aug. 13, 1970 Divorce # 10288, Charlotte Ann Kivlehen Vs Dan Jefferson Kivlehen Md. June 23, 11967 at Farmington , New Mexico Children are William Mack Kivlehen June 15, 1968 and Collette Elizabeth Kivlehen, Jan. 22, 1970 in custody of the plaintiff. non support, pages 495-496


102. Jan. 8, 1971 # 10288, In the Matter of Guardianship of Mary Zeller Incompetent, Application to sell real estate. August Zeller is her husband , Heirs are August Zeller, Elmer Zeller, George Zeller, Ermest Zeller, Fred Zeller, Helen McCreath, and Esther Feil pages 497-500

103. March 31, 1971 Complaint, # 10326, State of Nebraska Vs Richard Ambrose, Broke into a dwelling occupied by Gayle Dahlkoetter and stole property. pages 500-504

104. March 31, 1971,# 10327, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs James Deveny. Broke into a dwelling occupied by Gayle Dahlkoetter and stole property pages 505-509

105. March 31, 1971 # 10328, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Paul C Ridder, Broke into a dwelling occupied by Gayle Dahlkoetter and stole property pages 509-513

106. Feb 16, 1971 Divorce # 10317, Flora A Thompson Vs Thomas L Thompson Md. June 17, 1961 at Alamosa, Colo. Children; Larry e Thompson born Nov. 15, 1964 and Barbara Ann Thompson born Oct. 14, 1966 in custody of the plaintiff. agreement reached , Divorce decree May 14, 1971 pages 514-517

107. Feb. 24, 1971 # 9822, Application for Modification of Decree; Horace J Mitchell Vs Carma Mitchell , Children Dennis Mitchell and Randy Mitchell was given to the defendant, in the divorce, she abandoned them to the plaintiff, He was married July 18, 1970, and has made a home for children wants the child support payments stopped. pages 517-518

108. Aug. 13, 1970 # 10287, In the Matter of the estate of Bryan J Gallatin , Deceased, Stipulation, so they can make one appeal, in the transcript ; Janis E Maupin guardian of Carolyn Ann Flowers, and William Lyons guardian of Jerry Gallatin, Brenda Gallatin, Linda Gallatin and Judith Anna Gallatin minor children of Bryan E Gallatin deceased, to settle the estate. 518-522

109. Se[t; 16. 1970 Divorce # 10296, Wilma Jane Foster Vs Donald Ray Foster Md. June 25, 1961 at Oberlin, KS. Children ; Benny Ray Foster born June 11, 1965, and Billy Dean foster born May 17, 1968 in custody of the plaintiff. excessive drinking of liquor. divorce decree Nov. 24, 1970 pages 522-524

110. Oct. 8, 1970 Divorce # 10299, Gerald Eugene Witte Vs Pamela Lee Witte Md. June 6, 1966 at Cambridge, NE. One child Lisa Marie born Dec. 2, 1966 in custody of the defendant, deserted him , pages 524-525

111. Jan. 14, 1971, # 10316, American General Life Insurance Company of Delware, a corporation Vs Richard L Markoff and Sandra L Markoff husband and wife, Arthur O Maag and Edna M Maag, husband and wife, Orley d Dye and Carolyn K Dye husband and wife and John Doe , tenant in possession, real name unknown, Mortgage on real estate, foreclose, pages 525-531

112. Sept. 16, 1970 Divorce # 10295, Anna A Wicklund Vs William D Wicklund Md. Nov. 4, 1969 at North Platte, NE. no children, non support. decree Feb/ 23. 1971 Pages 532-534

113. # 10297 divorce, Mary M Boyd Vs Ronald R Boyd Md. Aug. 2, 1959 at Atwood, KS Children : Pamela Jean Boyd age 10 and Monte Ray Boyd age 4 in custody of the plaintiff. excessive drinking liquor, decree Jan. 19, 1971 pages 534-536

114. Nov. 3, 1970 Divorce # 10301, Jaunita Zwickle Vs Albert P Zwickle Md. Oct. 19, 1964 in Mexico, no children, agreement reached pages 536-539

115. Nov. 13, 1970 # 10303, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Darrell Lee Chamberlain , Stole property from Hormel Chevrolet Inc. pages 539-542


116. Nov. 16, 1970 # 10305, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs William D Loper broke into automobile belonging to Steve Berry with intent to steal automobile. pages 542-545

117. Dec. 1, 1970 # 10309, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Gary L Putnam , broke into a truck belonging to George A Poor with intent to steal property from the truck pages 545-551

118. Dec. 4, 1970 # 10310, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Douglas W Gilliland , Broke into a truck belonging to George A Poor with intent to steal property from the truck pages 551-555

119. Jan. 5, 1971 Divorce # 10314 Diana Lynn Wilson Vs Dennis Dana Wilson Md. Sept. 16, 1967 at McCook, NE. no children. extreme cruelty, agreement made, decree March 30, 1971 pages 555-557

120. May 25, 1970 Divorce # 10262, Alice M Linnemeyer Vs Paul P Linnemeyer Md. March 23, 1970 at Atwood, Ks Child expected Nov. 1970, ex cessive drinking liquor, restraining order issued. pages 557-558

121. May 12, 1970 # 10256, Replevin, First National Bank of McCook, NE. Vs Ronald W Hull , also known as R W Hull and Delores A Hull husband and wife. two notes, wants the return of property or the value of it. pages 559-572

122. April 2, 1971 Divorce # 10330, Karen E Vontz Vs Larry E Vontz Md. Nov. 28, 1964 at McCook, NE Children are Tammera Vontz age 5, and Barbara Vontz age 4 in custody of the plaintiff. non support, decree Aug. 17, 1971 pages 572-574

123. Aug. 2, 1971, # 10245, Application for Consent to Adoption, Ruth E Podoll Vs Lester A Podoll , Ruth E Podoll married A Mason Clark , on Dec. 12, 1970 her husband wishes to adopt Ruth Eleanor Podoll , he was formerly married to Priscilla Clark who die Sept. 29, 1964 and he has the following children ; Patty Eleen Clark age 10, Charlotte Kay Clark age 9, Charley C Clark age 7 all living with the family . Consent for adoption filed Sept. 3, 1971 pages 574-575

124. July 13, 1971 # 10366, In the Matter of the Application of Sarah Jane Cunningham, Conservator of the estate of Susan M Hanford, for leave to sell real estate. She is in Hillcrest nursing home, and the property is vacant. Marjorie Lohnes , sister of Susan and assests to the sale of property, page 575-578

125. Sept . 7, 1971 In the divorce of Alice M Linnemeyer and Paul P Linnemeyer , the plaintiff Mother Mildred Catlett makes an application for the custody of the minor child, if not her a great Uncle Everett Wilner be granted custody. pages 578-579

126. April 27, 1971 Divorce # 10338, Belva L Mundhenke Vs LeRoy B Mundhenke Md. Sept 3, 1947 Beatrice, NE 2 children above the age 18, property settlement made. divorce decree Oct. 9, 1971 pages 580-582

127. May 14, 1971 Divorce # 10344, David Lindsey Vs Judith Ann Lindsey Md. Jan. 7, 1963 at Reno , Nevada Children ; Michael Todd Lindsey born Oct. 27, 1963, Clayton Lee Lindsey born April 3, 1965, and David Brett Lindsey born April 7, 1966 , in custody of the defendant. agreement made, he is in the Army. divorce decree Oct. 8, 1971 pages 582-587

128. July 8, 1971 Divorce # 10362, Jesse A Chitwood, Vs Roberta F Chitwood Md. Sept. 23, 1954, 7 children : Terry Dean Chitwood Born Feb, 15, 1956, Debra Chitwood born March 3, 1957, Peggy Louise born May 11, 1958, Rose Marie born July 7, 1960, Mark Ray born July 24, 1961, Todd Chitwood born Oct. 8, 1962 and Cindy born Oct. 8, 1964 . in custody of the defendant. extreme cruelty, Settlement made. on custody and property, Divorce decree Oct. 8, 1971 pages 587-589


129. July 16, 1971 Divorce # 10307, Maritta Louise Rogers Vs Wayne E Rogers Md. Sept. 18, 1970 at North Platte, NE , no children, extreme cruelty, wants name of Haase restored. decree Oct. 19, 1971 pages 589-590

130. June 4, 1971 Divorce # 10349, Dorothy I Harris Vs Wilbur R Harris Md. . May 15 1965 at North Platte, NE. no children however the defendant did adopt a child Dain J born Dec. 28, 1958 child from Dorothys former Marriage. agreement made. divorce decree Sept. 8, 1971 pages 590-592

131. Sept. 3, 1971 divorce # 10390, Kay L Hein Vs DeWayne Hein Md. Oct. 21, 1962 at McCook, NE Children Angela Renee age 6 and Brenda Louise age 3, in custody of the plaintiff. agreement made. divorce decree Nov. 11, 1971 pages 593-596

132. May 4, 1971 # 10340, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Fred G Martin, Indecent Exposure of himself to one Karen Maris pages 597-601

133. Aug. 21, 1969, # 10189, Kansas- Nebraska Natural Gas Company Vs City of McCook, and Vern Meints, Mayor of City of McCook, Dennis Utter, James P Suiter, Leon L Flaska, Richard D Drake Councilmen of the city of McCook, NE. existing rates are to low and want to raise price of gas pages 602-637

134. Oct. 12, 1971 # 10311, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Wilbur J Potter a/k/a Rick Potter, broke into a automobile belonging to Jack Guinard with intent to steal personal property. pages 637-642

135. Sept. 18, 1969 # 10201, McCook National Bank of McCook, NE Vs David J Shelley, Jo Leene K Corbin and Harold E Corbin, Jointly and severally, Petition in Foreclosure Mortgage. page 643-649

136. June 1, 1971 Divorce # 10348, John F Harper Vs Hester R Harper Md. in Hot Springs, S. D. one child born Tamela d Harper, separated May 23 1971, She was married to Timothy Shepherd and has a child from him. agreement made. decree Nov. 30, 1971 pages 650-654

137. June 23, 1971 # 10354, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs James G Rauch ,stole a John Deere Diesel Tractor from Bartley Co.-Operative . page 654-657

138. Sept. 30, 1971 Divorce # 10394, Carol Ellen Sailors Vs Robert Eugene Sailors Md. June 13, 1964 at Indianola NE, one child William J Sailors age 6 in custody of the plaintiff. agreement reached divorce decree Dec. 20, 1971 pages 657-661

139. June 7, 1971 # 10350, County of Red Willow NE Vs David J Shelley, ___Shelley first real name unknown, JoLeene K Corbin, and ___Corbin first real name unknown, Lillian Trusa Ryan, Elsie Geis, Velma Myers, David Myers, Lester Harsh, 3. LaVera Mae Crystal, Denzel L Harris, Edna b Marie Harris, 4. Leo V Lines , Bethene Lines, 5, Lawrence E Weaver, Rose M Weaver, The city of McCook, NE., Kenneth R Cross, Gladys Nadine Cross, Myron Oorlog, Lolita Oorlog ^. Melvin L LaRue, Eulalia B LaRue, 7. Connie I Mamie, Wayne Mamie , Ame Fisher 8. Retha Nichols Cloyce Springer, Bertha Springer, Red Willow County Board of Public Welfare 9, Clara Keen 10. Bessie Herron , 1, 4, & 5, McCook National Bank County bought tax certificate for the back taxes owed on the above real estate. they are ready to foreclose and sell property. pages 661-681

140. June 28, 1971 Divorce # 10358, Susan G Winters Vs Kenneth D Winters Md. April 9, 1969 at Indianola , NE. separated June 21, 1971, one child Kenneth Winters Jr., born Nov. 19, 1969, agreement made. decree Oct. 21, 1971 pages 681-685

141. # 10387, Partition of estate, Marion Nokes and Howard Winfred Nokes Vs Ben Vernon Nokes and Doris Nokes, his wife, Delphine May Remington and Doran Remington, wife and husband, Janet Marie Fatout and Gene Fatout, her husband ; Judy May Powell and Allen Powell, her husband; Freda Nokes, Wife of Marion Nokes and Irma Nokes Wife of Howard Winfred Nokes. to settle the estate of Odessa Nokes. deceased pages 685-691.

142. June 25, 1971 # 10363, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Douglas Dee Taylor , made an assault on Mary Anderson, pages 691-695

143. Aug. 2, 1971 # 10345, Herman Brusoe and Helen Brusoe Vs City of McCook, NE. Their house caught fire from sparks from the city dump , want damages pages 692-700