Volume 53 of Red Willow County District Court Records

1. May 4, 1966, # 9911,Divorce, Robert J Frank Vs Eileen A Frank, Md. Aug. 12, 1945 at Loveland , Colo. children ; Carol Frank ( Mrs. Rodney Denny) and Gary R Frank age 17, Gary living with the plaintiff. abandonment , adultery with one Kenneth Rutt. Cross petition filed; settlement reached pages 1-6

2. Aug. 20, 1965, # 9848, Divorce, Bernice D Diekmann Vs Elwood H Diekmann . Md. July 1, 1951 at Lincoln, NE. Children are; Sherry Born July 24, 1952, Kim Born Aug. 24, 1955, Michael born Feb. 2, 1962, and Todd Born Dec. 31, 1964 in Custody of the plaintiff. non support, pages 7-8

3. May 5, 1966 , #9912, Divorce, Joyce Jaeger Vs Stewart Jaeger, Md. Aug. 27, 1960 at Wauneta, NE. Children ; laura Ruth Jaeger, 4,and Lana Marie Jaeger age 2, in custody of the plaintiff, non support, settlement reached pages 8-11

4. May 20, 1966, # 9913, In the Matter of the Application of Gene M Engen and McCook National Bank , McCook, NE. as Conservators of the estate of Marian F Klein for license to sell real estate. She is an Heir of Jacob L Klein, other are ; Mrs. Gene Engen, and Richard Klein, pages 12-15

5. June 29, 1966, # 9925, Kathryn Elizabeth Morgan, Vs Robert Edward Morgan , Divorce, Md. March 16, 1963,at Wellington, Colo Children are; Joy Lynn Morgan Born Aug. 13, 1963 and Earl Robert Morgan born March 14, 1965, in custody of the plaintiff; non support. pages 16-18

6. July 11, 1966 Divorce, # 9926, Eugene Hackenkamp Vs Glenda Hackenkamp, Md. July , 11963 at Wray Colo. one son Ronnie Hackenkamp 2 months, property settlement agreement . pages 19-22

7. May 2, 1964, In the Matter of the Application of Lucille Alexander, Guardian of the estate of Nancy Alexander, a Minor for license to sell real estate. for her education, heirs are Karen Davis, Patricia Ragsdale, Nancy Alexander , Lucille Alexander, pages 22-26

8. Aug. 19, 1964, # 9754. Bessie C Madden Vs Cecil C Madden, Opal Madden, his wife, Cecilia M Hertz, Phil D Hertz, her husband, Esther E Joseph, Delton P Joseph, Her Husband, Clarence E Madden, Maxine Madden His wife, Mary A Burdick, Eugene A Burdick, Her Husband, Patricia Tines, Dale Tines, Her Husband, Francis J Madden ., Lilly E Madden his wife, Fred H Farr, Albert W Farr and Bessie C Madden , Executrix of the estate of Mary E Madden , Deceased. to settle the estate pages 26-38

9. Oct. 29, 1964, # 9769, J D Andre Vs Associates Discount Corp. he bought notes on used autos as a broker and now wants Judgment for money owed him; pages 39-49

10. Howard E Stinnette Vs Alexander Koler, Auto accident. Wants judgment for the repairs on his Auto. Pages 49-53

11. July 19, 1965 Prudential Insurance Co. Vs HarleyE Collins and Ruby M Collins husband and wife. promissory note, mortgage on real estate, wants to foreclose, pages 53-58

12. July 30, 1965, Federal National Mortgage Assoc. Vs Billy J Lloyd and Gloria M Lloyd, mortgage on real estate. foreclose on mortgage, pages 59-63

13. Feb. 3, 1966 # 9885, Edward N Spain and Patricia L Spain, husband and wife, as joint tenants with right of survivorship. Vs The County of Red Willow , NE. Ralph Cantrall, L. E. Moore, Lloyd E Potthoff , as the Board of County Commissioners of Red Willow County, N E. ; and all persons having or claiming any Interest in and to the Real Estate described as Lots 10, 11, and 12 of Block 7, First Addition to South McCook Red Willow, County NE. real names unknown, want a judgment against the defendants; pages 63-73

14. March 2, 1966, #9892, Maxine Ramona Burton and Ellis Burton Husband and Wife and Lauretta Faye Thomas Vs May Thomas , Roberta Thomas, and Virgil Vivain Thomas. To settle the estate of Mary Thomas and Benjamin Thomas pages 74-81

15. March 17, 1966 # 9895, William Fritz, Vs Ada Wright and Louis Wright wife and husband et al. he bought it for taxes, and now wants to foreclose on the tax certificate. heirs are; Ada Wright , Florence Nelson, Mona Merrill , William S Baker, Earl Vaughn, John Kerns, Wayne Harding, Myrna Davis, Frederick McClure, Bixby McClure, and Vera McClure, pages 80-91

16. Aug. 15, 1966 Divorce Dolores Marie Cuellar Vs Joseph F Cuellar, Md. Dec. 6, 1957 at North Platte, NE. Children Gary Francis Cuellar age 12, Donald Kevin Cuellar age 11, and Elizabeth Ann Cuellar age 5, abuse , Cross petition filed # 9933, property settlement made, pages 92-97

17. Aug. 31, 1966, Divorce, # 9936, Barbara Dee Wolf Vs William Wesley Wolf , Md. Sept. 14, 1962 at McCook, NE. Children are ; Lois Annette Wolf Born June 25, 1963 and Robin Lynnette Wolf born May 25, 1965, in custody of the plaintiff. non support, Pages 97-99

18. Oct. 4, 1966, # 9938, Ralph D Ward and Dorleen S Ward, husband and wife , and Fred A Rohs and Esther Ann Rohs, husband and wife Vs McCook Lodge # 1434,Benovelane and Protective Order of the Elks, et al., petition for quiet title, pages 99-105

19. Oct. 13, 1966 Divorce # 9941, Connie Rogers Vs Richard Rogers Md. April 29, 1960 in Oberlin, Ks. One child born Kim Rogers born March 1, 1961, Plaintiff had a child Donald Fisher born Dec. 23, 1968 from a previous Marriage. excessive drinking, abuse, pages 106-107

20. Oct. 21, 1966, In the Matter of the Application of McCook Public Power District,A Public Corporation, to Condemn Right of way on and over certain Lands in Red Willow County, NE. for its use in Constructing , Operating and Maintaining an Electrical Transmission line, McCook Public Power District, A Public Corporation Vs Herbert H Carr and Lela M Carr, husband and wife and A.M. Bishop and Maxine Bishop , husband and wife. Petition in Condemnation, pages 108-119

21. Oct. 21, 1966 Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Eugene Hakenkamp and Paul McHorney, stole personal property from farm house owned by Gladys Meaker and Occupied by Fred Mustion . pages 119-124

22. Oct. 31, 1966 Frank d Allen Vs Fern C Triffet, a single woman; Dale Nowka and Josephine Nowka, husband and wife; Dorothy Nowka, a single woman; Elva P Moore a single woman; and the United States of America. Mortgage on real estate, foreclose , pages 124-134

23. Nov. 4, 1966, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Ronald F Watkins, broke into dwelling of Floyd Shades and Robert Hughes and stole property . pages 134-136

25. Nov. 16, 1966, Divorce. Anna Ridley Vs Elvin C Ridley , Md. May 12, 1963 in McCook, NE No children,, wants maiden name restored to Crowe, charges non support pages 137-138

26. Nov. 16, 1966, Divorce, # 9953, Donna M Shadley Vs Glen C Shadley Md. Dec. 15, 1947 at McCook, NE, Children are ; Douglas C Shadley age 16, Marcy R Shadley age 15, Jaynee R Shadley age 12, in custody of the plaintiff. have an agreement , charges abuse. pages 139-142

27. Nov. 16, 1966, # 9954, In the Matter of the Application of Anna Brahler , as Guardian of Stephen J Kometscher, Incompetent, for license to sell real estate. heirs, Anna Brahler, August Kometscher, Leo Kometscher, Mary Walz, Mrs. Martin Kometscher, Mrs. Francis Borgerding, Catherine Wolf. Rose Mary Shepersky, Lorna Mae Menken Ruth Ann Kometscher, sale needed for Stephen J Kometscher expenses pages 142-149

28. Dec. 1, 1966, Divorce, Perry R Steadman Vs Gladys P. Steadman, Md. 1952 in Klovis, New Mexico, one daughter Diana Kay age 14 in custody of the defendant. extreme cruelty, agreement made. pages 149-152

29. Dec. 9, 1966 Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Warren Brush, driving license had been suspended 2 counts of driving without a license pages 152-153

30. Dec. 15.1966 Divorce, Mary Ann Thomas Vs Eddie H Thomas, Md. June 4, 1965 at Beaver City, NE. one son Thomas Neal Thomas born Jan. 7, 1966, non support and abandonment, Cross petition filed. pages 153-156

31. Dec. 21, 1966 divorce, Beatrice Ann Thompson Vs Richard Irwin Thompson, Md. Jan.11, 1957 at Tekamah, NE. one child Shawn Stuart Thompson born July 29, 1962, in custody of the plaintiff. agreement made, abuse, by beating and knocking her down. pages 157-160

32. Jan. 11, 1967, Divorce. Forester L Stilgebouer Vs Grace E Stilgebouer, Md. June 22, 1953, no children. trouble getting along, have property settlement. pages 160-161

33. Jan. 23, 1967, Divorce, Leona Mae Houghtelling Vs Milton James Houghtelling, Md. Dec. 27. 1953 at Oberlin, KS. 6 Children; Milton James age 22, Carrie Ann age 21, Kenneth Eugene age 20, Diana Lynn age 18, Richard Lee age 16, Gilbert Dean age 11, youngest being in custody of the plaintiff. # 9975, non support, pages 161-164

34. Jan. 23, 1967 Divorce, # 9976, John W Jones Vs Kathryn R Jones Md. Jan. 4, 1942 at Cape Girardeau, MO. one son who is age 21 and supporting himself. Incompatibility, pages 164-169

35. Feb. 23. 1967 Divorce # 9980, Betty Marie Sauvage Vs Voyle Ward Sauvage Md. Aug. 21, 1965, at McCook, NE. one child; Michael Allen Sauvage born Jan. 15, 1967, Deserted her and Non support Pages 170-171

36. Jan. 16, 1964, # 9698, In the Matter of the Application of Florence Leach, Guardian of Charles R Leach, Incompetent, for license to sell and mortgage real estate. so they can settle the estate , Heirs. Florence Leach, Howard Leach, Phyllis Leach, Gordon Leach, Frank R Warner, Anna Haag, Grace Haag, George C Warner, Harry D Warner, Mary E Huff, and Homer I Warner. pages 172-179

37. March 3. 1964, # 9717, Fred Vap, Ralph Miller, Herman G Budig, John T Harris, Benjamin Klein, Donald D Klein, Willard C Fitzwater, August J Zimmerman and Leonard O’Dea. Vs City of McCook, a Municipal Corp. Fredric M Karrer, Mayor and Kenneth L McGodden, Charles J Wagner, Wilber K Swanson and Russell r Sautter, Councilmen of the City of McCook, Want to stop the contract to eliminate all parking on B Street. made by the Mayor, . pages 179-197

38. June 18, 1964 # 9734, W L Nickolaus ,First and real name unknown, and GE Nickolaus, first and real name unknown, Joint Tenants; Francis L Nickolaus, wife of W L. Nickolaus ; Helen L Nickolaus, Wife of G. E. Nickolaus; The Security Mutual Life Insurance Company ,Mortgagee; Vs The State of Nebraska Dept. of Roads. Condemned land belonging to the plaintiffs their the owner of Western Oliver Sales, the action took their display space. Pages 198-202

39. April 19, 1965 Complaint State of Nebraska Vs John Jack Stevenson bad checks pages 202-206

40. Aug. 4, 1964, # 9749, Republican Valley Hospital, Inc., a Corporation, Vs Leo F McConville and Nellie M McConville, Husband and Wife, ; as Joint Tenants, Gary Woodring and Willis Woodring, doing business as Valley Biilding and Supply Co. Mortgage Deed. to foreclose on mortgage pages 207-219

41. State of Nebraska , EX Rel, Elizabeth Wagner, Vs Guy L Nelson; Ralph Cantrall; and L E Moore, County Commissioners, ; and the board of County Commissioners Red Willow Nebraska

put in her budget she needed filing cabinets, the defendants turned her request down now she is suing for the cabinets pages 220-221

42. Dec. 3, 1964 Oma Hakenkamp Vs Casper Hakenkamp and Audrey M Hackenkamp, Husband and wife; Tony Hakenkamp and Harold Steinke. To settle the estate of William Hackenkamp . by quieting and confirming the shares. pages 222-228

43. July 20, 1965, # 9823, Robert F Hedges and Florence J Hedges, husband and wife, Joint Tenants; Janice Hedges, Trustee for Berties Hedges , Gerace C Hedges, Winston H Hedges, Wilaford E Swisher, Helen M Shumard, Mamie E Wagner, Joy Dow, and Janica Hedges, Mortgagee; Vs State Dept. of Roads. land was condemned for highway purposes, they weren’t paid enough for the valuable land pages 228-231

44. July 22, 1965 # 9824, Marie Kennedy,a widow, Vs State of Nebraska dept.. of roads,

Petition on Appeal . condemn land wants judgment for value of land pages 233-235

45. July 2, 1965,# 9826 tract 1, Glen Cappel and Loretta Cappel husband and wife, Vs Platte valley Public Power and Irrigation District, a Public Corporation . Condemned land for power line across their land , pages 235-239

46. May 27, 1965, # 9828, Herman G Messinger and Serina Messinger, his wife; Willard A Messinger and Eva Messinger, His wife, and Merlin R Messinger and Eunice Messinger his wife Vs The city of McCook, Nebraska , A corporation, Condemned land for airport improvements, Pages 239-243

47. April 3, 1961, # 9424, Fred A Kunkee and Dora M Kunkee, husband and wife, ; M.W. Volentine, M. Genevieve Volentine, his wife, Volentine Incorporated,a corporation, Volentine Incorporated, a corporation, as trustee, L. E. Popenhagen, Royce E Popenhagen, his wife, and Harold Larmon, Trustee Vs Leonard J Stritt, Single, Pubco Petroleum Company, a Corporation, F . W. Baumgartner, Mary Baumgartner, his wife, real name unknown, ; Francis A Harrinton, Mary Harrington, his wife, real name unknown, ; Edward R Hodgkin, Mary Hodgkin, his wife, real name unknown, Lillie H Molder, John Molder, her husband, real name unknown, Frank Harrington , Jane Harrington his wife real name unknown, Anne H Harrington, John Harrington her husband, real name unknown, Raymond T Gifford, Mary Gifford his wife, real name unknown, James Smith and Mary Smith his wife, real name unknown, Ralph K Hubbard, Mary Hubbard, his wife, real name unknown. Mary W Higgins, John Higgins, her husband , real name unknown, Rock Island Oil and refining Company, a Corporation. Jack H Pizante, Mary Pizante, his wife , real name unknown, and the Federal Land Bank of Omaha, NE. a corporation. Decree in quieting the title. pages 243-264

48. Sept. 11, 1961 Joseph f Burton and Nellie Burton, his wife; Lillie Calett; Nellie Helbig; Howard Rich And Julia Rich his wife; Herbert Rich: Lois Peterson; Lyda Rich; Grace O’Brien and Fred O’Brien her husband; Lyman Burton and Hazel Burton his wife; Lola Ginther; Hannah Teter and Ora Teter, her husband; Levi Burton and Edith Burton his wife; Grace Miller and Dewey Miller her husband; Alberta Wolfe and Leo Wolfe her husband; Floyd Burton and Nellie Burton his wife; Elsie V Shaw; Owen D Burton and Margaret Burton his wife; Loyd H Burton and Gladys Burton his wife; Myrl Burton and Leona Burton, his wife; Mary Patricia Scott and Arnold Scott her husband; John Anthony Burton and Elisa Burton his wife; Eileen Valentine Lindquist and Gunnar Lindquist, her husband; Fred Bede and Loma Bede his wife; Mabel Ohlson and Ben Ohlson, her husband; Nora Molkentine and Lee Molkentine, her husband; Charles Bede and Nancy Bede his wife; Lillie Ohlson and Carl Ohlson, her husband ; Mildred Turpen; Bessie Ault and David Ault, her husband; Garland Moore and Verle Moore, her husband ; John Turpen and Lois Turpen, his wife; Ellen Moore; and Clara Cochran Vs William A Burton and Elma Burton his wife, and Herbert Burton; Petition in Partition, # 9481 pages 265-272

49. July 16, 1962, Grainger Brothers Company, a corporation Vs County Board of Equalization of the County of Red Willow , Nebraska . Petition on appeal , # 9551, they uped the personal taxes. and make the inventory to high . pages 274-276

50. Jan. 7, 1963, # 9604, In the Matter of the Application of the First Baptist Church of McCook, NE. A Religious Assoc. , to sell real estate. Application, ( gives a list of members) page 276-281

51. April 7, 1963, Francis E Hamler, d/b/a McCook Lockers, Vs The City of McCook, NE.

three causes of action, clogged sewer backed up in his business, wants damages pages 282-288

52. June 29, 1963, Fred C Swanson, et al., Vs State of Nebraska, Dept. of Roads, petition for Appeal # 9625 Condemned for right away for highway, wants damages pages 288-296

53. May 17, 1963, Divorce 9639 Theresa Schmidt, Vs Marion A Schmidt. Md. July 30, 1933 at Stockville, NE , Two children , Roger Schmidt age 20 and Dean Schmidt, age 17, residing in the home of the parties. threatened her life, abusive, pages 298-302

54. May 27, 1963, 9640, In the matter of the estates of Zetta May Allen and Sidney Earl Allen Deceased, to sell real estate to pay debts and expenses. Heirs, or interested persons of the estate, Elda Buchanan, Edna Smith, SidneyC Allen, Cal D Allen, Republic County Hospital, Ernie J Chaney,M.D. , Herbert D Doubek, M. D. , Glevin-Haughey Clinic , Bachelor-Faulkner-Dart Inc. St. Joseph Hospital, 303-309

55. July 26, 1963, Divorce, Frances I Rama, Vs Earl T Rama Md. Oct. 31, 1942 at Yuma , Arizona, Children are;

David Earl age 19, Judith Irene age 14, Cynthis Margaret age 12,Robert Bruce age 11/2, charges adultery with another woman, abusive, Stipulation and Settlement reached pages 309-314

56. Aug. 2, 1963, Prudential Insurance Company Vs frank R Hamer and Norma K Hamer, Husband and wife, and the United States of America .. Mortgage, wants to foreclose , pages 314-324

57. Oct. 7, 1963, # 9662, Clyde N Johnette and Lola Mae Johnette, husband and wife. Vs The State of Nebraska Dept. of Roads, Petition of Appeal, condemned their property for right of way wants Judgment for damages pages 324-326

58. Oct.7,1963, # 9663, Elton L Neiman and Vivian Neiman ,, husband and wife , Vs The State of Nebraska , Dept. of Roads, Petition of Appeal , same as above, Pages 326-331

59. Aug. 23, 1963, Divorce, # 9664 Edith Maxine Perkins Vs Clifford Wayne Perkins Md. Sept. 2, 1945 at Wichita, KS. no children; Adultery, abandonment, Cross petition filed, Pages 331-339

60. June 30, 1965, In the interest of Steven Thornbrugh , a child under 18 years of age. a Delinquent child, broke into store occupied by Al Unger with the intent to steal property. pages 339-341

61. Aug. 25, 1965, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs David L Unger operating a auto when license had been suspended. pages 341-342

62. City of McCook Vs William A Hudson Aug. 1, 1966, auto accident pages 343-344

63. June 9, 1966, # 9919, Divorce, Alice Mae Hines Vs Burl H Hines Md. Dec. 24, 1963 at Benkelman, NE No children, has temper , non support, adultery living with one Norma L Mylnek, pages 344-350

64. Aug. 5, 1966, Divorce ,# 9931, Ann Louise Wissink Vs Ronald D Wissink Md. May 5, 1960 at Benkelman NE. Children are Rhonda age 5, Annette age 4, Ronnie Ann Age 3, Arthur Gerald age 1 1/2. in custody of the plaintiff. excessive alcoholic use, non support , abusive, on July 27, 1967 a Decree of Divorce was recorded Journal 19 page 472 pages 350-354

65. Aug. 12, 1966 # 9932, Divorce, Sandra J Lankford Vs James A Lankford Md. Aug. 4, 1965at Sterling, Colo. one child Raegan E Lankford 5 months in custody of the plaintiff. abuse the plaintiff and struck her many times pages 354-361

66. Aug. 29, 1966 # 9935, Divorce, Delbert LeRoy Townsend, Vs Josephine Evelyn Townsend Md. July 10, 1954 in Washington D. C. one child JoAnne Townsend Born Aug. 4, 1955, extreme cruelty, violent temper, threaten to kill him. Decree of Divorce is in Journal 19 page 545 April 17, 1968, pages 362-374

67. Oct. 7, 1966 # 9940, In the Matter of the Application of Midwest Livestock Commission Co. Inc., McCook, NE. for a Market license to conduct a livestock Auction Market. Notice of appeal, pages 374-379

68. Dec. 27, 1966, # 9968, The Village of Lebanon, County of Red Willow NE. Vs Farmers Equity Co.-Operative Creamery Association of Orleans, NE. Thomas Townsend, Darlene Townsend, his wife, Wilmon Cook, 1. Muriel Morris , a widow, Bryon D Morris, Jo Anne Morris, his wife, don Morris, Maxine Morris, His Wife, Dean Morris, , Nelle Morris, his wife , 2&3, Josephine Waterman, a Widow, 4&5, and all persons having or claiming any interest in the following described property, real names unknown, to-wit, Lot 14, Block 2(1) Lots 6 and 7, Block 1 (2 &3) :lots 3 and 4, block 10 (4 & 5) all in Red Willow County. bought real estate for taxes, wants to foreclose on the tax certificates. pages 379-391

69. Feb.3, 1967, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Vs James D McBride and Joyce E McBride husband and wife and Ruth Ginther, to foreclose on mortgage pages 392-397

70. Feb. 17, 1967, Mina Oyster Vs Hal J Goodsell and Arlene U Goodsell, husband and wife. wants contract foreclosed pages 397-402

71. Feb. 24, 1967, divorce, # 9981, Carolyn I Miller Vs Ronald C Miller Md. Jan 6, 1962 at Orifino NE. Children, Marilyn K Miller age 3 and Sindy Miller age 19 months, in custody of the plaintiff. struck her on many occasions. She moved out. Decree of divorce was entered in Journal 19, page 460 pages 403-407

72. Feb. 27, 1967, Divorce, # 9982, Bradley E Dack Vs Agnes L Dack Md. Dec. 25, 1956 at Oberlin, KS. Children are; Karen Dack age 9, Joseph Dack age 6, Bradley Dack Jr., Age 4, also Linda Sprenkle age 13 who is the daughter of the defendant non support. extreme cruelty, pages 407-415

73. March 9, 1967, William R Young Jr. Vs Milton W Sherfick, involved in collision Automobiles, judgment wanted for damages Jury for the plaintiff, new trial ordered. pages 415-421

74. March 17, 1967 Divorce # 9986, Janet Scott Vs Ronald Scott Md. Nov. 3, 1963, Palisade, NE. Children : Lisa Lorane Scott Born Feb. 22, 1964 and Rebdcka Elaine Scott born Oct. 13, 1965,in custody of the defendant. extreme cruelty, violent temper , pages 421-426

75. July 31, 1967, Memorial Methodist Church, McCook, NE, a corporation Vs Red Willow County, Lloyd Potthoff & Kenneth McCoy, as county Commissioners of said County , L E. Nokes as county Assessor and Margaret Shank as County Treasurer. They were left a gift for repair on the church, taxes was levied against the church , it is a tax free corporation , they want the taxes paid back . pages 426-429

76. April 6, 1967, Divorce # 9991 James E Austin Vs Norma Jean Austin Md. Dec. 11, 1964 at McCook, NE. one child Kem Leroy Austin age 20 months in custody of the plaintiff. spell of anger, they have property settlement. pages 430-434

77. April 14, 1967, divorce # 9993, Sandra J Lankford Vs James A Lankford, Md. Aug 4, 1965, one child Raegan E Lankford age 1 year, non support, pages 434-436

78. April 13, 1967, Divorce # 9992, Marlys McKillip Vs James A McKillip Md. April 24, 1953 at Herndon, KS. children; Randall James McKilllip born Nov. 8, 1955 , Rodney Ray McKillip born Dec. 26, 1957, and Kimberly Jean McKillip born June 12, 1960, non support, abusive, pages 437- 440 divorce granted June 30, 1967 Journal 19, page 467

79. March 14, 1963 W.E.W. Truck Line Inc., a corporation Vs John C Brigance, Lela Brigance, Dale Brigance, Joy Brigance, First National Bank, A Corporation, Wallace Construction Company, a corporation, Ray Keating, Leonard R Boyd and Kohler- McLister Paint Company , a corporation, have a lien on the real estate where a house was constructed, along with other people. want judgment for lumber and materials furnished the defendants pages 441-459

80. April 24, 1967, Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, a corporation Vs Arlene Goodsell , embezzled from the First National Bank of McCook, NE when she was a teller. pages 459-461

81. April 17, 1967, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Wayne Yost. bad check. pages 461-464

82. April 20, 1967, The First National Bank of McCook, NE. a corporation Vs Edward J Peterson and Eva R Peterson ,husband and wife, and Kenneth f Peterson, a single man and the United States of America. for loan none of the principal was paid but the interest was paid , and extension was made on the note. no money was paid but mortgage given, the Bank wants to foreclose on the mortgage. pages 465-471

83. June 5, 1967, Sec. 23-356& Sec 23, 357, In regard to the Matter of the destruction of Old County Files, Records and Miscellaneous papers, want to destroy old county records of some of the offices page 471-472

84. June 27, 1967 Divorce. # 109011, Wayne Maine Vs Wanda N Maine. Md. Sept. 5, 1943 at Marysville, KS. 2 issues born to this marriage, all above age. deserted his , she lives in Denver, Colo. Divorce decree granted Oct. 2, 1967. pages 473-474

85. July 5, 1967, divorce, 10,013, Berneice Ann Kautz,vs Robert Lee Kautz. MD. May 2, 1966 at Wray Colo. one child Kris Michael Kautz born Sept. 7, 1966, gone from the home for extended period of time. pages 475-479

86. Aug. 1, 1969 Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Jimmie D Stephens , Bad Check # 10,021 pages 480-481

87. # 10,024, Aug. 16, 1969 Divorce, Gloria A Campbell Vs Alexander M Campbell Md. Apr. 11, 1948 at McCook, NE. one child Laura Ann Campbell born Jan. 24, 1953, ordered her from their home , cross petition filed. pages 482-485

88. Sept. 1, 1967 # 10,027, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Robert E Pouliot, bad check, pages 485-488

89. Sept. 1, 1967 # 10, 028, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Ernest A Pouliot, bad check 489-491

90. Sept. 7, 1967, Divorce, # 10,030, Opal Irene Hager Vs Cecil Bernard Hager, Md. Sept. 18, 1941 at Smith Center, KS. Children are; David Ernest Hager born Dec. 20, 1956, Cecil Wayne Hager born Aug. 21, 1959, and Ronald Eugene Hager who is 24 and Married, other two in custody of the plaintiff. non support, moved to McCook, restraining order issued. agreement reached by both parties pages 492-497.

91. July 12, 1967, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Duane W Wegener , driving while license was suspended pages 500-501

92. July 21, 1967, Divorce, # 10,018, Mary Jane Nelson Vs Donald E Nelson Md. Aug. 13, 1949 at Loveland , Colo. Children ; Brenda Nelson born Dec. 20, 1951, Mark Nelson, Born June 11, 1956, Kay Ellen Nelson born Sept. 18, 1957, and Lisa Ann Nelson born May 2, 1950, excessive drinking liquor, pages 502-505

93. July 24, 1967, Divorce, # 10,019, Judith E Rath Vs Robert W Rath Md. Aug. 25, 1962 at Stratton, NE. no children, he made her nervous, and ill , he cared nothing for her. pages 505-506

94. Gloria A Campbell Vs Alexander M Campbell Stipulation, on the property settlement Decree filed Aug. 9, 1968 Journal 19, page 591 page 509

95. Sept. 29, 1969 Divorce, 10,034, Rose A Dixson Vs Calvin C Dixson Md. Aug. 18, 1957 at McCook, NE. Children ; Robert Calvin Dixson age 9 and Christopher Lee Dixson age 2, he was abusive to her and children, she left him. pages 511 -513

96. Oct. 23, 1967, Divorce # 10,039, Dixie Lee Hiatt Vs Leon Ray Hiatt Md. Sept. 14, 1956 at McCook, NE. Children are; Dennis Ray Hiatt born March, 14, 1957, Donald Lee Hiatt born Jan. 15, 1959, Douglas Joseph Hiatt born Jan. 1, 1961, and Kenneth Allan Hiatt born Feb. 3, 1963. Verbally abusive , agreement made on property pages 515-517

97. Nov. 2, 1967, Divorce # 10,041, Ralph E Goreham Vs Donna Goreham Md. March 1, 1967 at North Platte, NE. no children, she left the home decree April 24, 1968 Journal 19 page 549, pages 519-521

98. Nov. 7, 1967 Divorce # 10,042, Mary O’Dea Vs Carlton J O’Dea, Md. July 31, 1965 in Red Willow, County, NE. no children, absent from the home. agreement made, divorce granted May 8, 1968 journal 19 page 553 pages 523-524

99. Dec. 1, 1967, Divorce, # 10,046, Mary Kathleen Jewell Vs Clifford Terrol Jewell , also known as C Terrol Jewell Md. June 22, 1963 at Costa Mesa CA. Children Michael Shawn Jewell born Aug. 20, 1964 in custody of the plaintiff. excessive drinking of liquor , staying away from the home. agreement made, decree Feb.8, 1968, pages 525-533

100. dec. 11, 1967, Divorce # 10,047, Val Dean Fuller Vs Charlotte K Fuller Md. April 14, 1966 at Julesburg, Colo. one child Vistine Fuller born July 1965 prior to the marrige, the plaintiff has 2 children living with him from a former marriage , Val Fuller Jr., age 6 and Valisia Fuller age 7 she moved out. cross petition filed. pages 533-536

101. Dec. 18, 1967 Divorce # 10,049 Sandra Brown Harrison Vs James Alvin Harrison Md. Dec. 23, 1966 at McCook, NE. no children, adultery with another woman , wants her maiden name of Brown restored. decree April 24, 1968 journal 19, page 546, pages 537-538

102. Jan. 9, 1968 # 10,050 Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Harold J. L. Irwin, Made an Assault on Joyce Hershberger, Jury found him guilty pages 539-543

103. Jan. 18, 1968 # 10,054, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs David R Gonzales, broke into the building occupied by the Veterans of Foreign Wars , and stole property. pages 545-547

104. April 25, 1969 # 9887 Agreement , Bonnie Lou Reiners Vs Wayne Harold Reiners, were divorced April 27, 1966 and things has changed. pages 548-549

105. Jan. 31, 1968 Divorce # 10,058, Melvin Miller Vs Alta Lee Miller , MD. Dec. 28, 1945 at Saint Francis, KS. Children are Marilyn Miller age 18, Leonard M Miller age 15 and Joanne Miller age 12, relationship has been strained and tense. agreement made pages 553-555

106. Feb. 15, 1968, # 10,063, State Bank of Bartley, Vs Leo F McConville, and Joseph L McConville, Jointly and Severally, Leo signed his fathers name to promissory note , then took bankruptcy, now the bank wants judgment for what is owed by them pages 557-560

107. March 21, 1968, Divorce # 10,070 Joan Frances Leach Vs Charles Howard Leach Md. Nov. 19, 1967 at Norton, KS. no children, excessive drinking of liquor , non support, decree issued May 22, 1968, journal 19, page 562, pages 561-562

108. March 21, 1968 divorce, # 10,072 Mary Wilmot Vs Duane Wilmot Md. Aug. 1958 in McCook, NE Children ; Clifford Wilmot age 9 born March 21, 1968 and Jeffery Wilmot born Sept. 27, 1967 and the plaintiff has a daughter Mary Margaret Harr from a previous marriage. all in custody of the plaintiff. he moved out. settlement made, decree issued Dec. 20, 1968 Journal 19 page 640, pages 563-565

109. March 22, 1968, # 10,073, In the Matter of the guardianship of Virgil Vivian Thomas a/k/a Virgil Vivian Thomas Jr., and Roberta Thomas, Minors , application to excute oil and gas lease. pages 567-569

110. May 26, 1968 # 10,074, Metropolitan Life Insurance Vs Gerald L Bruntz and Joanne L. bruntz, husband and wife. mortgage for promissory note, foreclose pages 571-574

111. April 5, 1968 Divorce, # 10,076, Carolyn K Dugger Vs Robert E Dugger Md. July 18, 1961 at Milford, NE . children ; Dennis Dugger born Oct. 6, 1962 and Troy Dugger born July 27, 1964 in custody of the plaintiff. excessive drinking, non support, forced her to leaveand live with her parents, pages 575-576

112. April 18, 1968 Complaint # 10,078, State of Nebraska Vs Tom M O’Neil , broke into railroad car belonging to Stevens Seven -Up and stole beer . pages 577-579

113. April 18, 1968 # 10,079, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Richard E Rogers Broke into rail road car belonging to Stevens Seven -Up and stole beer pages 580-582

114. April 18, 1968 # 10080, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Christopher A Theilbar, broke into railroad car belonging to Stevens Seven-Up and stole beer pages 583-585

115. April 25, 1968, Divorce # 10,081, Dwight Marion Ginther Vs Ruth Arlene Ginther Md. July 29, 1951,at Van Buren Ark. Children Robert John Ginther age 15, Vivian Kathleen Ginther age 13, Gerelyn Jean Ginther age 8, Muriel Diane Ginther age 6, to oldest in custody of the defendant and other two living with grandmother at Cambridge, NE. Abandoned the family, Adultery with one Al Roach, pages 586-589

116. May 2, 1968 # 10,082, Margaret Cobb and Carolyn savage Vs Orville E Burton and Mable M Burton, husband and wife; Robert M Bunstock; Vickers Refining Co., and the United States of America. mortgage for promissory note, nothing has been paid , they want to foreclose. pages 590-598

117. May 10, 1968, # 10,084 Delpha M. Herman, Henry Herman, wife and husband; Mildred Hess, Ross Hess, her husband; dale D McFarlin , Harriett McFarlin, his wife; Raymond L Holt, Jerry Holt, his wife; and Delmar McFarlin and Bonnie McFarlin his wife, Vs Elma Froding, single; Loretta Christensen , William H Christensen her husband; Chester Tousley, Esther Tousley,his wife; Clayton Towsley, Joan Tousley,his wife, Elton Heltzel, single; Earl Heltzel, Anne Heltzel his wife; Letha B Tapp-, John E Tapp her husband; Gilbert E Masters, Elizabeth Masters, his wife; Ila Grace King, single; Bernard E Masters, Ramona Masters, his wife; Delmar R Carlson, Marlyce Carlson, his wife, ; Roxene Rae McFarlin Single a minor, Lloyd H Burton and Fred T Hanson Administrators Petition for Partition, to settle the estate pages 599-606

118. May 15, 1968 divorce # 10,086, Sandra E Graff Vs Larry G Graff Md. Aug. 14, 1962 at McCook, NE. he entered the arm forces and has paid no attention to the plaintiff , or his marriage. pages 607-608 /decree issued July 25, 1968 Journal 19, page 584,

119. May 17, 1968, Divorce, # 10,088, Celia B Arendt Vs William A Arendt Md. May 6, 1967 at Wichita , KS. child Bryan Thomas Arendt born Nov. 4, 1967, in custody of the plaintiff, deserted family, pages 609-611 agreement made,

120. June 10, 1968 Divorce, # 10,093 Corine M McKillip Vs Robert L McKillip Md. Nov. 7, 1967 at McCook, NE. Children are; Kelly C McKillip age 18, PatrickJ McKillip age 16, Robert M McKillip age 14 in custody of the plaintiff. excessive drinking of liquor , non support, restraining order issued, pages 612-628

121. June 11, 1968 # 10,094, In the Matter of the Application of Jeanette Hayden, Guardian of the estate of Trientje Boltjes, an Incompetent , for license to sell real estate. for maintenance and support. heirs are Jeannette Y Hayden, Henry Boltjes, Violet Nelson, and Virgil Boltjes, pages629-632

122. June 18, 1968 Divorce # 10,096, Lucille Teel Vs Warren Allyn Teel Md. Sept. 25, 1926 at Indianola, NE. Children Richard Teel age 38 and William Teel age 30 each self supporting, excessive drinking liquor, abuse, pages 633-634

123. June 19, 1968 Divorce # 10,097, Marra Lee Blake Vs Willard Lavern Blake Md. Feb. 6, 1960 at McCook, NE. Children are; Terry Lynn age 8, Kirt Allen age 6, Todd Ross age 5, Dawn Denise age 3 and Brian Marc age 1 in custody of the plaintiff. excessive drinking liquor, non support, adultery with other women. pages 635-636

124. # 10,100, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Vs Bernard F Rowley and Claudine M Rowley, husband and wife. promissory note mortgage, to sell the premises and pay mortgage, pages 636-640

125. Jan. 29, 1968 # 10,057, W.E.W. Truck Lines Inc., doing business as Ranchers Lumber and Supply Co., Vs Lloyd C Padgett and Rowena Padgett husband and wife; McCook Co-Operative Building and Savings Association , a corporation, and the First National Bank of McCook, a Corporation and Wilbur West bought lumber to build a dwelling , wants judgment for the lumber and supplies pages 640-657

126. June 20, 1968, # 10,099, The McCook Co.-Operative Building and Savings Association, a corporation Vs Linn D Grafton and Norma K Grafton, Mortgage , they were divorced and Norma got the property therefore he doesn’t think he owes anything. the said real estate was put up for sale. pages 658-663

127. July 1, 1968 # 10,102, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Charles C Deharty , broke into a warehouse belonging to Howard Schneider and stole property pages 665-667

128. July 10, 1968 # 10,106, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Paul P Linnemeyer, Stole a 1957 Chevrolet for Richard Loper. pages 669-671

129. June 10, 1968 # 10,107, In the Matter of the Estates of Minnie E Gordon deceased, and William A Gordon, incompetent , Petition for leave to Ratify lease, heirs are Ida Milligan, Osie Cain and William A Gordon, pages 672-673

130. July 19, 1968 Divorce # 10,111, Susan D Coleman Vs Billy E Coleman Md. June 26, 1966, at McCook, NE. no children, he beat and abused her agreement made, divorce granted Sept. 30, 1968, pages 675-677

131. Aug. 1, 1968 Divorce, # 10,114, Linda Ann Alexander Vs Arden Dale Alexander Md. Jan. 9, 1966, one child Nicholas Joseph Alexander born Sept. 5, 1966, in custody of the plaintiff. non support, agreement reached pages 678-681

132. Aug. 14, 1968 divorce # 10,119, Faustine Roene McNulty Vs Girard Joseph McNulty Md. Nov. 15, 1964, at McCook, NE. Children Kathleen Ann McNulty age 3 and Steven Eugene McNulty age 2, she maybe be pregnant by the defendant. non support, decree issued Jan. 31, 1969 Journal 19, page 651 pages 682-683

133. Aug. 21, 1968 Divorce # 10,122, George Kermit Arterburn Vs Wanda j Arterburn, Md. July 22, 1950 at Imperial NE. Children ; Debra Arterburn born June 12 1953, Daniel Arterburn born April 10, 1956, Thomas Arterburn born April 12, 1958, Lynda Arterburn born Sept. 9, 1962 in custody of the plaintiff. deserted family adultery with another man. pages 684-685

134. Sept. 5, 1968 Divorce # 10,123, Linda Booth Bartunek, Vs William Ray Bartunek Md. Jan.21, 1968 at McCook, NE Children one child Dennis Ray Bartunek born July 27, 1968 , non support, Decree issued Dec. 4, 1968 Journal 19, 636, pages 686-687

135. April 4, 1967, Divorce # 9990, Carole A Nichols Vs Albert J Nichols Md. April 29, 1962 at Bartley, NE. Children One Darwin L Nichols age 3, non support, excessive drinking of Liquor, agreement made, another child was born July 21, 1967 Darin . Decree issued June 10, 1969 Journal 19, Page 675 pages 688-691

136. Jan. 25, 1968 # 10,056, Walter J Bailey and Darlene E Bailey husband and wife Vs Cloyd A Sailors, and Lillie Mae Sailors , husband and wife; Roger H Gilmore and Veda M Gilmore, Husband and wife; promissory note , Mortgage, on real estate. want to foreclose and sell the real estate. pages 692-698