Volume 52 of Red Willow County District Court Records

1. Mary Claye Sanders Vs Alfred Henry Sanders Divorce. MD. March 21, 1945 at Denton, Texas, children; Janice Ruth Sanders age 14, Betty Ellen Sanders age 12, Michael Warren Sanders age 7, in custody of plaintiff. non support, pages 1-2

2. May 5, 1961, W. W. Sauvage Vs William Wade, Money owed for drilling oil well on land; Came to settlement pages 3-5

3. April 5, 1961, Genco Oil Company ,Vs R J Burnside # 9425, Wants quieting of title of the oil and gas lease, and declare the plaintiff is the sole owner of the lease pages 6-10

4. June 2, 1961, # 9442, Herman Haarberg Vs Oliver Schneider ; Made false statement said auto was new which in fact it was a demonstrator, . Motion for new trial pages 10-12

5. June 20, 1961, In the Matter of the Guardianship of Edward T Molzahn, Incompetent, Petition for license to sell real estate. to pay taxes and Liens against the property pages 13-20 # 9449

6. July 29, 1960, State of Nebraska, Dept. of Roads, Vs Harriet Emily Pooke, a single woman and Joseph J Poole a single man, joint tenants. Petition for the appointment of appraisers to appraise the value of right of way and channel easements required for the purpose of constructing a part of the state highway system. Land Owners notices sent to ; Harry E Morgan, and Minnie Morgan, Harriet Emily Poole and Joseph J Poole, Louis Zeman and Mollie Zeman pages 21, 27

7. Aug. 15, 1960, Franklin Urban Vs Vernon M Johnson, Auto accident wants damages and costs pages 27-31

8. Sept. 14, 1961 Transcript, State of Nebraska Vs Gilbert Harold Commuso, Broke into store occupied by one Nobert Bogner and stole property. pages 32-33

9. Oct. 24, 1961 Transcript , State of Nebraska Vs Rene Kinney a/k/a Joseph R Murdock, bad Checks pages 34-36

10. Aug. 14, 1961, Divorce, Edna Belau Vs Ernest A Belau, Md. April 24, 1932 at Chase County, NE. Children are all of legal age and self supporting. Habitual drunk, pages 37-38

11. Oct. 24, 1961, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Ivan Hornkohl, Assault with a shotgun on Kent Bennett. pages 38-39

12. Dec. 22, 1960, In the Matter of the First Church of the Nazarene, McCook, NE. Application, board of trustees are; Ernest Howland,, Mabel Clapp, R A Rousselle, Helena Rousselle, Bill Campbell, and Frank Best. Application for a Mortgage on property. 40-42

13. Jan. 27, 1961, In the Matter of the Estate of Walter Burton Deceased, Petition for leave to lease estate land for oil and gas development, Heirs at Law; Joseph F Burton , brother, William A Burton a Brother, Herbert Burton a brother, Lillie Catlett as sister; Living children of Mary Rich ,a deceased sister; Nellie Helbig, Howard Rich, Henry Rich, Herbert Rich, Lois Peterson, Lyda Rich, Grace O'Brien, ; Living children of Richard Burton are, Lyman Burton, Lola Ginther, Hannah Teter, Levi Burton, Grace Miller, Alberta Wolfe.; Living children of Albert Burton a deceased brother are; Floyd C Burton, Elsie V Shaw, Owen D Burton, ; Living children of Harry Burton , a deceased brother, are; Loyd H Burton and Myrl Burton, ;; Living children of John Burton a deceased brother are ;;;Mary Patricia Scott, John Anthony Burton and Eileen Valentine Linquist.' Living children of Charlotte Turpen a deceased sister are; Fred Bede, Mabel Ohlson, Nora Molkentine, Charles Bede, Lillie Ohlson, Mildred Turpen , Bessie Autl, Garland Moore, John Turpen, and Ellen Moore; Living Child of Hannah Miller a deceased sister is; Clara Cochran, to ratifying the execution of the lease pages 43-45

14. June 2, 1961, In the Matter of the estate of Robert Allen Harris and Donald Bert Harris minors, Application for leave to Ratify oil and gas lease Heirs at law are; John T Harris ,Sr. Father, Eleanor Harris , Mother, John t Harris Jr. Brother, Louis William Harris Brother, Paul Edward Harris Brother, James Richard Harris Brother. pages 45-47

15. June 7, 1961 In the matter of the Guardianship of Viola D Abbott, Incompetent, Petition for leave to lease for oil and gas development. Chester Keith guardian; pages 48-49

16. June 23, 1961, Evelyn McMullen Vs Ernest R McMullen Divorce, Md. Sept. 23, 1951, Abilene Texas, children are ; JoAnn McMullen born Aug. 11, 1943, James McMullen born Aug. 1, 1944, and Judith McMullen born Aug. 30, 1945, refused to discuss problems , and would get angry. Cross petition filed. pages 49-53

17. Nov. 8, 1961, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Elmer Lee Nichols, bad check, 53-55

18. Sept. 14, 1961, In the matter of the application of Marie Lavern Rankin, Guardian for order Authorizing the sale and Conveyance of the interest in real estate of Donald J Rankins , Incompetent. pages 55-57

19. Oct. 20, 1961, # 9492, Petition for sale of real estate, In the Matter of the Application of William J Newman, Jr, Guardian of the estates of Patrick Henry Newman, also known as Patrick Newman, a minor, and Nancy Ann Newman, also known as Nancy Newman a Minor for leave to sell real estate. Heirs of estate are; William J Newman, Sr and Eunice Newman, husband and wife, paternal grandparents and Legal guardians of the persons of Patrick Henry Newman and Nancy Ann Newman Minors; Charles L Urling owner of all other interests in the land involved; Alice S Urling, Maternal Grandmother of the above minors. pages 57-60

20. Nov. 24, 1961, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Walter Snyder , bad check pages 61-62

21. Feb. 10, 1961 Divorce, Georgia Yvonne Blankenship Vs William James Blankenship Md. July 27, 1954 at Ogallala NE. Children are ; Randy age 5, Talana Sue age 3, and David age 2 in custody of the plaintiff. non support pages 63-65

22. March 8,1961, Divorce, Geraldine J Dugger Vs Jack E Dugger, MD. June 8, 1940 at Oberlin, KS. Three children; Joann Dugger 19, Robert Dugger 17, and Kenneth Dugger 14, Kenneth Dugger living with plaintiff. non support pages 65-67

23. Sept. 13, 1961 divorce, Reinke Eugene Meints Vs Connie Jo Meints the defendant was served a summons in state of CA. pages 67-68

24. Sept. 15, 1961, The Humble Oil and Refining Company Vs Elmer S Holliday and Irma M Holliday husband and wife. Collect on promissory note pages 69

25. Nov. 13, 1961, In the Matter of the Application of Helena M Knosp , Guardian , for order Authorizing the sale and Conveyance of the interest in real estate of Nellie Lucile McFarland, Incompetent. heirs of the estate are; Ida M McFarland , Helena M Knosp, Mrs William j McFarland, Esther C Ledbetter, Nellie Lucile McFarland, Mrs. Frances R Maddox, Mr. Daniel J McFarland, Mrs Genevieve M Dillman Mrs. Agnes Irene Green, pages 70-72

26. Dec. 11, 1961, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs V . P. Mullen , Bad check pages 73-74

27. Nov. 14, 1961, Petition in Partition, Velma M Newman , and Bill Newman Vs Carolyn M Newman, Velva C Newman, Bill Newman and Velma M Newman as custodian of Carolyn M Newman and Velva c Newman, Minors, Wayne Reiners and Bonnie Reiners. pages 75-80

28. Jan. 30, 1962, Brunswick Automatic Pinsetter Corp. Vs Earl Jones, sold property , wants judgment of return of property pages 81-83

29. Feb. 14, 1962, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs James C Frease. 2 counts of under the influence of Alcoholic Liquor. pages 83-85

30. Feb. 16, 1962, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Gene Goetz, bad check pages 85-87

31. Feb. 28, 1962, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Lonnie Cafferty, Broke into a car belonging to Leonard Stritt with the intent to steal personal property pages 87-88

32. March 14, 1962, Complaint, in Juvenile court In the matter of Lonnie Cafferty a delinquent child. under the age of 18, notify grandparents John Smith and Ruth Smith to appear in court pages 88-89

33. March 7, 1962, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Lennie Lee Winters, Stole three cattle from William Baker and William Fritz, pages 89-91

34. In the Matter of Darold DeMoss a delinquent child Complaint in Juvenile court. Stole three Cattle form William Baker and William Fritz, notify Donald DeMoss and Elaine DeMoss to appear in court, pages 91-92

35. March 19, 1962 Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs John J Reilly Bad check pages 92-93

36. Sept. 29, 1961 Divorce, James E Mote Vs Lois M Mote Md. Aug. 29, 1960 at Denver, Colo. no children, desertion , pages 94-

37. June 21, 1961, C G Musselman and Ruth I Musselman, husband and wife, as Joint tenants with right of survivorship Vs Arthur C Olson and Grace Olson, Husband and wife, and the McCook, Co-Operative Building and Savings Association, a Co-Operative ; John Doe and Mary doe, real names unknown , parties in possession of a part of the Northeast Quarter of Section 19 Township 3, north range 29, west of the 6th P.M. in Red Willow County, NE. foreclosure on promissory note. pages 95-97

38. Sept. 6, 1961, Erma Ackerman Vs David Kolbet, was passenger in car driven by Lloyd J Larson, he had stopped his auto in the roadside , and David Kolbet hit the car throwing the passenger against the front of the car causing injury and damages pages 98-101

39. Oct. 20, 1961, Divorce , Richard L Deems Vs Barbara A Deems Md. Nov. 14, 1958 at McCook, NE. one child Bennett D Deems age 2 Separated March 1961, pages 102-106

40. # 9467, Alice Roberts Vs Richard Roberts Divorce, Md. June 11, 1960 at Beaver City, NE. no children. wants maiden name restored to Norton, pages 106-108

41. Oct. 17, 1961, Kenneth B McCoy Vs Sandra Sue McCoy , divorce, Md. July 5, 1958 at Oberlin, KS. one child Jody Lynn McCoy born Jan. 30, 1960, residing in Danbury living with his grandmother Loren McCoy, who is the mother of the plaintiff. Cross petition filed, pages 108-112

42. Dec. 15, 1961, The First National Bank of McCook, NE. a Corporation, Vs Chester Chinn, gave promissory note, and is in default of the payments . pages 113-116

43. Feb. 5 , 1962, Divorce, Reece L Smith Vs Mae Ruth Smith , MD. May 26, 1956 at Alameda, CA. no children ; deserted him pages 116-117

44. March 26, 1962 Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs John Weiland Bad check pages 117-119

45. April 9, 1962, Consent In the matter of the Application of William Bernard Felton to change his name . change to William Bernard Schultz. pages 120-121

46. April 11, 1962, Beverly Beryl Bernatchy Vs Arnold Edward Bernatchy Divorce, Md. July 8, 1945 at Oberlin, KS children are ; Armold Oama Bernatchy born Dec. 25, 1952, Craig Fredrick Bernatchy born Oct. 14, 1954, and Cynthia Marlene Bernatchy July 30, 1956, non support pages 121-123

47. April 24, 1962, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Marvin J Gross, bad check pages 123-127

48. March 13, 1962, Divorce, Leo L Roblyer Vs Phyllis Roblyer Md. Jan. 24, 1961 at McCook, NE. one child Richard Allen born Nov. 5, 1961, kick him out clothes and all pages 128-130

49. June 21, 1962, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs James Barnsby, stole a car from L. O. Glick , pages 130-131

50. May 10, 1962, divorce, Charles Stevens Vs Beulah C Stevens Md. April 26, 1957 at Blythville, Ark. no children, marriage null and void as the plaintiff had a wife named Mildred Stevens the divorce had been dismissed by Mildred Stevens in Denver. Colo. pages 132-133

51. April 3, 1962, Divorce, Doris E Buk Vs Albert Buk Md. Aug. 18, 1942 at McCook, NE. children are ; Sandra Kay Buk age 17 and Gerald Phillip Bud age 13 now in custody of the defendant; they have settlement . pages 133-135

52. July 10, 1962, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs William Neal Rogers a/k/a Bill Rogers, bad check pages 135-137

53. July 10, 1962, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Harold J Miller , Broke into building belonging to Maxine Stoll and stole property pages 138-139

54. July 3, 1962, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Lloyd Ecker , bad check pages 140-143

55. Divorce, Nathan J Appleyard Vs Lena M Appleyard , Md. July 11, 1951 , Boulder, Colo. no children; deserted him pages 143-144

56. May 18, 1962, Divorce; Barbara L Barnhill Vs Bobby D Barnhill Md. Dec. 14, 1959 at Aurora , Illinois one child Mark Eugene Barnhill born Sept. 10, 1960 living with the plaintiff non support pages 145-146

57. June 20, 1962, Divorce; Dorothy E Lukas Vs Karl L Lukas, Md. Aug. 25, 1952 at Sidney, Iowa children are; Carl L Lukas Jr. .and David A Lukas who are residing with plaintiff. non support, pages 147-148

58. Aug. 28, 1962 Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Vern Chamberlain bad checks pages 148-151

59. Aug. 29, 1962 Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Robert Wyman , fondled or Massage in an Indecent manner the sexual organs of Rebecca James under the age 16 , 2 counts. pages 152-153

60. Aug. 30, 1961, Divorce, Shirley J Frerichs Vs William Frerichs Md. July 25, 1959 at McCook, NE. one child Linda Jane Frerichs who is age 1, non support pages 154-159

61. Feb. 27, 1962, Petition for Authority to Execute or Ratify Oil and Gas Leases, In the matter of the estate of Cassisu M Dutton, Deceased, and James Edward Dutton a Minor by Mildred Dutton, pages 160-161

62. Nov. 27, 1962 Divorce, Theresa Schmidt Vs Marion A Schmidt. Md. July 30, 1933 at Stockville, NE Children are; Roger Schmidt age 19 and Dean Schmidt age 16 both who live in the home of the parties. non support pages 162-165

63. July 19, 1962 Divorce, Geraldine Raye Rutt Vs Robert Rutt Md. July 26, 1961 at Stratton , NE. no children by this marriage plaintiff has a child Deborah Kay Barker born Feb. 14, 1960 the defendant has not adopted this child. wants her name of Barker restored non support pages 165-166

64. July 25, 1962, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Edward Harry Tibke, 3 counts of driving under the influence of alcoholic Liquor pages 166-168

65. July 25, 1962 Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs LaVern Alles 2 counts of bad checks pages 168-170

66. Sept. 7, 1962, Petition for authority to execute of Ratify oil and gas leases , In the Matter of the estates of Cassius M Dutton , deceased ,and the Guardianship of James Edward Dutton a minor. by Mildred Dutton, heirs are Mildred M Dutton his widow, Dorothy A Barber, Leonard l Dutton and James Edward Dutton his children. pages 171-172

67. Sept. 24, 1962 Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Vernon Dale Ross. he being over 18 and she 18 he assaulted her by beat , bruise Wound and ill treat Beverly Lynn Bentley , with the intent to commit rape. pages 172-175

68. Nov. 5, 1962, Application for Appointment of Trustee and Authority for Guardian and Trustee to lease or Ratify leases. on land belonging to Helen V Hotze she is a life tenant . Children are; Richard Hotze born Oct. 7, 1943, Anita M Hotze born dec. 27, 1947 and Joelene R Hotze born March 2, 1962, pages 176-178

69. Nov. 16, 1962, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Marvin Shumaker bad Check page 178-180

70. Nov. 26, 1962, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs James Glen Rauch, broke into service station stole money, 2. broke into service station of Howard Foley and stole personal property, 3. service station ran by Wayne Hansen and stole personal property , 4. broke into Indianola Co-Operative and stole merchandise ; pages 180-182

71. Nov. 26,1962, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Delbert B Aardema and Harold C Maffet. broke into a pickup belonging to Richard Drake and stole property pages 182-183

72. Dec. 11, 1962, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Marianne Richardson a/k/a Mrs. William Richardson ; bad check pages 184-186

73. Dec. 11, 1962, divorce, Howard Keith Hackney Vs Diane Marie Hackney MD. Feb. 3, 1960 at McCook, NE> one child Cynthia Lou Hackney born Nov. 12, 1960 abandonment , wants the grandparents to have custody of the minor child Howard Dale and Margaret Hackney parents of the plaintiff pages 186-188

74. State of Nebraska Vs Glen T Mosey Complaint . driving while under the influence of alcoholic liquor. pages 189-190

75. State of Nebraska Vs Roy Graf complaint, bad check pages 191-193

76. Jan. 14, 1963 Divorce, Carlton J O'Dea Vs Marilyn M O'Dea Md. Nov. 7, 1957 at Oberlin, KS children ; Joyce Marie O'Dea born Oct. 29, 1958, Andrew Vincent O'Dea born March 1, 1960, and Beth Lynn O'Dea born Aug. 10, 1961, and child conceived of this marriage and unborn. pages 193-195

77. Aug. 25, 1960, # 9376, George A Randel Vs County of Red Willow, NE et al. heirs, Ed Clark, Nettie Baker, Florence Cramer, Clarence Clark, Nina Edwards, Blanch Logan, Merna Cody. , they owe for Old age assistance on the land they want to foreclose pages 195-202

78. Jan. 25, 1962, Divorce, Glenaford M Murphy Vs Angus E Murphy Md. June 6, 1961 at North Platte, NE. no children, wants maiden name of Heusen be restored non support pages 203-204#9513

79. June 13, 1962, divorce , LinnD Grafton Vs Norma K Grafton Md. April 18, 1944, Cozad, Dawson County NE. Children; Ann Kathleen Nov. 26, 1947, Sue Ellen Oct. 1, 1949, David Linn Dec. 30, 1950, Thomas Eugene April 12, 1955, # 9545, abusive, cross petition filed on adultery pages 204-207

80. June 22, 1962, # 9550, Volentine ,Inc., Vs Comet Construction Company, a Corporation , promissory note wants to foreclose on it . pages 207-211

81. Oct. 4, 1962, Divorce, Jannis E Hakenkamp Vs Eugene T Hakenkamp Md July 21, 1958 at McCook, NE Children one son Micial Eugene Hakenkamp born April 19, 1961` and resides with the plaintiff's parents in Culbertson, non support. 212

82. Oct. 10, 1962, Divorce, Bernice a Fahnholz Vs Walter J Fahnholz Md. Sept. 22, 1935 at McCook, NE. Children Peggy Delores Pearson, born Aug. 4, 1937, Arva Jean Edgerton born Nov. 21, 1938, Walter Edward Fahnholz born July 2, 1947, and Dale Lynn Fahnholz born Feb. 1, 1951, the last two are in the custody of the plaintiff. Adultery, pages 212-213

83. Oct. 17, 1962, In the Matter of the Guardianship of Mary Neverve, Incompetent, Petition of license to sell real estate # 9583 Mary Pepper guardian, to pay debts and Maintenance of the ward. other heir Margaret Tillman, 214-217

84. Oct. 25, 1962, Ida E Lafferty Vs earl L Wilcox, to foreclose on promissory note pages 218-219

85. Nov. 23, 1962, Barnett Lumber Company Vs Albert W Buk, judgment for material ,Lumber and etc. pages 220-221

86. Feb. 25, 1963, In the Matter of the Application of Greta H Page, Guardian of the estate of Natalie E Diehl, a minor for leave to sell real estate. # 9610, she is now 18 and going to school wants to sell real estate to further her education, other heirs are Willard P Elmer, Greta Page and Natalie A Miller, pages 221-225

87. April 18, 1963, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Vernon Jochum, a/k/a Vernon G Curtis, bad check pages 225-228

88. April 23, 1963, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Gary Zwickle and DeWayne Horinek, stole auto parts from Larry L Sharp . 228-233

89. May 4, 1963, In the Matter of the Application of The First Baptist Church of McCook, NE. a Religious Association to sell real estate. mailed notices 216 people listed. pages 233-238

90. Feb. 13, 1963, Divorce, Alice May Meissner, Vs Gerald Leslie Meissner Md. Jan. 5, 1958 at Curtis, NE. Children are; Susie Mae Meissner born Feb. 22, 1959, and Troy Ugene Meissner born July 31, 1962, Non support, pages 238-239

91. March 20, 1963, Volentine , Inc. A Corporation Vs William O'Neil . promissory note and Chattel mortgage, wants to foreclose on the note, pages 239-240

92. May 10, 1963, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Harold D Brown, 18 counts as being a broker and salesman with out having a permit. pages 241-246

93. May 14, 1963, # 9636, In the Matter of the estate of Coleen Hilton a minor, Application for Leave to execute oil and gas lease. other heirs are; Harold W Hilton , father, Lucile C Hilton, Mother, Shirley Linderholm , sister, Gerald Hilton Brother, Kenneth Hilton ,brother. pages 246-248

94. May 14, 1963, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs john Napton, bad check pages 248-250

95. Jan. 10, 1963, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs George Clary, Embezzled money belonging to Willow Lanes , pages 251-252

96. April 13, 1962, # 9535, Sun Oilwell Cementing Inc. Vs Far West Trading Company et al. for material used on oil and gas lien, people involved are; Cameron and Doris Briggs, 1/8 working interest,

Armin and Enid w Degener 1/64 working interest; Degener and Company , Inc., 1/32 working interest, Harold J Hubbard 1/64 working interest, Richard I Kaye, 1/64 working interest, Edwin C and Dorothy M Kirkpatrick , 1/32 working interest, Irving M Litz, 2.5625% working interest, Benjamin T and Katherine B Sutton 3/64 working interest, Dennis Tenney 1 % working interest, Doyle Bryant 1/64 working interest, Calstar Petroleum Co. 1/6 working interest P. H. Greer CO, Inc., 1/12 working interest. pages 253-256

97. Sept, 17,1962, Richard A Neilsen d/b/a R. A . Neilsen Realty Vs Herman G Messinger and Serena I Messinger, Husband and Wife. for commission on property sold before the 90 day option expired. pages 257-261

98. May 9, 1963, Divorce, Margaret W Dinnel Vs Lawrence H Dinnel Md. June 30, 1950 at Oberlin, KS. no children . former name was Waterman wants it restored , charges excessive drinking. pages 261-263

99. June 4, 1963, In the matter of the Application of John Gallatin Administrator of the estate of Joseph C Hedges, deceased for license to sell real estate. to pay debts and claims on the estate #9641, heir Mrs. Nellie E Hedges Hillman , pages 263-267

100. July 8, 1963, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Tom P Brock, broke into private building owned by Carl A Bush and stole personal property also known as Thomas Paul Brockel pages 268-271

101. July 10, 1963, Complaint , State of Nebraska Vs Elmer Carfield, Fondled or massaged the sexual organs of a girl Delores Carfield ,under the age of 16, pages 271-273

102. July 24, 1963, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Henry Weber, bad Check pages 273-275

103. Aug. 14, 1963, Transcript, Complaint, Summons to Appear in Police Court City of McCook, NE. Operated a Vehicle in a Negligent Manner, Found Guilty , , filed a notice of appeal, , motion for rehearing filed. Verdict of Jury , Guilty as charged pages 276-278

104. Aug. 20, 1963, In the Matter of the estates of harry Robert Foster, John Scott Foster, Shelly Jean Foster, and Linda Gail Galloway minors, Application for leave to execute oil and gas leases. filed by Isabel M Foster, Heir at Law are. Adrian G Foster Father , Isabel M Foster, Mother of the foster children and Gaylord L Galloway Father ,and Edna M Galloway Mother of Linda Gail Galloway, pages 278-281

105. Aug. 29, 1963, Divorce. Harriett D DeWane Vs Timothy R DeWane Jr. Md. June 16, 1951, at LasCruces, New Mexico Children are, Timothy R DeWane III March 25, 1952, Michael J DeWane Sept. 25, 1954, Mark J DeWane April 1, 1958, and Thomas L DeWane April 27, 1961, in custody of the plaintiff, could not get along pages 281-283

106. March 9, 1962, Securities Acceptance Company, of McCook , NE Vs Gerald E Sines, d/b/a Zip Transfer and Delivery Service, plaintiff has chattel mortgage on Mdse. belonging to one Opal Jensen , wants to foreclose on mortgage and take possession of the Mdse. which is held by the defendant. pages 283-288

107. Sept. 14, 1962, Divorce Margaret Ann Fisher Vs Gerald Fisher Md. Dec. 31, 1959 at McCook , NE. Children are ; Cinthia Fisher born Sept.; 28, 1960 and Candance Fisher born Oct. 13, 1961, in custody of the plaintiff. Habitual drunk, non support pages 289-291

108. Nov. 14, 1962, Divorce , Margie Grace Sexson Vs James E Sexson Md. . March 27, 1957 at North Platte, NE. no children, Maiden name was Carfield wants it restored, charges non support, pages 291-292

109. # 9675 Divorce, Delores Kulwicki Vs Eugene Kulwicki Md. June 25, 1953 at St. Paul, NE. Children are; Jeanne Ann Kulwicki born May 11, 1954, Donald Eugene Kulwicki born May 18, 1956, Carol Lynn Kulwicki born Aug. 2, 1960 and Carla LeAnn Kulwicki born Aug. 2, 1960, residing with the plaintiff ; Non support and use of Alcohol , pages 293-296 made property settlement subject to courts approval

110. Sept. 25, 1963, divorce, Carolyn Gilbert Vs James A Gilbert Md. May 3, 1945, at Oklahoma City, OK Children are, James A Gilbert age 17 and Douglas Gilbert age 7 who are in the custody of the plaintiff, excessive drinking of Liquor, have an Agreement, pages 297-298

111. Oct. 1, 1963, Ray Hope and lola Maxine Hope Vs William O'Neil and Catherine O'Neil , confession of Judgment . page 299

112. Oct. 14, 1963 Divorce, Rodney D Cox Vs Faustine R Cox Md. June 4, 1960 Norton, KS, Children are Veronica Jo Cox born July 25, 1961 and Shelley Babert Cox, born May 13, 1963, in custody of the plaintiff . deserted family for another person pages 300-301

113. Oct. 8, 1963, Divorce, June Emily Powell Vs Richard F Powell Md. Jan. 22, 1944 in South Carolina, One child Donald Powell born April 9, 1946 in custody of the plaintiff. #9681, abuse, and threats; pages 301-304

114. Nov. 5, 1963, Divorce, Arden C Alexander Vs Ada M Alexander Md. . Jan. 30,1 940 at Oberlin KS. Two children ; Arden Dale Alexander age 17, and Charlene Kay Alexander age 11, Arden is self supporting living in Kimball, NE. and Charlene living with the plaintiff. deserted the family pages 304-306 # 9683

115. Nov. 13, 1963, In the matter of the Estates of Robert Allen Harris and Donald Bert Harris minors, Application for leave to execute oil and gas lease. heirs at law are John T Harris Sr. Father, Jon t Harris Jr. Brother, Louis William Harris Brother, Paul Edward Harris Brother, James Richard Harris ,brother, and Eleanor Harris mother. pages 306-308 #9684

116. Nov. 13, 1963, Divorce, Linda Lou Troutman Vs Michael Ray Troutman, Md. June 2, 1959 at Oberlin, KS. One child Kelly L Troutman born Oct. 9, 1959 , in custody of the plaintiff. Separated spring of 1963 pages 308-310

117. Nov. 21, 1963 # 9690, In the matter of the Application of Evelyn M Haag, Guardian for order authorizing the sale of the interests in real estate of John F Haag, Judith Haag, Jane Haag Jerilyn Haag and Jill Haag minors, to help with the maintenance of the minors page 311, 316

118. Dec. 3, 1963, Divorce, Mabel Anderson Vs Anton Anderson Md. Sept. 22, 1955 at McCook, NE. no children . #9691, non support, wants her maiden name restored to Mabel Weskamp pages 317-318

119. Dec. 23, 1963, Divorce # 9694, Rodger W Tietze Vs Charlotte Tietze, , Md. Oct. 19, 1963 at Arapahoe, NE. Separated Nov. 24, 1963, She does not want to live with him pages 318-319

120. Jan. 20, 1964 Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs James Hamilton a/k/a Jim Hamilton , bad check, pages 320-324

121. Nov. 20, 1963, Minnie Zimmerman, Single ; Marjorie Coulter and John Coulter, her husband, ; Donald Hodson and Maxine Hodson, His wife; Phyllis Zwickle and Herman Zwickle her husband , Vs Marilyn Ludwig, Single, Christy Ludwig and David Ludwig minors heirs are Minnie Zimmerman 32%,

Marjorie Coulter 10%, Donald Hodson 25 %, Phyllis Zwickle 27%, Marilyn Ludwig 2%, Christy Ludwig 2%, David Ludwig 2%. to settle the estate. pages 325-330

122. Jan. 7, 1963 divorce. Myrtle E Byrd Vs Clifford B Byrd , Md. Aug. 16, 1957 at Trenton, NE> no children . excessive drinking liquor pages 330-331

123. Sept. 12, 1963, In the matter of the estate of Coleen Hilton Minor, Application for leave to execute oil and gas lease. heirs at law are; Harold W Hilton, Father, Lucile C Hilton Mother, Shirley Linderholm Sister, Gerald Hilton and Kenneth Hilton brothers. pages 332-334

124. Sept. 12, 1963, In the Matter of the Application of Carson Russell for license to sell real estate in the matter of the estate of Irma R Harshaw , Deceased. Heirs at Law grandchildren , Holly Jan Harshaw age 14, and Kevin Charles Harshaw age 12, to sell real estate to pay debts and expenses. Mrs., Kathleen Harshaw mother and Guardian of children. 335-338

125. Jan. 14, 1964, Divorce, Lorraine E Gasch Vs Robert H Gasch Md. Aug. 18, 1952 at McCook, NE. only child is Vicki Russell nee Gasch who is the daughter of the plaintiff but adopted by the defendant , she is married and age 19. deserted. pages 339-340# 9697

126. Jan. 16, 1964, # 9699, J R Fritz Vs William M Metz, promissory note, want foreclose , pages 340-342

127. Jan. 16, 1964 Praecipe, divorce, Derald E Warren Vs Linda M Warren Md. March 11, 1959 Holdrege NE. Children are; Susan Ann Warren age 4, Judy Marie Warren age 3, Lester Eugene Warren age 2, and Mary Ellen age 10 months, deserted family, adultery, Pages 342-344 property settlement

128. Jan. 17, 1964, In the Matter of the estate of Jennie Burton Deceased, Petition for license to sell real estate. to pay debts and expenses. #9701, heirs are Hattie Knosp , Clara Burns, Mr. C E Burton, pages 345-348

129. Jan. 17, 1964, # 9702, In the Matter of the estate of William E Curl deceased, Petition for license to sell real estate. to pay debts and expenses. heirs Emery Curl , Harry Curl and Jessie Curl, pages 348-352

130. Jan. 17, 1964, In the Matter of the estate of William J Knight Deceased petition for license to sell real estate. to pay debts and expenses, Heirs are ; Loretta Warner, Elton Knight and Dale Knight, Tax lien against property at Lebanon NE. # 9703 pages 352-358

131. Jan. 17, 1964, # 9704, In the Matter of the Estate of Amelia Lytle, Deceased, petition for license to sell real estate. to pay debts and expenses. only heir Maudie Higgins , pages 358-364

132. Jan. 17, 1964, Divorce, Mildred J Russelll Vs John Russell # 9705, Md. Jan. 22, 1940 at Oberlin , KS. Children are; Jacqueline Russell who is now Jacqueline Olberding and who is 23, Michael Russell son age 19, who is now married, Jeanne Russell age 17, Gilbert Russell son age 13, Gerald Russell age 11, last three living with plaintiff, adultery , pages 364-365

133. Jan. 22, 1964, # 9707, In the interest of Larry Hamler a Child under the age 18, he is a delinquent child, broke into a store belonging to Al Unger and stole property , charges dismissed pages 365-366

134. Jan. 22, 1964, In the interest of Daniel O'Neil , a Child under 18 years of age, broke into store building belonging to Al Unger and stole property. Charges dismissed pages 366-368

135. Feb. 24, 1964, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Charles Jackson Woodcock, bad checks, pages 368-370 #9716

136. March 10, 1964, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Henry A Koschmieder, broke into dwelling belonging to Asa Wolfe, and stole personal property. pages 370-373

137. March 10, 11964, Divorce, Patricia Davis Vs Dale Davis, Md. May 22, 1960 at Oberlin, KS no children, excessive drinking. wants maiden name restored to Peters, pages 373-375

138. March 25, 1964, divorce, # 9721, Wayne Ball Vs Gladys Ball, Md. Dec. 1, 1950 at Stratton, NE Children; Susan Ball born about Aug. 7, 1955, Thomas Ball born about Aug. 2, 1953, and John Ball Nov. 17, 1951, Deserted the family, went to Nevada to be with Clarence Weskamp ,took daughter with her. pages 375-382

139. April 20, 1964, Divorce, Charles R Bale Vs Edith Arlene Bale Md. Sept. 2, 1960 at Lafayette, Louisiana no children, will not live with him pages 382-384

140. May 18, 1964, Divorce, # 9731, Glen E Baughman Vs Elaine M Baughman, Md. Feb. 11, 1956 at Deerfield, KS no children; Adultery with Rodney Cox. pages 386-387 divorce granted

141. June 23, 1964, # 9738, Robert E Phillips and Lorraine T Philllips Vs Celeste H Douglas, the heirs, devisees , legatees, personal representatives and all persons interested in the estate of Celeste H Douglas, deceased, and all persons having or claiming any rights, title or interest in or to part of the Northeast Quarter of Section 32, T3N, R29W , in Red Willow County, NE. ; Commencing 80 feet west and 35 feet south of the southwest corner of Block 11, in the original plat of the First Addition to South McCook; thence east in the center line of 4th street in said plat 991 feet; t hence south parallel with the east line of Dstreet in said plat to the north bank of the Republican River; thence northwesterly along the bank of said river to the point where it intersectrs the south line of Block 13 in the said plat. thence east in said line to the southeast corner of said block 13; thence north in the east line of Block 13 to the point of beginning , real names unknown, and the City O McCook, NE. want the title quieted and confirmed. pages 387-391

142. June 26, 1964, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Robert C Christensen , Bad Check pages 392-396

143. June 30, 1964, Divorce, Sherry W Schow Vs Wayne W Schow Md. Sept. 26, 1954 at Oberlin, KS. no children. restore name to Weber, charges non support. pages 396-397

144. Dec. 20, 1963, Divorce, Fred E Plourd Vs Vivian G Plourd, # 9693, Md. June 7, 1959 at McCook, NE no children ; adultery, wants the defendants maiden name of Breeze restored . pages 397-398

145. March 10, 1964 Divorce, Geanne Ray Warfield Vs Donald Leo Warfield, Md. May 20, 1963 at South Sioux City , Nebraska, no children born to this marriage but the plaintiff is pregnant. adultery , non support divorce granted June 5, 1964 child named Daniel Bernard Warfield, pages 402

146. April 21, 1964, Divorce, Ella Ruth Gallagher Vs Robert Frank Gallagher Md. July 18, 1942 at Waco, Texas, 4 children ; Andrew Gallagher born July 26, 1946, Robert Gallagher born July 25, 1952, Ella Bell Gallagher born March 12, 1956, Francis Lee Gallagher born June 30, 1959, in custody of the plaintiff, Habitual drinker and abusive, pages 402-404 #9278

147. May 6, 1964, William W Jennings and Masonleen C Jennings husband and wife, Vs Abraham Hoffman, wants to put fence on the plaintiffs property, wants restraining order . pages 404-409

148. July 9, 1964, Divorce, Jerry Joan Guthrie Vs Eldon Guthrie Md. Feb. 16, 1957 at McCook, NE. two children ;;James Allen Guthrie born July 24, 1957 and Brenda Lynette Guthrie born Jan. 27, 1961, in custody of the plaintiff. abuse and non support # 9743 pages 409-412 restraining order issue

149. July 9, 1964, The Prudential Insurance Company, of America ,Vs Errol L Brunk and Donna M Brunk husband and wife, Donald Hyde and Vaunda Hyde husband and wife. promissory note . foreclosure, pages 413-417

150. July 17, 1964, Divorce, # 9748 , Lenora E Harris Vs Wilbur R Harris , Md. March 15, 1941 at Oberlin, KS. two Children Bonnie Jean Shepherd now married , and Gary Lee Harris living with the plaintiff 18 years old. excessive drinking. have settlement. pages 417-419

151. Aug. 19, 1964, Divorce, #9753, Marilyn Greer, Vs William E Greer, Md. June 18, 1960 at McCook, NE. two children ; Rollin w Greer age 31/2 and Robert E Greer age 5 months, residing with the plaintiff, non support pages 419-420

152. Sept. 16, 1964, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs John E Bahl , he is 18 and up, did Carnally know and abuse Lauana Traphagan female child age 14, 420-424..

153. Feb. 2, 1965 Divorce, # 9756, Betty Fisher Vs Richard Fisher Md. July 3, 1959 at McCook, NE. three children; Richard Fisher age 4, Galen Fisher age 2 and James fisher age 1 in custody of the plaintiff. non support pages 425-426

154. Sept. 22, 1964, Divorce. Linda May Mosher Vs Danny Roy Mosher Md. Aug. 11, 1963 at McCook, NE. no children born to this marriage but one will be born about Dec. 4, 1964, abusive, wants maiden name restored. pages 426-428

155. Sept. 24, 1964, Divorce, # 9761, Carol Beth Clark Vs Bruce Larrell Clark, Md. Nov. 17, 1958 at ElReno OK. two children; Billi Lynne Born July 4, 1961, and Bambee Lee born March 20, 1963, in custody of the plaintiff. threats and abuse; pages 429-431

156. Sept. 25, 1964, # 9762, divorce, Helen L Gillen Vs Dale H Gillen Md. Feb. 5, 1955 at Trenton, NE. Two children Terry Dale Gillen 9 and Cheryl Lynn Gillen age 7 in custody of the plaintiff, excessive drinking abuse, pages 431-432

157. Oct. 2, 1964 The Prudential Insurance Company of America Vs Eldon C Surber and Margie b Surber, husband and wife ; Dale E Kneding and Wilma E Kneding husband and wife, ; The Livoni Development Co, Inc., a Nebraska corporation, promissory note, to foreclose on note. pages 433-442 # 9763

158. Oct. 19, 1964 Divorce #9765, Carol J Todd Vs Charles F Todd Jr. Md. March 6, 1960 at Topeka, KS. one child ; Charles Bret Todd born July 24, 1962, non support, threaten abuse, page 443-445

159. Oct. 21, 1964, Divorce, # 9766, Alan James Daffer Vs Arvilla L Daffer Md. Jan. 20, 1954 at Oberlin, KS. Two Children; Wayne Daffer age 8 and Kevin Daffer age 7 in custody of plaintiff, deserted family pages 445-448

160. Nov. 13, 1964, Divorce # 9770, Dewayne H Nicholson Vs Veneta M Nicholson, MD. Sept. 10 1960 at McCook, NE. no children, deserted plaintiff , pages 448-449

161. Nov. 16, 1964 Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Donald Warfield , bad checks pages 449-452

162. Nov. 17, 1964 # 9772, In the Matter of the application of B J Gallatin , as Guardian of the estate of Grace Bebout, Incompetent, for license to sell real estate. heirs are; Mr. BryanJ Gallatin brother, Mr. B J Gallatin , Guardian, John E Gallatin Brother, Grace Bebout , Dent E Gallatin Brother, Mrs. Madge McNeeley sister, Okle Gallatin Sister, for the maintenance of the Grace Bobout. pages 452-455

163. Nov. 18 , 1964,, Credit Bureau of McCook, Vs Everett Powell, judgment plus interest for merchandise he bought. pages 456-

164. Nov. 20, 1964, Divorce, # 9776, Shirley A Finley Vs Donald I Finley, Md. . Feb. 5, 1958 Colorado Springs, Colo, One child Donnie A Finley born Feb. 18, 1959, in custody of the plaintiff. non support, pages 457-459

165. Nov. 23, 1964 Complaint State of Nebraska Vs James Dale Riedel for Sec. 28-532, 8884-20-84, broke into the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company and stole Merchandise, #9777, page 459-461

166. Dec. 11, 1964, # 9782, Whilomena E Frank Vs Marion Frank and June Frank, Husband and Wife;

Donna Mae Frank, Single, and Marion Frank Guardian, of Donna Mae Frank , Incompetent, Gene Frank and Vera Frank Husband and Wife; Marvin Frank and Elaine Frank, Husband and Wife; William frank and Lucille Frank, Husband and Wife, ; Marlene Foster and Bryon Foster, Wife and husband; David Carpenter, Raymond Tines , and Warren Brush , and County of Red Willow < NE. To settle the estate of Jesse Frank, pages 461-468

167. Dec. 14, 1964, Divorce , # 9784, Jane L Matson Vs Wayne R Matson Md. Dec. 7, 1955 at McCook, NE. Three children of this marriage ; JO Ellen Matson born June 11, 1956, Carmen K Matson April 20, 1958 and Edna F Matson born Aug. 10, 1959, the plaintiff has a child from former marriage; Alberta L Gladwell . non support, defendant living with another women and has children and refuses to let the plaintiff see or have them. cross petition filed , saying they were never married as the plaintiff already had a husband at the time of their marriage pages 469-473.

168. dec. 21, 1964, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Vs William L Baker and Arlene L Baker, husband and wife, Adam Krieger and Lena Krieger, husband and wife. promissory note , not paid wants to foreclose. pages 473-484 # 9786

169. Dec. 24, 1964, Divorce Delmere F Thomas Vs Patricia LaVonne Thomas Md. Dec. 9, 1959 at Albuquerque, New Mexico, No children , both had children from previous marriages, deserted the plaintiff, adultery, pages 484-488

170. Dec. 24, 1964, Divorce. Judy Ellen Baumfalk Vs Ronald Baumfalk, Md. Jan. 7, 1962 at Hayes Center, NE. one child Kent Baumfalk age 2, excessive use of liquor , non support, pages 489-495

Property settlement made.

171. Dec. 30, 1964, # 28-413, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs john J Lerman. he did strike and wound one Ted Wickizer, with the intent to harm him. pages 493-495

172. Jan. 11, 1965, Divorce, # 9793, Annette M Trimble Vs Frankie Cleveland Trimble, Jr., Md. May 23, 1936 at Glenwood ,Iowa, Children are ; Frankie Cleveland Trimble III born Feb., 20, 1940 and Gretchen Lee Trimble born July 27, 1944, Habitual drunk restraining order issued. pages 496-499

173. Feb. 2. 1965, Divorce, # 9797, Berneice A Kelley Vs Robert L Delley Jr., Md. July 6, 1962 at McCook, NE. children are; Angela M Kelley age 1 , and Robert C Kelley age 8 months, non support have property settlement. pages 500-501

174 Feb. 19, 1965, Bell Oil And Gas Company, a Corporation Vs Rodney Nickerson . Judgment for goods received. pages 502

175. Feb. 23. 1965 #9804, Humble Oil and Refining Company , a Foreign Corp. Vs Rodney Nickerson, 2 causes of action , judgment to collect money owed pages 503-504

176. March 2, 1956, Divorce Romie E Poore Vs Ward J Poore Md. Dec. 1952, in Omaha , NE. no minor children; treats her like a child, Settlement made. # 9805 pages 505-507

177. March 2, 1965, Divorce # 9806, Elvin F Coufal Vs Betty Coufal, Md. Oct. 11, 1946 at Grand Island, NE. children are Francis Coufal born March 5, 1948, age 16. in custody of the defendant . Settlement made , Pages 507-509

178. April 9, 1965, Complaint ,State of Nebraska Vs George Piper, Bad Check , pages 509-511

179. April 20, 1965, In the Matter of the Application of Leslie Wilhelm as Guardian of the estate of Bertha E Bacon, also Known as Bertha Bacon , Formerly Bertha E Weyeneth, Incompetent , for license to sell real estate. for Maintenance of Bertha Bacon, Heirs are; Ruby E Stilgebouer sister, Elsie Wilhelm, Guardian, Elsie Wilhelm , sister; Clyde Weyeneth Brother, ; Ernest Weyeneth brother, ; Elaine Lofton, Daughter of deceased sister, Stella Urling; Willidine Benton, Daughter of deceased Sister, Corene Mather; Geraldine Houston, Daughter of deceased Sister Corene Mather; Newell Mather, Son of deceased sister, Corene Mather,; Clyde Mather Jr. son of deceased sister Corene Mather; pages 511-515 # 9812

180. June 9, 1965, Divorce, # 9821, Margaret H Gieber Vs Jake James Gieber, Md. Jan. 14, 1956 at Kansas City, MO. No children, Non support, Pages 516-517

181. June 24, 1965, Divorce # 9830, Leona Wells Vs Gary Wells, Md. Oct. 19, 1959 at Mt Ayr, Iowa, no children, non support, pages 517-519

182. Aug. 2, 1965, Divorce #9842, Marilyn Jean Hummer Vs Frederick Maylon Hummer Md. Dec. 27, 1958 at McCook, NE. Children are; Scott Frederick Hummer born Oct. 16, 1959, Juli Ann Hummer born April 24, 1961, David Bruce Hummer born Dec. 25, 1964. been absent from the home . Pages 519-520

183. Aug. 3, 1965 Divorce, 9842, Donna M Brunk Vs Errol Lynn Brunk, Md. Nov. 20, 1961 at Oberlin, KS Children are; Eddie LeRay Brunk age 21/2 in custody of the plaintiff. non support. pages 521-522

184. Aug. 4, 1965, divorce, Marjorie D Foots Vs Joseph W Foote Md. Dec. 2, 1960 at San Diego, CA. no children, property settlement agreement, pages 523-525

185. June 5, 1965, Divorce, # 9791, Marlys R Nelson Vs Samuel C Nelson Md. July 7, 1958 at Trenton, NE. No children ; non support ,he is an Alcoholic . -cross petition , wants his personal property back pages 525-528

186. Feb. 15, 1965, # 9799, Francis Hamler and Roberta Hamler Vs C W Marquardt, Jr., ; Evelyn a Marquardt, Effie M Elliott, William F Elliott, C. G. Marquardt, Liffie R Marquardt, Lillian M Claussen, C.H .Clausen , first real name unknown, Della M Coggeshall, H. H. Coggeshall, First real name unknown, Wallace P Yager, Robert H Yager, Mrs. Robert Yager, his wife, First real name unknown, Martin Frederick Yager, Mrs. Martin Frederick Yager, his wife, first real name unknown, Marcell Marie Kircher, Roger Albert Kircher, Mrs. Frank L Yager, first real name unknown, John Lenhart, Martha Lenhart, Freda Damrow, Edythe Evans, Harold Evans and all other persons having or claiming any interest to the real estate. wants the title to be quieted and confirmed in them . pages 528-pages 528-534

187. Feb. 19, 1965 Divorce, Ronda Kuhlman Vs Jonathon Lee Kuhlman Md. Aug. 4, 1963 at McCook, NE children are ; Patricia Renae born Sept. 12, 1964, and Pamela Kay born Sept. 12, 1964 custody of the plaintiff. non support, threats, pages 534-538

188. May 12, 1965 Divorce, # 9816, Val D Fuller Vs Irma J Fuller Md Sept. 12,, 1957, at Yuma, Arizona, Six Children; Valerie Fuller age 7, Valisia Fuller age 5, Valinda Fuller Age 4, Val Fuller, Jr., age 3, Vincent Fuller age 1 and Leslie Fuller born in December 1964 that Valinda Fuller and Val Fuller, Jr. are with the Plaintiff and the other children living with the Defendant in National City, CA/. She left and took all the children but law called and Val had to go get two of the children she was in jail for child neglect. pages 538-540

189. June 9, 1965, Divorce, # 9822, Horace J Mitchell Vs Carma Mitchell Md. Sept. 10, 1960 at Columbus, NE. Children; Dennis Mitchell age 4 and Randy Mitchell age 1 in custody of the defendant. left home and took children, they have a property settlement. pages 541-543

190. March 12, 1965, The First National Bank Vs Bradley Dolan , and Wilma I Dolan, husband and wife, General Motors Acceptance Corp. Josehp I Stevens and Bob Cobb, doing business as Bob Cobb Pontiac. to Collect on promissory note, foreclosure; pages 541-553

191. June 11, 1965 Julia Geraldine Riley, Formerly Julia Geraldine Colgan and Janet Mary Smith formerly Janet Mary Colgan, Vs Eloise A Skidmore and Harrol J Skidmore, Wife and husband; Willa G Bailey and Neal Bailey Wife and husband, Frances P Somerville and James Somerville, wife and Husband; Florence O Jeffries, a widow; the First Pennsylvania banking and Trust Co. as Guardian of Nancy Kay Colgan, John Cilvert Colgan and Patricia Julia Colgan, Minors; LeRoy E Hoole,Sr. and -----Hoole First name unknown, Husband and wife; LeRoy E Hoole, Jr., and -------Hoole first name unknown, his wife, Francis W Hoole and -------Hoole first name unknown husband and wife. to quiet and confirm the title in the estate . pages 553-558

192. June 21, 1965, Metropolitan Life Insurance Vs Harry E Gregersen and Dorothy P Gregersen husband and wife and John Doe and Mary doe, Tenants in ,Possession. promissory note, to foreclose on the mortgaged real estate. pages 559-564

193. July 2, 1965, Divorce, # 9833, Colleen M Oswald Vs Ted L Oswald Md. July 1, 1958 at North Platte, NE. no children non support, pages 564-565

194. Aug. 6, 1965 Divorce, James M Biggins Vs DeLorise M Biggins Md. Dec. 7, 1962, Children Kathleen Renee Biggins born June 23, 1961 and Jimmie Rae Biggins born June 25, 1963, deserted family children are in the Nebraska Children's Home in Omaha, NE. both agree to let the plaintiffs mother have the children if the court agrees Stella Biggins, the defendant wants her maiden name restored to Dauphineais. pages 566-567

195. Aug. 10, 1965 Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Theodore W Mildner # 39-727, Driving while under the influence of Alcohol , pages 568-570

196. Aug. 25, 1965 In the Matter of the Application of wade Stevens, Administrator of the estate of George Lester Musgrave, Deceased , for license to sell real estate. to pay debts and expenses, Heirs are; The living Children of Mary E Scarrow, deceased, Sister; Albert Scarrow , Isabel Myers, Margaret Van Vleet, Wellington Scarrow, The Living children of Albert D Musgrave Deceased, Brother, ; Hiram T Musgrave , Hollis D Musgrave, Mereta Duncan, ; The living children of Frank E Musgrave Deceased , Brother Tom V Musgrave, Floyd L Musgrave, ; Thomas William Musgrave brother, # 9849 pages 570-577

197. Aug. 27, 1965, Complaint State of Nebraska Vs James Lee Conrad, Stole a car from Harry Lebsack, pages 578-580

198. Sept. 8, 1965 Complaint State of Nebraska Vs Stewart Cacy, 2 counts, assaulted Connie Rutt and Lynn Reid pages 581-582 # 9854

199. Sept. 15, 1965 Divorce, # 9856, Malcolm E Thomas Vs Mildred I Thomas Md. Feb. 26, 1964 in Juarez Country of Mexico, No children, extreme cruelty wants maiden name of Woodrow restored. pages 583

200. Sept. 15, 1965 Divorce, # 9857, Sarah Helen Rainey Vs Glenn P Rainey , Md. Sept. 30, 1935, at Sacannah Missouri no children Adultery , have an agreement , pages 584-585

201. Sept. 28. 1965, Divorce, # 9859, Twila M Kometscher Vs James J Kohmetscher Md. Dec. 12, 1956 at Oberlin, KS. Children are Nancy Kohmetscher age 6, Lori Kohmetscher age 4 and Kathy Kohmetscher age 3 in custody of the plaintiff. non support, pages 586-589

202. Oct. 8, 1965 divorce #9863, Nancy Jo Riley Vs Niles Marvin Riley Md. Aug. 25, 1962, Oberlin, KS. no children, deserted her, assaulted her pages 589-591

203. Oct. 8, 1965, Divorce, Norma Jean Lorimer Vs Jack d Lorimer, Md. Nov. 27, 1963 at McCook, NE. no living children; Non support , # 9864, wants Maiden name restored to Brown, pages 591-592

204. Nov. 1, 1965, Divorce, Frances L Dowd Vs Lawrence M Dowd, Md. Aug. 19, 1944 at South Mils, North Carolina, Children are ; Lawrence Martin Dowd age 20, David Lee Dowd, 18, James Francis Dowd 16, the youngest child lives with the plaintiff ,except during the school year he resides with Mrs. Ruth Blume in Culbertson to go to school, deserted her and took child David Lee Dowd with him. #9866, pages 593-594

205. Nov. 1, 1965 # 9867, In the Matter of the Application of Lorraine E Gasch, as Guardian of the estate of Elizabeth Amend, Incompetent , for license to sell real estate. heirs of estate are; Katherine Klein, sister of Elizabeth Amend, Conrad A Amend brother of Elizabeth Deceased, his children are ; Harold Amend, Nephew, Herman Amend , Nephew, Clara Schwartz, Niece, Henry Amend ,Nephew, John Amend Nephew, Geraldine L Superfine , Niece. The improvements on property are in bad condition, pages 594-599

206. Dec. 6, 1965, Divorce # 9872, Margie Grace Johnston Vs Clarence A Johnston Md. Sept .26, 1964, at North Platte, NE. Maiden name was Carfield wants it restored, charges excessive drinking, abuse. pages 599-600

207. Dec. 15, 1965, Divorce, # 9874, Glen E Baughman Vs Virginia M Baughman , Md. June 6, 1965 at McCook, NE. no children, she drinks excessive and deserted the plaintiff, moving to Ardmore, OK. pages 601-602

208. Nov. 15, 1965, Divorce # 9870, Merry Jeanne Erdman Vs Garr y Lee Erdman Md. July 9, 1961 at McCook, NE. two children ; Troy Erdman age 4 and Derek Erdman age 1, the defendant removed the children from the home they are now in the custody of the defendant. non support, have an agreement for children and personal property, pages 603+606

209. Dec. 22, 1965, # 9875, Leo Joseph Kometscher, in his own right and as executor of the estate of Margaret Rose Kometscher ,Deceased, Vs August B Kometscher , Ann Kometscher his wife, et al. heirs; August B Kometscher Son, Wife Ann Kometscher; Stephen John Kometscher Son , single; Margaret Rose Kometscher Daughter, Deceased, Lawrence H Kometscher Son Now Deceased, ; Ann Sophia Brahler Daughter Single, ; Leo Joseph Kometscher Single, ; Mary Cecilia Walz Daughter, husband John Walz, ; Martin a Kometscher Son Wife Jeanne Kometscher; ; Frances Catherine Borgending , daughter husband Allphonse ,also known as Alphonse Borgerding, Catherine Mary Wolf , Daughter , husband, Leroy Wolf, Lawrence Kometscher died his children are; Ethel Kometscher his widow, Rose Shephersky daughter Md. Lyle, Lorna Menken daughter Md. Norman , ; Ruth Kometscher daughter , single, want to settle the estates; pages 607-616

210. Jan. 4, 1966, In the Matter of the Application of Samuel Lebsack, Guardian of the estate of Robert Lee Lebsack and Anita Marie Lebsack, Minors, for license to sell real estate. mailing list; Samuel Lebsack , guardian, Robert Lee Lebsack, Anita Marie Lebsack, for education pages 617-619.

211. Jan. 7, 1966 divorce # 9879 , Hazel E Washburn Vs Paul E Washburn Md. Aug. 18, 1949 at Springfield MO. no children Deserted plaintiff, non support, pages 619-621

212. Feb. 16, 1966, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs Henry Morland, bad check pages 621-629

213. Jan. 14, 1966, divorce Billye K Purcell Vs Duane C Purcell Md. June 8, 1951 at Lebanon , NE . Children are ; Debra S Purcell age 12, Michael age 9, Teresa R age 8 and Sandra K age 4 in custody of the plaintiff. non support, # 9881, restraining order issued pages 629-632

214. June 14, 1966, Divorce # 9882, Irene M Plucker Vs Gerald J Plucker, Md. Dec. 8,1942 at Denver Colo. 4 children; two oldest are of age, Shirley Ruth Plucker age 17, and Penny Joan Plucker age 12 in the custody of the plaintiff. non support. cross petition filed, he charges adultery, pages 633-637

215. Feb. 7, 1966 Divorce # 9887, Bonnie Lou Reiners Vs Wayne Harold Reiners Md. Feb. 17, 1957 at McCook, NE. Children are; Kelley Rae Reiners born Oct. 17, 1957 and Catherine Jome Reiners Born Dec. 1, 1958, and Craig Alan Reiners born Feb. 10, 1964, in custody of the plaintiff. extreme cruelty, have an agreement. pages 648-642

216. Feb. 10, 1966, Divorce. # 9888., Archie O Mlynek Vs Norma L Mlynek Md. March 13, 1961 at Evanston, Wy. one child ; Donald A Mlynek age 4, in custody of the defendant. abandonment , pages 642-643

217. March 10, 1966, divorce , Dorothy A Sundem Vs Elmer E Sundem, Md. Sept. 2, 1942 at Aberdeen, South Dakota, Two children; Barbara Frasier who is married and Bernadette Sundem age 19 residing with the plaintiff. adultery , abandonment Pages 644-646

218. March 18, 1966 # 9897, Divorce, Ailene Yvonne Graves Vs Lawrence Joseph Graves, Md. July 18, 1942 at Oberlin, KS. Three children ; ;Lawrence Joseph Graves Jr., James Edward Graves and Jerry Lee Graves, all of age. he threatened her with a gun, pages 647-648

219. March 24, 1965 Divorce # 9871, Lawrence W McNeill Vs Norma Jean McNeill Md. June 9, 1951 at Holyoke, Colo. Two children Partick Trent McNeill born May 11, 1956, and Brenda Lynette McNeill born Aug. 1, 1962, deserted family Cross petition filed, pages 648-653

220. Jan. 18, 1966 # 9883, Federal National Mortgage Association , a Corp. Vs dale James and Kathryn James, husband and wife , and Livoni Construction Co., Inc., a Corp. promissory note , real estate mortgage. to foreclose pages 653-657

221. March 30, 1966, Order of State Fire Marshall, To all persons having or claiming any right , title, or interest in and to the real estate of the James Brock Estate, described as north of Black 4, East addition of McCook, Red Willow County NE. rea l names unknown. Condemned and must be torn down and cleaned up. # 9900, pages 657-660

222. April 1, 1966, Complaint, State of Nebraska Vs James P Finnegan bad check pages 661-663

223. April 21, 1966, Divorce # 9905, Darlene Portz Vs Jerome Portz Md. Dec. 31, 1955 at McCook, NE. children are ; Teresa Ann born Aug. 4, 1954 , Diana Kay born Aug. 8, 1955, Robert Joseph born Sept. 6,1956, and Richard Dale born April 2, 1`956 all in custody of the plaintiff. Abandonment family , non support, property settlement, pages 663-665

224. April 29, 1966, # 9908, Federal National Mortgage Association , a Corp. Vs Norbert Bogner and Mae Bogner husband and wife, and Livoni Construction Co., a Corp. to secure payment on promissory note they mortgage real estate. haven' paid wants to foreclose on mortgage. pages 666-670

225. May 26, 1966, Conald E Sughroue and Lorretta Sughroue Vs Donna Mae Frank, an Incompetent person , and Marion Frank , her guardian, # 9782 want their title quieted and confirmed, pages 671-673

226. June 16, 1966, Complaint , state of Nebraska Vs Lloyd Enfield , bad check pages 673-675

227. April 21, 1966, divorce, Nadine Roeene Rutt Vs Kenneth William Rutt Md. Feb. 14, 1947 at McCook, NE. children are Constance Marie Rutt age 18; Dianna Jean Rutt age 17; Pamela K Rutt age 14; Mark Alan Rutt age 10 excessive drinking, abandonment went to Omaha, adultery with Mrs Frank Rutt, agreement made. pages 676-680

228. July 12, 1966 # 9927, In the interest of Glen W Morgan,Jr. a child under eighteen years of age. he is a delinquent child, assaulted and beat one Mary K Jewell Father and mother say he has a mental disorder, but they have no money for help . pages 6820-681

229. July 22, 1966 divorce, # 9923, Joan c Berger Vs Wayne W Berger Md. Sept. . 4 , 11943, Children are Josephine C Berger of age. Habitual drunk deserted home, pages 682-684

230. Oct. 30, 1963, Charlotte Jussel, Nellie Newberry, and Clifford Jussel Vs Frenchman- Cambridge Irrigation District and Vern F Waddell , as County Treasurer of Red Willow County , NE. to be detached from the irrigation district as they have their own wells pages 684-689

231. April 8, 1966 divorce # 9722, Marilyn Kiel Vs Ronald Kiel Md. March 17 , 1962, at McCook, NE. one child Debra Kay Kiel 1 year old and the plaintiff is pregnant. non support , pages 960-962

232. May 4, 1966, Divorce # 9910, Selma Jean Propp Vs Robert Berry Propp Md. April 9, 1961, at McCook, NE. Children are; Pamela Ranae Propp born June 8, 1962, and Tamara Regene Propp born Sept. 7, 1964 in custody of the Plaintiff. non support, cross petition filed, Claims adultery with one Marion Brunswick, pages 693-696

234. Sharon Sue Jording, Vs Clayton Lynn Jording, Divorce , April 28, 1966, they were MD. April 7, 1962 at Security Colo. Two Children, Kent Eugene Jording born Aug. 16, 1962 and Lance Richard Jording born Aug. 21, 1963, he beat and abused her , children are to live with the plaintiff parents in Ks .as in their best interest. pages 698-700.