1. #2305 State of NE plaintiff Vs Robert Roach defendant filed Aug. 3, 1932. carrying a loaded concealed revolver fined $250.00 and costs. pages 1-3

2. # 1995 State if NE. plaintiff Vs T G West defendant filed Aug. 19, 1932. had a lien on a car and took it out of county without permission from the people carrying the lien. Jury found him not guilty. pages 4-10

3. Jacob Jugert plaintiff Vs Peter Frick and Catherina Frick defendant filed Aug. 26, 1932. foreclose Catherine having bound her separate estate for the payment of said note , judgment for the plaintiff Pages 11-12

4. # 2342 State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Frank White, Vernie Endsley, and Stewart McDonald defendants filed Sept. 11, 1932. Broke into District 54 school house and stole property belonging to Cecil Wilson. pleaded guilt , sentenced to 90 days in county jail and pay cost of trial pages 13-17

5. # 2352 State of NE. Plaintiff Vs Frank Baker, Harold Strayer, and Edward Cotton defendants filed Nov. 10, 1932. stole personal property of J Verne Hodgkin value of $ 51. 30. pleaded guilty, sentenced was suspended and given parole Baker age 20, Harold Strayer 16, and Edward Cotton 15. pages 18-20

6. #2357 State of NE. plaintiff Vs William Jordon defendant filed Nov. 23, 1932. broke and entered a dwelling house belonging to J M Willis , rented by Roy M Horner stole a typewriter . pleaded guilty and sent to Reformatory for men for one year pages 21-24

7. # 2379-6-313 State of NE. plaintiff Vs John Healey, Joe Franklin and Rose Miller defendants filed Dec. 28, 1932. in a certain building keep gambling devices. Joe Franklin pleaded guilty , sentenced to the State penitentiary for one year at hard labor pages 24-27

7. # 2399-7-17 State of NE. plaintiff Vs Dale Childers defendant filed Jan. 13, 1933. gave bad check for a car. pleaded guilty and sentenced to the State Reformatory for Men for 1-2 years

pages 27-30

8. Red Willow Equity Exchange plaintiff Vs C S Thompson defendant filed March 18, 1933. he bought a John Deere Grain Binder and tongue truck and transport on a chattel mortgage, he has not paid for it and has keep the property of the chattel mortgage in his possession. judgment for the plaintiff pages 31-45

9. # 2299 State of NE. plaintiff Vs Charles Breach defendant filed July 29, 1932. complaint by Hiram Warner. reckless driving on highway. jury could not reach a verdict before and the complaint of Hiram Warner doesn't want to testify so the defendant is dismissed pages 45-49

10. State of NE. ex rel, C A Sorensen, Attorney General plaintiff Vs Farmers and Merchants State Bank of McCook NE. defendants filed Sept. . 10, 1931. the bank is insolvent. Liquidate the bank , a receiver appointed. sold the building to George Traphagan , people with mortgages , William Mason, C P Anton. and others to close the bank, collect debts and pay dividends pages 50-106

11. The State of NE. ex rel, C A Sorensen, Attorney General plaintiff Vs Marion State Bank , of Marion NE. insolvent , liquidate bank . appoint a receiver. fix a time and place for filing claims, to close bank , collect debts and pay dividends pages 106-174

12. Lucille W Walker plaintiff Vs Lester A Walker defendant filed Nov. 29, 1932 divorce married Aug. 20, 1924 Norton, Kansas. charges extreme cruelty, non support , wants divorce, household goods, and alimony, maiden name of Willis restored. granted pages 174-175

13. McCook Co-operative Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs Alice England and L E Saum defendants filed March 2, 1933. foreclose on mortgage and place to sell pages 175-179

14. John E Kelley plaintiff Vs Grace Bainter as administratrix of the estate of Charles H Harman , deceased , Grace Bainter, Pearl C Bainter, the Barnett Lumber Company and Charles Crowder defendants filed March 4, 1933. foreclose and sell real estate pages 179-184

15. Paul Ridgley plaintiff Vs Fred Kircher defendant filed Aug. 12, 1932. he did farm work for the defendant . was paid partly with a set of mules and a wagon . the defendant still owes him money . judgment for the defendant case dismissed pages 183-191

16. David Dismond plaintiff Vs Grace Bainter and Pearl C Bainter, her husband filed March 15, 1933. bought real estate for taxes, wants money back with interest or foreclose on real estate. has 30 days to answer or the place will be sold and plaintiff paid. pages 192-195

17. James Deveny plaintiff Vs Arlene Deveny defendant filed Sept. 30. 1932 divorce, married Sept. 21, 1929 at McCook, NE. willfully abandoned him . wants divorce. granted pages 195-197

18. Jennie L Baker plaintiff Vs Clarence M Baker defendant divorce, married August 5, 1931 Vancouver, Washington, issues of marriage Ray E age 18, Russell age 16 both are independent. charges extreme cruelty, wants alimony and money for court costs, attorneys fees. granted pages 197-198

19. Forrest A Garlick plaintiff Vs Zelma L Garlick defendant filed Dec. 15, 1932, divorce married June 24, 1928 at Oberlin, Kansas. willfully deserted him . no children , wants divorce. granted pages 199-200

20. # 2384-7-2 State of NE. plaintiff Vs Jake Kimple defendant filed Jan. 10, 1933. complaint filed by George Henderson. has just cause to think Jake will make an assault upon him. the defendant gave $50.00 in good behavior bond until next term of court. pages 201-202

21. Mary Francis Baldwin, Executrix of the estate of William M Baldwin deceased, Vs Joshua Rowland defendant filed March 18, 1933. plaintiff wants restitution of the premises and costs of this court. court finds for the defendant pages 202-204

22. Home Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs Henry L Nichols and Dora E Nichols, husband and wife defendants filed Sept. 29, 1931. foreclose , Mr. Nichols died Jan. 25, 1933 leaving Dora Nichols , widow, Lorene Nichols, Lois Nichols and Ivan Nichols. sold the real estate to pay mortgage pages 204-212

23. Hattie E Cruver plaintiff Vs Jay D Cruver defendant filed Sept. 28, 1931 divorce, married Aug. 6, 1931 at Trenton, NE. extreme cruelty, non support, no children , wants divorce and alimony, court costs and support. divorce granted pages 212-214

24. Myrtle M Baker plaintiff Vs William V Baker defendant filed April 28, 1932 divorce, married Nov. 10, 1920 at Loveland CO. issue of marriage William Robert Baker born Nov. 6, 1925. charges non support, wants custody , divorce and relief as seen fit. granted pages 215-218

25. McCook Co-operative Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs K D Jacobs and Julia Jacobs defendants filed Aug. 5, 1932. that the mortgage may be foreclosed . pages 218-220

26. E H Luikart as receiver of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of McCook, NE. Vs John W Dack filed July 22, 1933. prays judgment on three causes of action against the defendant. the court orders and adjudged for the plaintiff on all 3 causes. pages 220-223

27. Frank M Colfer, as executor of the last will and testament of Adella Lewis, deceased, plaintiff Vs Arthur R O'Hara , and

Effie O'Hara his wife defendants, filed May 18, 1932. foreclose and sold property pages 223-226

28. Margaret J Sander plaintiff Vs Francis A Thompson, E H Luikart, receiver for Clay Center State Bank, Ernest Galusha and Henry Mannschreck defendants filed June 4, 1932. to appoint a receiver to collect rent and apply it to the mortgage during this court case. foreclose and sold Real Estate pages 227-237

29. State of NE. plaintiff Vs Homer Bidwell defendant filed Feb. 27, 1933. with Joe Franklin set up a gambling device, slot machine, for the purpose of running a gambling room. . fined $400.00 and court costs pages 237-240

30. Securities Investment Corp. plaintiff Vs James J Calvin, and Mrs. . Dora Calvin defendants filed Nov. 18, 1932. to foreclose on chattel mortgage , the plaintiff repossessed a Auto. and sold it. the chattel mortgage is void as it is household furniture, judgment for the plaintiff of $90.19. pages 240-245

31. NE. Central Building and Loan Assoc. plaintiff Vs Lida Mason, William Mason, Edna Dewane and Tim Dewane defendants filed March 18, 1933. foreclose and appoint a receiver. given a stay for 9 months pages 245-250 pages 251-298 gone form book.

32. pages not in order . McCook C0-Operative Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs J H McIntosh defendants filed Dec. 2, 1932. Application of Appointment for a Receiver, The defendant is insolvent and deficiency judgment against him cannot be enforced. foreclosed and sold the land pages 299, 300, 297, 298, 293,

33. McCook Co-Operative Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs J H McIntosh, O H Peters, and W R Gasch defendants filed May 28, 1932. application to appoint a receiver. foreclose and collect the rent and apply it to the mortgage pages, 293-296

34. NE. Central Building and Loan Assoc. plaintiff Vs Lida Mason, et al., defendant filed July 15, 1933 decree of Confirmation . sold land page 251

35. Alta Byrnes plaintiff Vs City of Indianola, NE filed June 5, 1933. the land is used for farming and wants it out of the city limits of Indianola, granted pages 252-254

36. State of NE plaintiff Vs Ed Burnett defendant filed March 4, 1933. # 2402-7-20 was driving to fast on the streets of Bartley, NE, and did disfigure one Frank Huff. Jury found him guilty as charged and sentenced him to the State Penitentiary for 3 years at hard labor pages 255-259

37. George W Everts plaintiff Vs Charles W Everts, Deborah C Everts, Lewis S Everts, Eleanora M Church, Ann E Kendall , George w Everts, guardian of Charlotte E Everts, incompetent, Elizabeth Everts, Joason C Everts, Sr., Alberto E Everts, Minnie R Everts, Martha Everts, Edward E Everts, Della Everts, Bessie P Everts, Melvin R Everts, Jason C Everts, Sofia Everts,

Edward Everts., Lillian Everts, Laura Everts Rankin, John H Rankin, Charles Everts Chapman, Albert E Everts, Arthur H Church, Eunice Church, Almon J Church, Nellie Church, Nora C Peterson, Willie Peterson, William G Everts, and all persons having or claiming any interest in said real estate. defendants. petition in Intervention; wants the money belonging to one Lewis S Everts. ordered to pay the amount owed the estate pages 260-262

38. NE. Central Building and Loan Assoc. plaintiff Vs William Mason, Lida Mary Mason, Elmer F Slater and Chitwood Packing Company , Dr. Montgomery and Hodgkin, C D Ritchie and Fred T Hanson defendants filed Oct. 8, 1932. Bond for Real Estate Loan. foreclose on mortgage. place sold pages 263-266

39. Barnett Lumber Company plaintiff Vs The Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Personal Representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of Julia Morgan, Deceased, Emil Lindner, Deceased; Moses Erman, Deceased; Abraham Loeb, Deceased, Samuel Hirsch, Deceased; John F Ludwig, Deceased; Louis Loewenstein , also known as Lewis Loewenstein, deceased, and S B Whitney, Deceased, real names unknown, James I Spaulding, Mollie Spaulding, wife of James ,Claude Spaulding _______Spa;ulding , Wife of Claude, Maude Stephens, Colonel B Stephens, husband of Maude, The NE. Mortgage Company , The Creditors, Trustees, Assignees, Receivers, Officers, Agents, and Stockholders , of the NE Mortgage Company, real names unknown; Clark and Leonard Investment Company, defendants filed June 28, 1933. to settle the estates of Julia Morgan , deceased. the plaintiff is the owner of the said real estate pages 266-275

40. NE. Central Building and Loan Assoc. plaintiff Vs Eva L Boyer, May Dolph, Fay E Boyer, Edwin Boyer, Rea Boyer, Ivan Boyer, Eva L Boyer, Administratrix of the estate of David Boyer, deceased, John a Gentleman, Methodist Hospital, George E Horton Administrator of the Estate of McDonald Ryan, Deceased, Lord Hardware, Dr. E E Laiding, Dr. J M Bubany, Drs. Key, Stewart and Minnick, Nutt and Sliger, Danbury Equity Exchange , W A Stone and Palmer Brothers defendants. Filed Oct. 15, 1932. Bond for Real Estate Loan. foreclose on Loan. and Real Estate sold pages 276-281

41. NE> Central Building and Loan Assoc. plaintiff Vs Clarence R Behnke, Sara Behnke and H P Sutton defendants filed July 22, 1933. Bond for Real Estate Loan. foreclose and sold the real estate pages 281-285

42. McCook Co-Operative Building and Saving Assoc. plaintiff Vs John F Dunbar, Zella Dunbar, Vira E Hardly, Lorena May Chrisco, and Ernest Chrisco, Frank Ellsworth Harley, a minor of the age of 14, Ethel Virginia Hadley, a minor of the age of 8 years, and Henry Harley Hadley, a minor the age of 6 years. defendants filed Sept. .15, 1932. foreclose on mortgage. Real Estate sold pages 285-292

43. McCook Co-Operative Building and Saving Assoc. plaintiff Vs J H McIntosh et al defendant Application to appoint a receiver. foreclose and sell real estate pages 301-306

44. Dent E Gallatin plaintiff Vs Lloyd E Baswell, administrator of the estate of Fletcher M Boswell, deceased, Ethel M Boswell Widow; Lloyd E Boswell, and Caroline A Boswell his wife, John s Boswell and Ethel A Boswell, his wife; Leland M Passmore and Robert S Passmore her husband, Wyman F Boswell, and Ernestine Boswell, his wife; Allan D Baowell and Della A Boswell, his wife; Maurice R Boswell and Birdeena M Boswell, his wife, and Lawrence R Boswell , unmarried and John Doe real name unknown defendants filed July 31, foreclose and sold real estate pages 307-312

45. Clara J Ellsworth plaintiff Vs Clarence E Ellsworth defendant filed Sept. 5, 1933 divorce married Jan. 16, 1925 at McCook, NE. Issue of marriage Geraldine age 9, Sadie age 7, Clara Age 6, charges desertion and non support wants divorce, custody of children , support for children and alimony. granted pages 313-316

46. The National Fire Insurance Company plaintiff Vs J E Arner and General Motors Acceptance Corp. case # 2779/ filed Jan. 23, 1933. car was damaged in wreck with a car driven by Arner. wants judgment from the plaintiff for the damages , court finds for the plaintiff court appealed pages 316-324

47. Hastings Business College plaintiff Vs N J Appleyard defendant Case # 2826-14-247

wants judgment for the sons college education which was agreement between the plaintiff and the defendant court rules in favor of the plaintiff pages 224-226

48. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Ed Taylor defendant filed March 18, 1933 Case # 2433-7-51. Stole a Automobile value $100.00 from David Ault, and count 2 stole a 4 door sedan from Frank Smith value $250.00. pleaded guilty and sent to the State Penitentiary for both counts to run concurrently 2-5 years pages 327-330

49. Olive Moore plaintiff Vs George Moore defendant filed April 17, 1933 divorce married Dec. 28, 1910 at Unionville, Missouri. issues of marriage 5 children the 1st & 2nd now married women. Curtis age 14, Junior age 10, Jamie age 7 now residing with the plaintiff. non support, wants custody of children support money for children and her self , alimony and divorce. granted pages 330-333

50. Barney Koetter plaintiff Vs Alice Koetter defendant filed March 16, 1933 divorce married July 13, 1926 at McCook Alice's maiden name being Louderdale, no children, she willfully deserted him returning to her home in Texas . wants a divorce. granted pages 333-335

51. State of NE. plaintiff Vs Lewis Brunswick and Elise Howe defendants Case # 2444-7-62

encouraged the minor children Catherine Scott age 13, Vera Staumbaugh age 15, and Mary Hinn age 13, to steal clothing the defendants contributed to the delinquency of said minors . pleaded not guilty , jury found them guilty and sentenced them to county jail Brunswick for 4 months and Howe 3 months and court costs pages 336-343

52. Home Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs Blanch M Byers, George W Byers , John Doe and Mary Doe Defendants filed Aug., 29, 1932. foreclose on mortgage, stay granted until march 1935 rent is $10.00 each month. they did not pay the rent so the stay is void property sold to pay the mortgage pages 343-349

53. Louis Kramer plaintiff Vs George Thompson, Martha Thompson, his wife, Rachel Weston Morse, Annie May Morgan, Nellie Weston Harvey, and J C Harvey, her husband, whose real first name is unknown to the plaintiff Filed Sept. 15, 1933. plaintiff wants his title quieted and confirmed. granted pages 350-354

54. William J Fleischman plaintiff Vs Ana M Gordon, Della McDonald, Alberta Brown, Sheldon Gordon, Harland Gordon, Eugene A Summerville, Joanna Jean Summerville and Ira T Gordon, administrator of the estate of Alexander T Gordon deceased defendants filed Aug. 5, 1932.

foreclose and sold property pages 354-362

55. McCook Co_Operative Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs David J Ford, Velma R Ford, Ellis Ford and Etta Ford defendants filed Nov. 7, 1932. foreclose on mortgage and property sold pages 362-366

56. E H Luikart, as receiver of the Farmers & Merchants State Bank of McCook, plaintiff Vs J M Willis defendant filed March 18, 1933. foreclose on mortgage , Judgment for the plaintiff pages 366-370

57. Beryl A McDonald plaintiff Vs Robert D McDonald defendant filed April 21, 1933 divorce, married Aug. 28, 1920 at Colby Kansas. no children charges non support, wants divorce and maiden name of Tillitt be restored. granted pages 371-372

58. Bertha M Dye plaintiff Vs John T Dye defendant filed April 14, 1933 divorce married Sept. 1, 1929 at Oberlin, Kansas. no children, charges extreme cruelty, non support , wants divorce , and maiden name of Campbell restored. granted pages 372-374

59. Ruby M Cross plaintiff Vs John B Cross defendant filed Oct. 5, 1932 divorce married May 4, 1930 at McCook, NE. Issue of marriage Patty Cross age 2 months. willfully deserted her and child. wants divorce , home , custody of child , and household furniture. granted pages 374-378

60. Elfreida Fair plaintiff Vs George Fair defendant filed Jan. 10, 1933 divorce, married Sept. 25, 1926 at Hastings, NE. Issue of marriage Othello Fair age 5, Non support. wants divorce, custody and divorce granted pages 378-379

61. George McClain plaintiff Vs County of Red Willow defendant filed Jan. 16, 1933 E H Nichols was wanted for a felony in red Willow County, the plaintiff was ordered to arrest him, he found Nichols was in Minnesota on a felony charge . and was fighting coming to NE. so the Sheriff hired an attorney for $50.00 to get help for Extradition . He wants his money back from the Defendants. judgment for the plaintiff pages 380-382

62. NE. Central Building and Loan Assoc. plaintiff Vs Chester a DeLoy, Hugh Clement Hines, Mittie Hines, Hugh C Hines, executor of the estate of Clementine Marguerite DeLoy , deceased defendants filed Jan. 21, 1933. foreclose and sell property pages 382-387

63. The First Trust Company plaintiff Vs Sarah R VanOrsdel, Ray G Murphy, Executor of the estate of James F Van Orsdel, deceased, Margaret Cooper, Eleanor Belle Dodge, Alexander Kimball, James Dodge, Anna Grove, Kathleen Van Orsdel, James Van Orsdel, Helen Martin and James Martin defendants filed June 17, 1933. foreclose on mortgage , sold property pages 387-391

64. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Bill McMillin and Robert Putman defendants case # 2426-7-44 filed March 14, 1933. broke and entered a pool hall belonging to Dale Houser and stole personal property. pleaded guilty given parole for 2 years pages 391-395

65. Gladys Wray plaintiff Vs Cato Wray defendant filed May 3, 1933 divorce, married Jan. 15, 1921 at McCook, NE. issue of marriage are . Jean age 11, Junior age 10 and John now deceased, the children are with the plaintiff. extreme cruelty, non support, and he is a drunkard, wants custody of children and alimony and support for children. granted pages 395-397

66. Bertha S Young plaintiff Vs Carl E Linn defendant. the plaintiffs husband was killed east of McCook, NE while working for the Defendant. a settlement and judgment was reached by both parties pages 398-404

67. Margaret Hatcher plaintiff Vs Thomas F Ball and Alma Ball, his wife; State Bank of Indianola and Red Willow Oil and Gas Company defendants filed July 1, 1932. foreclose , given stay until March 1935 but defaulted by not paying rent so the property was sold pages 404-410

68. Homer I Warner plaintiff Vs Edward N Pelton, _____Pelton ,wife of Edward , whose first name is unknown, Gertie L Duton, formerly Gertie L Pelton, Frank H Dunton, husband of Gertie , Francis W Pelton, Florence E Pelton, Wife of Francis and all persons having or claiming any interest in said real estate filed June 16, 1933. that the plaintiff may have a quieting and confirming of the title of the real estate. granted pages 411-415

69. William Wood plaintiff Vs Carrie M Kimple Jones, Martin Jones and John Doe defendants filed Sept. 30, 1933. foreclose and sold property pages 416-420

70. Rose L Barnes plaintiff Vs Peter Foxen, Bertha M Foxen, and Frank Grannis defendants filed Oct. 191, 1933. foreclose , and property sold pages 420-428

71. State of NE. plaintiff Vs Daniel Yost, also known as Dan Yost defendant filed Sept. 15, 1933 He was found intoxicated, the jury found him guilty as charged he was fined $ 50.00 and court costs. pages 427-429

72. State of NE plaintiff Vs Ruth Smith defendant filed June 27, 1933 Case # 2483-7-101. was keeping intoxicating liquor in the dwelling house. jury found her not guilty pages 429-431

73. State of NE. plaintiff Vs Homer Bidwell defendant filed June 29, 1933 Case # 2488-7-106

he had been convicted of a felony , and broke out of the county jail. pleaded guilty and sentenced to the State Reformatory for Men for one year pages 431-434

74. G C Battin plaintiff Vs Ida R Aspegren, Leland C Aspegren, Evelyn H Aspegren, Lorraine M Aspegren, and E C England , administrator of the estate of Elmer Aspegren deceased, John Doe and Mary Doe his wife, real and true names unknown filed March 17, 1933. foreclose on mortgage pages 434-440

75. State of NE. plaintiff Vs Lewis Brunswick and Walter Hayes defendants filed June 29, 1933 Case # 2487-7-1-5 Helped Homer Birdwell escape from county jail. pleaded not guilty, Jury found Lewis Brunswick guilty as charges sentenced him to a fine of $200.00 and costs. pages 440-444

76. Bank of Danbury, plaintiff Vs R Lowell Sims, Christine Sims, Walter E Sims, Loretta G Gould, Clyde Gould, and R Lowell Sims, administrator of the estate of James L Sims deceased filed June 4, 1932. foreclose on real estate, stay granted and set aside from lack of payment of rent property sold pages 444-451

77. Aaron Bates plaintiff Vs R Lowell Sims, Christine Sims, Hayes Moyer, and George T Williams defendants filed Jan. 27, 1933. foreclose , stay granted 9 months , set aside and property sold pages 451-455

78, In the Matter of the Application of Frank W Deffer, Executor of the estate of James Hall, deceased , for License to sell Real Estate. filed July 15, 1933. To sell enough Real Estate to pay the debts and expenses of the estate. granted pages 456-459

79. Joseph Mokko, plaintiff Vs Edith M Stewart and Howard Oyster, Guardian of Edith M Stewart defendants filed Aug. 5, 1930. bought land at tax sale. foreclose , and sold property to pay tax lien , pages 460-463

80. Lolla Perry, administrator with will annexed of the last will and testament of the estate of Eliza Neel, deceased, Vs Ira E Neel, Audrey Neel , his wife, and John R Neel defendants filed Sept. 4, 1930. to settle the estates of Eliza Neel and John R Neel taken to supreme court, which ruled in favor of the plaintiff. pages 463-486

81. Francis O Cope plaintiff Vs Peter N LeDou and Martha LeDou, husband and wife; First Trust Company. defendants filed Nov. 18, 1930. foreclose, stay granted, and set aside because they didn't pay the rent , property sold pages 486-493

82. Conserative Mortgage Company plaintiff Vs John w Dutcher, Sarah E Dutcher, husband and wife, and the State Bank of Indianola defendants filed Feb. 17, 1931 Foreclose, .stay granted, dismissed fully paid and satisfied . pages 494-499

83. W E Straub plaintiff Vs August Nothnagel, Luise Nothnagel, also known as Louise Nothnagel, his wife, Red Willow Equity Exchange , John Doe , first and real name unknown .

foreclose , stay granted , dismissed fully paid pages 499,-503

84. William Sigwing plaintiff Vs Ida I Sigwing defendant filed April 26, 1932 divorce, married Aug. 26, 1926 at Atwood, Kansas, No children, willfully deserted him , wants divorce. granted pages 503-505

85. Dorsey H Shepherd plaintiff Vs Clara J Ellsworth, Clarence Ellsworth, Margie Homer, John Homer, Dorothy McNutt, Nathan McNutt, Iris French, Wilma French and Thomas French, Jr., defendants filed June 3, 1932. foreclose , stay granted , then vacated and property sold pages 505-512

86. State Of NE. plaintiff Vs Charles Williams filed July 17, 1933 Case # 2497-7-115

obtained a loan on property he did not own in order to get money from the McCook Finance Company. pleaded not guilty, jury found him guilty as charged, sentenced to the NE. penitentiary for one year pages 513-517

87. Northern Illinois Finance Company plaintiff Vs Ellis T Poland, Max Merrill and C B Stephens defendants filed Jan. 28, 1933 the defendants are partners in the Keystone Hotel. they ordered equipment for the Hotel and gave a promissory note . the note is due and they want their money, jury finds for the plaintiff, order a new trial , jury finds for the plaintiff pages 517-537

88. Cambridge Lumber Company plaintiff Vs Artemas W Murphy, and Blanceh K Murphy, his wife, J C Anderson, real and true name unknown, and Etta Anderson his wife , filed March 9, 1934. judgment against the defendants for the materials to build a dwelling on their real estate. foreclose, and sold property pages 537-544

89. Irene P Alexander plaintiff Vs Harold M Alexander defendants filed Aug. 7, 1933 divorce

married. Dec. 24, 1930 in Red Willow County, NE. no children, charges extreme cruelty, non support, wants divorce and alimony granted and maiden name restored to Hickman pages 545-547

90. NE. Central Building and Loan Company plaintiff Vs C S Quick Jr., Ruth L Quick, The Dept. of Banking of the State of NE. Receiver and Liquidating Agent for the Indianola State Bank, and Conrad Lehl, defendants filed May 26, 1934 Bond for Real Estate Loan, foreclose , appoint a receiver, sold property pages 548-553

91. McCook Co-Operative Building and Savings Company plaintiff Vs Vernor Lance, Garnet Lance, James W Curl, Northwest Institute of Medical Technology defendants filed Oct. 7, 1933

foreclose on mortgaged real estate, granted and premises sold to pay mortgage pages 553-559

92. Harry E Bowman , as Receiver for Clarke-Buchanan Company Vs Ellis E Perkins, Anna E Perkins, Laura Hinz, A H Adamson, real name unknown, Ella Mae Carmichael, Joseph Carmichael, State bank of Indianola. defendants filed April 16, 1934. foreclose, stay granted , property sold and applied to mortgage pages 559-573

93. Millicent Slaby plaintiff Vs Helen G Solliday, F Catherine Terrell, John J Terrell, Phyllis Elaine Terrell, Merritt Eugene Terrell , the Said Phyllis Terrell and Merritt Eugene Terrell both being minors under the age of 14, and Rolland Larmon defendants filed April 21, 1934. to settle the estate of Vincent Solliday. real estate divided pages 573- 583

94. C D Kellogg and Marie Smith Kellogg plaintiff Vs Hugh Kendall, Henry B Kendall, and all persons having or claiming interest in said real estate filed March 24, 1934. on the estate of Lucy Kendall, the plaintiffs want a quieting of the title to the land. pages 583-588

95. The County of Red Willow Vs Geo. McClain and W B McClain defendants filed Dec. 2, 1930. the defendant was sheriff of RW county. on 44 causes of action. delivering prisoners to certain places. he collected money for things he didn't do like car mileage when he took the train .

pages 588-625

96 McCook Co-Operative Building and Savings Assoc. Vs E M Montgomery and Mary Montgomery defendants filed Jan. 20, 1934. foreclose on mortgage and premises sold pages 625-628

97. Nora M Kelley plaintiff Vs William H Gerver , Mary F Gerver, and Jacoab A Unger and Donald Ahren, defendants filed. April 26, 1934. foreclose, and sold real estate pages 629-634

98. NE. Building and Loan Assoc. plaintiff Vs Charles N VanSickle, Clara M VanSickle, Jacob J Klein, and Katherine Klein. defendants filed Nov. 9, 1933. Bond For Real Estate Loan, foreclose, stay issued, then set aside they did not pay rent or taxes , property sold pages 634-644

99. Elizabeth Wagner plaintiff Vs John Wagner defendant filed Aug. 1, 1933 divorce , married Oct. 19, 1921 at McCook, NE. Issues of marriage Harold age 10, Dale age 9, Donald age 6, Phyllis age 3 and the plaintiff is Pregnant about 2-3months, they also have a daughter Virginia who is from the defendants first Marriage age 13, charges extreme cruelty , non support, desertion , wants custody of children , support for children and self alimony , divorce. granted, he is to have custody of Virginia, pages 645-649

100. The McCook National Bank plaintiff Vs Michael Esch and Helen Esch, his wife, Barnett Lumber Company, The first National Bank of McCook, NE defendants filed Sept. 2, 1933

foreclose. stay granted, the Defendant Michael Esch filed Bankruptcy. pages 649-659

101. Home Building and Savings Assoc. plaintiff Vs Paul A Cacy , Lucille Cacy, Floyd Schoono ver, and ________Schoonover his wife , defendants filed March 19, 1934. foreclose and sold premises pages 659-664

102. Helen A Keyes plaintiff Vs Albert W Hobbs, Raleigh M Hobbs, Albert J Helm, Nettie Norton, and Cecil McMillen defendants filed May 13, 1933. First Mortgage Coupon Note,

foreclose and sold real estate pages 664-674

103. The First Trust Company of Lincoln plaintiff Vs O T Kelley, also known as Ora T Kelley, and John Doe. filed Oct. 17, 1931. foreclose on mortgage and granted a stay, but the rent was not paid so sold the premises pages 674-684

104. Dr. T F McCarthy plaintiff Vs Fred T Thompson, C S Quick Jr., Ruth L Quick, V H Talbot and O K Duckworth defendants filed Oct. 7, 1933. Promissory Note. foreclose on note, sold property pages 684-690

105. Joseph Mokko plaintiff Vs Ada Pennell, Hollie E Molzahn, Edward T Molzahn, Mary F Pratt, and Mary Doe, Real Name unknown, defendants, filed Oct. 21, 1933. purchased Real estate for taxes from the county. foreclose sold property pages 690-698

106. Jack Shepherd plaintiff Vs W M Shepherd, Guy Shepherd, ________Shepherd , his wife, Dale Shepherd, Frank Shepherd and Ted Shepherd, defendants filed Jan . 13, 1934,

he bought property for taxes, wants his money or sell the real estate and pay him. sold the property and the plaintiff bought it. pages 698-700