1. William Dean Vs Mattie Dean filed Oct. 9, 1921 divorce Married January 11, 1916 Omaha, Nebraska, willfully deserted him , prays for a divorce. granted pages 1, 8, &9

2. Robert F Webber plaintiff Vs Chester Dow, Irma M Dow, J W Powell and G B Truitt, composing the Copartnership of J W Powell, Company, M I Powell, wife of J W Powell, First real name unknown, Lena Truitt, Wife of G B Truitt, the Successors and assigns of J W Powell Company, If any; The Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, and personal Representatives, and all other persons interested in the Estate of Chester W Dow, Irma M Dow, J W Powell , M I Powell, G B Truitt, Lena Truitt, if deceased; defendants filed Dec. 21, 1921, the plaintiff prays he maybe adjudged and decreed owner by title in fee simple. granted pages 2-8

3. John F Helm plaintiff Vs Red Willow Equity exchange defendant. filed August 15, 1922, sold them wheat and rye and didn't get paid for it. Judgment for the plaintiff pages 8-12

4. Henry Johnson plaintiff Vs August Breitling and Clara Breitling defendants, filed June 25, 1921, to foreclose on notes and mortgages. for the plaintiff pages 12-15

5. J E Jones Plaintiff Vs Lucy I Linton, Fred M Linton, Clyde C Dunn, Sylvanus L Dunn, Elsie Dunn, Bertha D Paley , and Fred W Paley defendants filed August 3, 1921, foreclose on mortgage and taxes. sold premises pages 15-19

6. Ernest C Drake plaintiff Vs May Cain, formerly May Oliphant, and Joseph Cain her husband defendants filed July 16, 1921. that the title be quieted and mortgage void pages 20-22

7. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Wayne Dunn defendant filed Dec. 30, 1921 transcript , complaint case # 325 did assault Charles King. the jury found him guilty he ordered a new trial , sent to prison for 1 year 4 months . pages 22-28

8. Rose Fahrenbruck , sometimes known as Rose Fisher plaintiff Vs Elmer C Fisher defendant filed December 10, 1921 divorce Married July 13, 1921, she was divorced form John Fahrenbruck June 4, 1921. her divorce from John Fahrenbruck was not final there fore the marriage to Fisher was void. pages 28-31.

9. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Charles Cooley defendant filed Nov. 25, 1921 complaint, transcript. carried a concealed weapon, a revolver, pleaded guilty and sent to prison for 6 months and pay court costs pages 31-34

10. State of Nebraska , Red willow county, plaintiff Vs Arthur Jolliff and George Whister defendants, filed Nov. 25, 1921, Assault Dan O'Brien and stole from him . pleaded guilty and sent to prison for 2 years and pay court costs pages 34-36

11. State of Nebraska, Red Willow County, plaintiff Vs Charles Cross defendant filed Nov. 14, 1921 Complaint Assaulted Harry Ward and took his pocketbook and $40.00. found guilty and sent to prison for 3 years at hard labor and pay court costs. pages 37-40

12. In the matter of Peter Zilmen, Ben Simon, and Herman Ketz , delinquent children filed Aug. 10, 1921, have no parents in R w county and are about 17 years old broke into a Railroad car and stole Mdse. belonging to Railroad. arrested them but didn' t say what they did to them . pages 41-42

13. In the matter of Five Rollins Children, first real names unknown to petitioner , neglected Children, filed April 1, 1921, boys age 2 & 8 and Girls 3, 6, & 7 in the charge of George Propp and Marie Propp. Father is in Wisconsin and their mother is dead. the home in which the live is an unfit place for them to live, served the Propps a summons to appear in court, pages 42-43

14. Frederick Carfield 16, Joe Carfield about 12, George Carfield about 9, Bert Carfield about 8, Mabel Carfield is about the age of 11, they reside with their father Edwin Carfield , mother is dead, father is not sending to school , clothing, or feeding them proper. the father has financially able to clothe, board and educate said children given orders to care, clean and educated children then appear in court with children pages 42-44

15. State of Nebraska, Red Willow County plaintiff Vs Henry Lewis Hackler defendant filed Nov. 14, 1921 , Complaint. stole Watch money, and other property from W J Schmitz pleaded guilty and got suspended parole. pages 45-47

16. In the matter of the Application of the German Free Evangelical Church of McCook, Nebraska to Mortgage Real Estate filed June 16, 1921 for repair and remodeling church pages 48-49

17. In the matter of the Application, of The First Presbyterian Church , of Marion , Nebraska. to mortgage real estate. filed Feb. 25, 1922, for rebuilding and remodeling church Pages 49-50

18. Gottlieb Clamp plaintiff Vs Matt Stewart, William S Myers, and Otto Puelz, County Commissioners, filed July 5, 1921 for putting a public road on his land. pages 50-54

19. Transept of Proceedings in the cause of New Idea Spreader CO Vs William a Stone defendant filed April 13, 1921. judgment for spreaders shipped to William A Stone pages 54-61

20. Charles E Lindstrom plaintiff Vs Baxter B Austin and Susie Austin defendants filed May 27, 1921. to foreclose on real estate pages 61-67

21. In the matter of several Howe Children,, who are dependent, neglected, and delinquent children filed May 11, 1921. several children under the age of 18, Eva & Pearl Howe are among them . father is in poor health and mother works the children are not properly cared for and the family is destitute. Eva Howe stole coat from Randall, ,Eva and Pearl were sent to Girls Industrial School at Geneva, Nebraska. pages 67-70

22. Clara Schoonover plaintiff Vs Floyd Schoonover defendant filed Aug. 4, 1921 Divorce Married May 15, 1918 Red Willow County, Nebraska , Issue of marriage one son Lowell Schoonover age 21 months. Non support wants custody of child, permanent alimony, granted Pages 70-72

23. Citizen State Bank of McCook, Nebraska plaintiff Vs Albert N Nelson defendant filed July 16, 1921. Judgment for the plaintiff pages 73-75

24. Archie R Thornton plaintiff Vs Albert M Stephens defendant filed May 3, 1921 find someone to trade land with in Colo. and he would pay him a certain price when deal was done. which he did not do. Judgment for the plaintiff pages 75-80

25. State of Nebraska, Red Willow County plaintiff Vs Martin Evans and Joe Evans defendant filed June8, 1921. assaulted George Liston , Jury found Martin Evans guilty of assault and battery pages 80-86

26. Guy Peterson, Ben Peterson, Oliver Olson, Carl Brocker, Loel Peterson, Ed Peterson, Walter Mattis, Murray Warne and Carl Munson , a partnership , doing business under the firm name and rule of Carter Threshing Company plaintiffs Vs Clyde B Smith , also known as C B Smith and Dan O'Neill defendants filed Dec. 16, 1921 Plaintiff wants judgment for the possession of value thereof. adjudged by court for the plaintiffs pages 86-91

27. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Ottis Newell defendant. filed Mar. 15, 1922 , stole tires form Red Willow equity Exchange. suspended sentence and parole pages 91-94

28. Edna Hudson plaintiff Vs Lee Hudson defendant filed May 21, 1922 divorce married June 6, 1903 at Albany , Missouri. Issue of marriage are Mildred Jeffers, 17, a daughter married, a son Kenneth Hudson age 8 Who was adopted in St. Joseph Mo. in 1914 , Bessie Deloise Hudson age 23 months. Non support. she wants custody of minor children and alimony pages 94-95

29. Mildred Jeffers plaintiff Vs Ray Jeffers defendant filed March 21, 1922 divorce married Dec. 8, 1921 at Oberlin, Kansas. non support, wants divorce and maiden name of Mildred Hudson restored and relief just and equitable. pages 95-96

30. Harriet Smith plaintiff Vs Jesse L Smith filed Sept. . 9, 1922 divorce married January 20, 1919. Issue of marriage Harry Lee Smith age 6 months. extreme cruelty , non support, wants divorce and custody of minor child and relief just and equitable. pages 97-99

31. Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad Co. plaintiff Vs The county of Red Willow and James W Nutt as the County Treasurer of said county defendant filed Jan. 12, 1921. about taxes for County Fair, pages 100-103

32. Bullard Lumber Company plaintiff Vs R A Watkins, Nora Watkins, McCook Co-operative Building and savings Ass. A Barnett, and H N Rosebush, partners doing business as McCook Cement Stone Co. Ruth Long, Frank Bender, Earl H Keith, Charles Carrol, a L Long and Evelyn Long defendants filed Nov. 19, 1921 to collect for lumber and labor pages court finds for the plaintiff pages 103-126

33. Roscoe J Slater plaintiff Vs Einar Sjoflom, The Southwick Loan and Trust Co. Andrew Johnson, Baxter B Austin, Susie Randall Austin, Wife of Baxter Austin, G H Watkins, Florence Watkins, Wife of G H Watkins, Conrad W Y ost-------Yost wife of Conrad W Yost , whose first name is to the plaintiff unknown, and Barnett Lumber Co. defendants filed January 31, 1922

foreclose on notes and mortgage. , ordered to pay debt or sell premises then pay bill pages 126-141

34. May Palmer plaintiff Vs Hugh W Palmer defendant Filed Feb. 18, 1922 divorce, married May 15, 1912, Excelsor Springs, Missouri, willfully deserted her she wants divorce and alimony divorce granted pages 141-143

35. Roxie L Gentry Plaintiff Vs Leona E Gentry defendant filed Oct. 11, 1921 divorce married Aug. 11,1909 Indianola, Nebraska, Committed adultery with William Lane, he wants divorce and court to settle property rights. divorce granted pages 143-145

36. Hazel Morris plaintiff Vs Thomas R Morris defendant filed May 1, 1922 divorce married June 14, 1917 Cheyenne, Wyoming, ,did not supply a home for her or support , she wants a divorce Granted after an investigation. pages 145-147

37. E B Nelson plaintiff Vs Baxter B Austin, Susan H Austin, his wife, The Citizen State Bank of McCook, American Trust Company of Lincoln, Nebraska, J J Gragg, Dick Pfister and Mrs. Ruth Pfister defendants filed Nov. 5, 1921. That the mortgage be foreclosed . pages 147-162

38. Transcript filed May 31, 1922 State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Frank Carter defendant complaint for making intoxication liquor in a still. pleaded guilty and fined $500.00 and spend 30 days in jail and pay court costs pages 163-165

39. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs John Pappas, Howard Lee, Frank Javason, and Paul Pourlas defendant filed May 9, 1922 . took auto apart and hid it in order to cheat the insurance co. John pleaded guilty and sent to prison for 1-3 at hard labor. the other two was not charged pages 165-169

40. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Earl McMann, Howard Blair, Mat Edgar defendants filed May 11, 1922 transcript complaint. stole chickens from George Lang, entered a plea of guilty as charged pages 169-171

41. Transcript was filed May 15, 1922 State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Delbert Branscom and Clarence Hansen defendant. complaint stole 2 Goodyear auto. tires from Red Willow Equity Exchange . suspended sentence and parole pages 171-173

42. Grace V Hill plaintiff Vs Gail W Hill defendant filed April 21, 1922 divorce , Married Dec. 16, 1919 Red Willow County, Nebraska. non support wants divorce and relief that is just and equitable. issued a summons pages 175

43. Windson Farm Dairy Company plaintiff Vs Melvin a McCarty and Bert D McCarty partners doing business under the firm name of the McCook Bottling Worked, defendant filed Dec. 10, 1921 delivered milk and cream , plaintiff wants paid for it . pages 176-179

44. Elsie H Morris plaintiff Vs Lloyd A Morris defendant filed April 10, 1922 divorce married, June 13, 1916 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Issue of marriage Gerald Morris and Harold Morris born Sept. 20, 1920. non support , willfully deserted her and children wants a divorce, custody of children and support . divorce granted pages 179-182

45. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Frank O Claar defendant filed Dec. 19. 1921 , transcript keep intoxicating liquor in his possession . Jury found him not guilty pages 182-184

46. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Roy Hays defendant filed transcript Nov. 16, 1921, had sex with his sister .Cora Hays, he pleaded guilty page 185-186

47. In the matter of the estate of Caroline Madison deceased filed Aug. 25, 1921, to settle the estate of James and Caroline Madison pages 186-197

48. Complaint filed April 12, 1922 , State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Chester Miles, Stanley Christensen, and Bernard Caraher defendants. stole merchandise for a store. value of $500.00

pages 197-199

44. John R Brown plaintiff Vs L w Tulleys, Trustee, The Anglo-American Mortgage and Trust Company, Sarah Ruby Simmons, Sarah Louise Gould, Alice Gould and William R Seward, sole Legatees and Devisees under the will of Jason w Seward, deceased, The unknown Heirs, Devisees, legatees, personal Representatives, and all persons interested in the estate of the said Jason W Seward, deceased, Sarah Ruby Simmons, Sarah Louise Gould, Alice Gould, and William R Seward, if deceased; Mrs. Thomas, wife of Samuel G Thomas , First name unknown, Arthur M Stark and Edwin w Mosher, and the unknown Heirs, devisees, legatees, personal Representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of Mrs. Thomas, first name unknown, Arthur M Stark, and Edwin W Mosher , if deceased, and all persons having or claiming any interest in said real estate. defendants filed April 1, 1922 , court found for plaintiff he is the owner of said real estate pages 200-208

45. John S Hoobler and Hattie A Hoobler plaintiff Vs Luella Hoobler, Florence Lucille Hoobler, Leslie Hoobler, Rex Walter Hoobler, Gordon Glenn Hoobler and Elizabeth Hoobler defendants filed March 8, 1922 defendants. to settle the estate of Mary Emma Hoobler deceased, pages 208-216

46. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Paul Couse defendant , filed transcript June 23, 1922 Case #377 Complaint . he stole Automobile Tires Value $500.00 from McCook, Equity Exchange.

pleaded guilty as charged pages 217-218

47. Frank P Bougger, Sarah Medinger, Julia Speicher, Elizabeth Bougger and Katherine Bougger plaintiffs Vs Homer Earl, Ernest A Rusher, Sue E Rusher, The Octavia State Bank of Octavis, Nebraska, George D Cooper, Receiver of the Octavia State Bank of Octavis , Nebraska and Clyde Earl defendants filed Petition ;in Equity, Nov. 21, 1921, foreclosure on mortgage. pages 219-228

48. In the Matter of Donald McCoy, a delinquent and Neglected child filed June 30, 1922,

he is about 14 father is C A McCoy he stole a chicken and personal property of LaVonia Drew. issued a summons for parents to appear in court. pages 228-229

49. Andrew J Crawmer , also known as A J Crawmer, plaintiff Vs Clyde B Smith , Adeline Smith, his wife and Perry Lumber Company defendants filed Nov. 8, 1922 foreclose on notes and mortgages. pages 229-234

50. McArthur C Lord plaintiff Vs Emil Weskamp defendant filed December 30, 1920 Suit on account. Judgment for the plaintiff pages 234-236

51. Lavilla J Burtless plaintiff Vs Samuel W Hockett, and Alma J Hockett, his wife; Baxter B Austin, and Susan B Austin , his wife, Albert N Nelson , and Mollie R Nelson , his wife and the Citizen State Bank of McCook, Nebraska. defendants filed July 20, 1921. foreclose mortgage, pages 237-248

52. In the Matter of Earl Waline a Delinquent and Neglected Child filed July 18, 1922 about 13 years old father is Louis Waline, he is growing up in unfit home. broke into a dwelling house of Paul Couse . issued summons for father to appear in court. pages 249-250

53. Sarah A Ike plaintiff Vs Cecil L Ike defendant filed May 31, 1921 divorce married Feb. 21, 1911 at Holdrege, Nebraska. Committed adultery with woman in Hastings, NE. and one in Denver, Colo Ada Hardestine, Issue of marriage are Genevieve Greta Ike 5, Leona Maxine Ike 4, charges extreme cruelty , wants divorce , custody of children, and alimony and support , she petition a restraining order against him. divorce granted pages 250-255

54. Elwin Devoe plaintiff Vs Harry Orr defendant filed May 16, 1921 transcript, Bill of Particulars , for cutting wheat , court finds for the plaintiff pages 255-259

55. Frank P Bouger, Sarah Medinger, Julia Speicher, Elizabeth Bougger, and Katherine Bougger plaintiffs Vs Homer Earl, Ernest A Ruxher, Sue E Rusher, and the Octavia State Bank of Octavia Nebraska. defendants foreclose on mortgage and sell property to satisfy the mortgage pages 259-267

56. J A Modrell plaintiff Vs Mary I Summers, an Insane and Incompetent Person defendant filed Feb. 26, 1921, to settle the estate of William Summers deceased, pages 267-272

57. Arvilla S Taylor plaintiff Vs Chace Taylor defendant filed March 30, 1921, Divorce Married Nov. 13, 1920, at McCook, Nebraska, extreme cruelty and non support, wants divorce and alimony. granted with alimony pages 272-273

58. Citizen State Bank plaintiff Vs Fred L Dunn defendant filed August 10, 1922 ,confession of Judgment to the plaintiff from the defendant pages 274-275

59. In the Matter of the Estate of Albert Clifford Sipe , deceased filed March 28, 1922 by Bertha L Sipe. about an auto being signed to the father of Albert Sipe before he died the court fount for him and against Bertha Sipe pages 275-280

60. Merle V Conery plaintiff Vs Milton H Conery defendant, filed July 15, 1922 divorce married Aug. 23, 1917 Dodge County, Nebraska, issue of marriage is Catherine age 2 charges extreme cruelty , non support, wants divorce , custody of child and alimony , page 281

61. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Bernardino Levano defendant filed Sept. 5, 1922 for making intoxicating liquor at a still. found guilty fined $500.00 and jailed for 30 days at hard labor pages 281-282

62. W R Starr Appellant Vs The County of Red Willow , Nebraska, filed Feb. 8, 1922 , for money owed him when he tried a case and used his own moneys as expenses pages 284-285

63. George D Thompson and James E Thompson plaintiff Vs Ida F Smith defendant filed April 19, 1921, for possession of premises, Jury found for the defendant pages 286-289

64. E J Ludwig and L A Fitch, partners doing business under and by the firm name and style of Ludwig and Fitch plaintiff Vs P Walsh, I E Smith and Edward F Glatharr defendants filed Jan. 11, 1922 .took the title to defendant to have it corrected but they failed to return it. wants judgment for $ 125.00 and court costs. page 289-304

65. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Roy Hayes defendant filed Nov. 16, 1921 transcript. had sexual intercourse with his sister Cora Hayes, asked for an court appointed attorney pages 305-307

66. State of Nebraska, plaintiff Vs George Morris and Martin Morris defendant transcript filed Dec. 19, 1921, killed and murdered one Pearl Turner by shooting him with shoot gun, .he died Nov. 28, 1921. Jury found Martin not guilty, George Morris got a change of Venue to Hitchcock County . pages 307-314

67. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Frank Gillen defendant filed Dec. 19, 1921 transcript for having intoxicating liquors on premises. Jury found him guilty as charged pages 314-316

68. In the Matter of Donald McCoy , a delinquent and neglected child filed June 30, 1922 he is 14 and his father is C A McCoy, stole chickens and personal property of Lavonia Drew .. summons to appear in court pages 316

69. John M Stansbuty plaintiff Vs Elects Howe, Widow; Thomas J Stansbury and Sallie Stansbury , his wife, Ella Hoouseman and Jamie Houseman, her husband, Marguerite Stansbury Compbell and William t Campbell, her husband, Clara May Nolund and James Nolund, her husband, George P Jones and Dora Jones, his wife; Ella J Hickey, a widow; Harold E Jones and Nellie Jones, his wife, Sarah A Simonds and Arthur E Simonds, her husband; Joseph S Miller , unmarried, Ruth J Holden, and Jay C Holden her husband; Sadie Little and Howard Little, her husband; Lattie A Fasig, and Hal S Fasig, her husband,; Ella M Hickey, and Timothy D Hickey, her husband; Albert A Miller, and Bessie M Miller his wife; Jessie M Dixon and Cyrus E Dixon her husband; Grace E Allen and Birttle M Allen her husband; Mary E Bunce and Frank M Bunce,her husband; Eva J Hill and Robert B Hill, her husband; Anna A Crawford and William W Crawford, her husband; Bertha K Lee and Edward V Lee , her husband; Byron A Washburne and Mary A Washburne, his wife ; Frederick W Washburne and Reta Washburn , his wife, ; William C Washburne, unmarried, ; John Wortman, Ralph Wortman, Frank Wortman, and Fred Wortman, all unmarried; Adelia Stansbury, wife of plaintiff, John M Stansbury, and Carroll W Parrish, and all persons having or claiming to have an interest in the said real estate defendants filed Aug. 27, 1921. to settle the estate of Sarah L Sexson deceased pages 317-327

70. C F Jackson plaintiff Vs C B Elliot defendant filed Feb. 24, 1921 , was a partnership in an elevator to buy grain. which was sold to the plaintiff , defendant wants his money from the sale . pages 327-335

71. Mason C Shurtleff and Thomas Miles Jones plaintiff Vs Harry P Stevens, Hannah L Stevens and W E Sampson and Mrs. W E Sampson, first name unknown ;defendants filed Nov. 19, 1921

that the plaintiff be the joint owner and sole owner of the said real estate pages 335-338

72. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Art Helm and ____Johnston whose first name is unknown filed April 11, 1921, Stole automobile tires value $500.00 from McCook Equity Exchange. plea guilty as charged pages 338-340

73. The First National Bank of McCook, Nebraska plaintiff Vs R A Watkins , Nora Watkins and John E Kelley defendant filed August 5, 1922. Judgment for money owed. court found for the plaintiff , defendants ordered a new trial pages 340-345

74. Dorsey E Shepherd plaintiff Vs Anna Nordstrom, Roland Scott, Guardian of Anna Nordstrom, Insane , Incompetent, William Howard Lee, Nora May Lee and Paul Greenwood defendants filed April 7, 1922. foreclose on Real Estate. pages 345-350

75. Fred Dewane plaintiff Vs The Village of Bartley, Red Willow County, Nebraska and A J Crawmer, R E Walkington and William Fritz Trustees of the Village of Bartley defendants filed May 20, 1922. the land is farm land and he wants to be disconnected from the Village of Bartley. granted pages 350-352

76. Elfrida Branscom plaintiff Vs Delbert F Branscom defendant filed July 22, divorce married ; Oct. 1, 1920 at Oberlin, Kansas, extreme cruelty, non support, she wants a divorce and alimony, divorce and alimony granted pages 352-353

77. Henry G Pade plaintiff Vs James B Jacques, Marie Jacques, Baxter B Austin, Susan H Austin, Fred T Buckley, Gladys Buckley, Henry Pfister, Mrs Hennry Pfister, first and real name unknown the First State Bank of Cedar Bluffs, Kansas defendants filed April 8, 1922

foreclosure on Real Estate. pages 354-362

78. Frederick W Alves plaintiff Vs Mildred Alves, a minor and Dale Alves, a minor defendants filed August 11, 1922. to settle the estate of Susan a Alves deceased, pages 362-367

79. Edwin Carfield plaintiff Vs Elizabeth Stoenbur, Mariette Goodenberger, Amasiah Wilson, John J Wilson. Clementine Shaneour, Olive M Miller, Joseph S Wilson, Myron H Wilson, Milly M Wilson and all persons having or claiming any interest in the said real estate defendants, adjudged and decree that the title be quieted . pages 367-369

80. Silas Gibson plaintiff Vs W J Bagan, Marguerite Bagan, his wife, William Stratman, Rose Stratman, his wife, Charles W Thomann, Nellie Maude Thomann, his wife, Clyde W Lutes and Edith Lutes , his wife, defendants filed Aug. 18, 1922. pages 369-373

81. In the Matter of the Application of J R Sips, administrator of the estate of Albert Cliffore Sipe for license to sell Real Estate filed May 27, 1922. so he can pay debts of the estate pages 373-377

82. The First State Bank of Cedar Bluffs, Kansas plaintiff Vs Sam Hornback and Jenettie c Hornback defendants filed May 27, 1922. judgment from the defendants for money borrowed, court found for the plaintiff pages 377-380

83. Jeannette McDivitt plaintiff Vs M Karmer, whose real name is Moritz Kramer defendant filed May 27, 1922. judgment for the plaintiff for money owed pages 380-382

84. Louis Thorgrimson plaintiff Vs Albert E Nelson, Mollie R Nelson, his wife, The Citizen State Bank of McCook, NE . and Rex E Scott and Geo R Cappel defendants filed Aug. 12, 1922

foreclose pages 382-388

85. Annetta Helm plaintiff Vs Arthur C Helm defendant filed June 24, 1922 divorce married Sept. 17, 1911 McCook, Nebraska, issues of marriage Evelyn A Helm 9, Marjorie A Helm 7, Scott J Helm 5, extreme cruelty, adultery, wants divorce, custody of children, alimony , pages 388-389

86. Albert C Rider plaintiff Vs Grace Shuey, Charles Shuey, Merty Biehl, John Biehl, Mary Bouslough, Ira Bouslough, Nellie Cooley, Samuel Cooley, John Edmondson, Jane Edmondson, Frank Edmondson, and Ellen Edmondson, Warren Edmondson and Maud Edmondson defendants filed July 1, 1922. the plaintiff is the only owner of the said Real Estate pages 389-392

87. The First State Bank of Cedar Bluffs, Kansas plaintiff Vs Dick Pfister and Ruth Pfister, his wife, Blanche H Austin and Charles M Austin, her husband, and John Crocker, Louis Crocker, and Joseph Crocker filed August 3, 1922. foreclosure. pages 392-398

88. Sarah M Doak, and Bessie E Curlee plaintiff Vs Miss S E Bailey, B F McCollum; J V Carnahan; J F Carnahan; L A Carnahan; the first real name of each of whom is unknown; Ellsworth J Madison; Alive K Madison, his wife; William Madison; Mary Madison his wife, Joseph R Madison, Jane Madison his wife; Margaret McCollum; Edward Curlee; Charley J McCollum; Dora McCollumhis wife; Adam J Doak; Robert Doak; Thomas Doak, Anna Short; Jessie Doak, Grace

Doak; Irene Doak, William Doak, Kenneth Doak; Carl Roben; Ollie Roben; Leona Roben; Andrew W Doak; Thomas C Doak; Grant Caton; Ellsworth Caton; Sarah Jane Thomas; James A Caton; Grace V Wilson; Pearl E Widdifield; George Shenaman; Lafayette Caton; Goroge Caton; Thomas Caton; Bessie Keith; Sadie Deason; Thomas Redd; Evelyn Piper; Stewart McCollum; Edna M Helm; Earl McCollum; Edgar McCollum; Milton McCollum; Leldes McCollum; Lulu Johnson; Dora Jenkins; A J Crawmer as executor of the last will and testament of Caroline Madison deceased, the heirs, devisees, legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of Caroline Madison deceased Paul S Seeley; Affa C Seeley; and all persons having or claiming to have any interest in any of the real estate in Red Willow County, NE defendants. Filed April 15, 1922. to settle the estate of Caroline Madison pages 398-412

89. A B Wood , as administrator with the will annexed of the estate of john E Hathorn deceased, plaintiff Vs Bertha L Sipe, Dors F Sipe , J R Sipe, Addie M Sipe, J R Sipe as administrator of the estate of Albert Clifford Sipe, deceased and Harley T Cawthra defendant filed Aug. 9, 1922 foreclose contract . pages 412-418

90. Lillian M Warren plaintiff Vs Thomas F Rowell, Lottie A Rowell, his wife, John f Rowell , Cora Rowell his wife, Grace Rowell Manso, Judd W Manso, her husband, Carlton Rowell, Ruby Rowell, his wife, Verna Rowell a minor, and Uriah J Warren, Husband of Lillian M Warren defendant filed May 13, 1922. to settle the estate of Sarah J Rowell deceased pages 418-426

91. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Ralph Burnham defendant filed Nov. 18, 1922 transcript complaint . stole a Dodge Roadster Auto. from M T Boulware. found guilty and sent to prison for 1-5 years at hard labor pages 426-430

92. Esther Dolph plaintiff Vs Sarah M Ashton, Jesse C Ashton, Charles H Hess, Mary E Hess, George Hess, Nellie Hess, Egbert H Everist, Byron E Everist, Angie Everist, Clyde Everist, Jessie Everist, Lenna Relph, Carl Relph, Alice Everist, George Everist, Glen Everist, Constance Everist, and Sylvia Everist. defendants filed March 28, 1922 to settle the estate of Melissa Hess deceased. pages 430-438

93. William Dudeck plaintiff Vs William Schlagel and Mary Degele defendants filed June 14, 1921 wants judgment for money owed him. Jury finds of the plaintiff from the defendant Mary Degele pages 438-448

94. L J Stoll plaintiff Vs John Olson defendant filed March 21, 1922. Transcript. Judgment against the defendant for the possession of personal property . Jury found for the defendant pages 448-454

95. Thelma Sipe a minor, by James S Sipe , her father and next friend Vs Leonard Noel defendant filed Sept. 16, 1922. the defendant took Thelma to Lincoln, Co. NE on pretense of being married against her parents will. she prays for the pretended marriage to be decreed and Void. the defendant wants the case dismissed pages 454-455

96. In the Matter of the Estate of George W Jones, deceased; filed May 20, 1922, that the estate of George W Jones be settled according to his last will and testament pages 455-459

97. Red Willow County Commissioners want to put a road in and are being sued for damages by Rudolph Quadour, and others jury found for the plaintiffs and objectors. page 459-464

98. John F Cordeal plaintiff Vs George A Jussell defendant filed Cot 27, 1921, the plaintiff leased land to defendant and pray for the lease to be terminated. granted pages 464-468

99. Northup and Dick plaintiff Vs Frank LaShall defendant filed Aug. 12, 1921 transcript. sold merchandise to defendant and now wants judgment for goods pages 468-472

100. # 4133 Ernest G Stone plaintiff Vs Napoleon DeMere, and John E Kelley defendants filed Jan. 4, 1923. that the defendants wont honor the contract . ordered to carry out the contract pages 472-478

101. Henry Knosp plaintiff Vs Dillah Knosp defendant filed Sept. 22, 1922 divorce married March 20, 1909 Sulphur Springs , Texas . Issue of marriage Henry Knosp 12, Carl Knosp 10, Tehodore Knosp 8, willfully deserted him taking the children wants divorce and custody of minor children, divorce granted pages 478-482

102. Bessie Miller, formerly, Bessie Wishon, plaintiff Vs Alfred Raymond Wishon, Fay Wishon, his wife, Lottie May Parker, George Parker, her husband, William James Wishon, a minor, Lucy Elizabeth Wishon , a minor, Lovina Olive Wishon, a minor, Mildred Irene Wishon, a minor, Effie Marie Wishon, a minor, Charles Albert Wishon, a minor, Adam J Miller, Husband of Bessie Miller defendants filed May 10, 1922. to settle the estate of Charles Wishon deceased. pages 482-524

103. Clarence L Emerson plaintiff Vs Edna E Emerson defendant filed Dec. 14, 1922 divorce married April 13, 1922 Colorado Springs Colorado. extreme cruelty , willfully deserted him . he prays for a divorce. granted page 524-527

104. # 4092 Eva R Kessler plaintiff Vs Edward Matthew Kessler defendant filed Aug. 25, 1922 divorce, married Feb. 21, 1918 Grand Island, Nebraska. non support, wants divorce and alimony . divorce granted pages 528-529

105. Edna Hudson plaintiff Vs Lee Hudson defendant filed Sept. 13, 1922 divorce Married June 6, 1903 Albany , Missouri, Issue of marriage. Mildred Jeffers Married 18, Kenneth Hudson 8, an adopted son, Bessie Deloise Hudson 21/2 years old. extreme cruelty, adultery , wants divorce and custody of minor children and support for children and herself . divorce granted pages 530-532

106. In the Matter in the Estate of Arthur Sanford, deceased , to settle the Estate of Arthur Sanford deceased, pages 532-540

107. Emmet Hubert plaintiff Vs Eva E Hubert defendant filed June 9, 1923 divorce Married Aug. 6, 1917, at Salisaw, Oklahoma, Willfully deserted him prays for a divorce, divorce granted pages 541-542

108. Katheryn Jolson plaintiff Vs Melvin E Jolson defendant filed Jan. 14, 1924 divorce married, Dec. 26, 1923 at Pittsburgh, Crawford County, Kansas. he was already married when he married her she wants marriage null and void . granted pages 543-544

109. Sylvia Shiel plaintiff Vs Adrian Shiel defendant filed July 10, 1923, divorce married; Dec. 11, 1919 Holdrege, Nebraska. no issues of the marriage but plaintiff is the mother of Mona Crawford dau of T L Crawford deceased. extreme cruelty, wants alimony and divorce and house hold goods in her possession granted pages 544-546

110. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Michael Moore defendant filed April 29, 1919 transcript. #232 had in his possession intoxicating liquor . Jury found him guilty and sent to prison 6 months to 3 years at hard labor pages 546-555

111. James Farrell plaintiff Vs George McClain, Sheriff of Red Willow, County, Nebraska Filed Transcript May 23, 1921. for the return of his automobile. it was taken for delivering intoxicating liquor by some people pages 555-559

112. Jacob A Schilz and Sophia Littlewood plaintiff Vs John L Schilz, Anton E Schilz, Emma Schilz, his wife, August A Schilz, Arvilla Schilz his wife, Mary Grieser, Emma Grieser, a minor, Bernard Grieser, a minor, Raymond Grieser, a minor. Delbert Grieser, a minor, Nellie Schilz and George Littlewood defendants filed July 31, 1922 to settle the estate of John Schilz deceased. pages 559-570

113. James H Locker plaintiff Vs Mary E Drake, In her own right, MaryE Drake, Lester D Drake, Nellie I Drake, Victor Drake, Violet Drake, Harry Drake, Bessie Drake, and Harley Drake Legatees, devisees and heirs at law of Alfred F Drake Deceased, filed Sept. 30, 1922, foreclosure and settle estate of A F Drake deceased pages 570-576

114. Elmer Furrow plaintiff Vs Anna Johnson, Jennie Johnson, Karl Anton Johnson, Amanda Roberts, Ray Roberts, Ruth Johnson, Minnie Johnson, August Johnson Myrtle Furrow, Ruth Furrow, Mary Furrow, Jack Furrow, Minor heirs of Alma Furrow Deceased, defendants filed Oct. 7, 1922 to settle the estate of Alma Furrow deceased. pages 578-588

115. Chester A Deloy plaintiff Vs John Malleck defendant filed April 15, 1922. the defendant was driving at a unreasonably speed and caused a wreck from behind , plaintiff wants judgment for fixing his car. Jury found for the plaintiff pages 588-598

116. In the matter of the Application of John M Keegan, administrator for License to sell real Estate filed Oct., 7 , 1922. to sell Real Estate belonging to Phillipena Keegan deceased to pay debts and expenses, granted pages 598-602

117. The McCook Equity Exchange plaintiff Vs Robert H Parker, Jessie Lee Parker, R B Kepner, Mrs. R B Kepner, his wife, C H Boyle, Lavilla J Burtless defendants filed Feb. 1, 1922

sold them material to build a dwelling in McCook, now wants Judgment for the material , the place is to be sold to pay the bill against it pages 602-624

118. Emma Shepherd plaintiff Vs Elsworth Ward, Alice Ward, William Ward, Lena Ward and George Shepherd defendants filed Dec. 5, 1922. To settle the estate of Anna M Shepherd , deceased, pages 624-629

119. Erwin Hopt plaintiff Vs Catherine Reynolds, and _____Reynolds, her husband, First name unknown, and all persons having or claiming any interest in the said real estate filed May 22, 1923

bought for tax deed and wants the title quieted and decreed to the plaintiff. granted pages 627-633

120. State of Nebraska Vs Harry Thompson defendant filed April 26, 1923 Criminal Docket #445. stole a car from Henry Roth. ordered held in the County Jail . pages 633-634

121. State of Nebraska Vs Edwin L Clapp defendant filed Aug. 25, 1923 Criminal Docket # 411

on DEC, 11, 1910 he married Florence Haley in the county of Valley Nebraska having been willfully deserted by her after five years he married Nettie Adline Mathes on Dec. 25, 1922 in Red Willow County, Nebraska without getting a divorce from Florence Haley. jury found him not guilty pages 635-638

122. Marion Equity Exchange plaintiff Vs John C Leibrandt defendant filed March 14, 1923

gave note for money borrowed and plaintiff wants Judgment for said loan . Granted pages 639-640

123. John Walton Randel plaintiff Vs William W Birge, Benjamine F Freese, Margarett V Snyder, Ports Wilson, and all persons having or claiming any interest in said real estate filed July 26, 1923. wants the title to be quieted in him as against any claim, granted pages 641-644

124. Jarru A Shuler plaintiff Vs Stillma I Moseley, _____Moseley , Wife of Stillman Moseley, real name unknown, Charles E Moseley, Administrator of the Estate of John Q A Moseley , deceased, The Heirs, devisees, legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the Estate of J Q A Moseley. deceased, real names unknown, The heirs, devisees, legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of J Q A Moseley, deceased, real names unknown , and all persons having or claiming any interest in the southwest quarter of section 21 defendants filed June 28, 1923 that the title be quieted to him and the claims be void. granted pages 644-651

125. Leon M Coulter plaintiff Vs Mary C Coulter, Mildred O Coulter, James Dewey Coulter, Martha M Coulter, Wilbur H Coulter, Viola F Coulter, Herbert M Coulter, Mary O Coulter as guardian of Herbert M Coulter, a minor and Bessie F Coulter; defendants filed January 24, 1923

to settle the estate of Robert Milton Coulter , deceased. pages 652-659

126. Maggie M Beard, and Sarah M Relph plaintiff Vs Jacob William Clayton, Delinda May Abbott, Robert Abbott, Martha Ellen Vernon, Arthur Vernon, Emma Orpha Cathcart, Wayne Cathcart, flora D Clayton, Flora D Clayton administratrix, of the Estate of Lawrence F Clayton Deceased and Judson R Clayton, Charles Beard and George D Relph defendants filed January 13, 1923. to settle the Estate of William H Clayton deceased. pages 660-666

127. Laura C Wells plaintiff Vs Bertha D Sipe, widow, Doris F Sipe, a minor, and J R Sipe, administrator, of the estate of Albert Clifford Sipe, deceased and Charles Halsey defendant filed January 19, 1923 foreclose and sell real estate to settle debt. pages 667-674

128. Dorsey H Shepherd plaintiff Vs J A Brant, Anna Brant and Ella Lee defendants filed Feb. 8, 1923. foreclosure and sale to pay debt pages 674-679

129. Charlie F Bonham plaintiff Vs Thomas M Mays and Minnie Mays defendant filed March 20, 1923. foreclosure and sale of premises pages 679-684

130. The Southwick Loan and Trust Company plaintiff Vs W L Davenport, Addie M Davenport defendants filed March 28, 1923. foreclose on mortgage ordered a sale of Real Estate and mortgage paid off pages 684-691

131. McCook Equity Exchange plaintiff Vs Walter O Nothnagel defendant filed July 17, 1923.

Chattel mortgage, (Machinery) found for the plaintiff pages 692-697

132. Josephine A McClure, and Marion O McClure , her husband, Anna Case, a widow and unmarried, Lena Brisby and Fred Brisby, her husband, Alex Carmichael, unmarried, William R Snyder, and Catherine Snyder, his wife and Ella Dora Cole and R C Cole her husband plaintiffs Vs Mary Carmichael, unmarried, defendant filed June 13, 1923. To settle the estate of Catharine Snyder deceased, pages 698-700 maybe continued in Volume 32