1. continued from volume 29, State of Nebraska , ex. rel. Arvilla Royce plaintiff Vs Matt Stewart, William Meyers, and Everett S Moore. County Commissioners defendants. widows pension for child Maxine Royce. granted pages 1-3

2. The State of Nebraska , ex, rel. Fanny Doling plaintiff Vs The county Commissioners of Red Willow County, Nebraska , Matt Stewart, William Meyers, and Everett S Moore defendants filed December 18, 1919. for Mothers Pension. granted pages 3-10

3. Harry W Summers, administrator with the Will annexed, of the Estate of William W Summers, Deceased, plaintiff Vs Mary J Summers, Wilfred Mentzer, Mildred Mentzer and J A Modrell defendants filed June 18, 1920. wants a deed to real estate for what he owns settling the estate of William W Summers. pages 10-18

4. Jessie A DeLong plaintiff Vs Jesse E DeLong. defendant filed October 29, 1919, divorce married July 11, 1912. in Red willow County, Nebraska. Willfully deserted her , she wants her name of Jessie Armstrong restored and alimony . divorce granted pages 19-23

5. Herman Clamp plaintiff Vs Citizens State Bank of McCook, NE. defendants filed May 13, 1919. judgment against the bank for check they won't pay. jury found for plaintiff pages 23-30

6. Charles D Palmer plaintiff Vs James I Lee defendant filed Oct. 11, 1919. foreclose the open court granted judgment to the plaintiff pages 30-37

7. The State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Isaac N McDougal defendant filed Oct. 18, 1919 transcript # 3730-13-50 Complaint by C D Ritchie , Assaulted one Mary Clifton under the age of 18 being age 11. the jury found him guilty of rape and sent him to prison 2-15 years, he appealed the courts and was to have new trial pages 37-45

7. The State of Nebraska plaintiff ' Filed January 5, 1921, complaint by C D Ritchie against Pete Lopez and M Schantz, did assault with the intent to kill and Murder one Jos Schantz they shot him and he died Pete Lopez did the shooting. pleaded guilty of 2nd degree murder. sent to prison for 30 years at hard labor pages 45-50

8. The State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Michael Moore, G F Mitchell, first true and real name unknown to the plaintiff and John E Smith defendants filed January 24, 1920 transcript # 3764-13-84. he was charged with Intoxicating Liquors and fined pages 51-54

9. In the Matter of the Application of Charles W Kelley, guardian of the estate of Daniel Kraft, incompetent , for leave to sell real estate filed June 11, 1920. Daniel and Katherine Kraft both age 85 and living on the poor farm in Red Willow . to sell the real estate and pay taxes and rest go to care of the Krafts pages 55-63

10. Edward D Hethcote plaintiff Vs Sanford S Cass defendant filed May 27, 1920 the defendant beat an injured him he had to see Doctor wants Judgment of $5000.00 . Jury found for the plaintiff $1000.00 the defendant ask for new trial in the supreme court pages 64-69

11. Jennie Walton plaintiff Vs Leo Lowenberg, Mary Lowenberg , and Julia C Dwyer defendants filed April 26, 1920; foreclose on mortgage pages 69-76

12. I N Rosier plaintiff Vs Hanna J VanDoren and O S VanDoren ,her husband First and real name unknown, john Doe and Mary Doe, real names unknown, tenants in possession defendants filed July 9, 1920. Foreclose on mortgage pages 76-81

13. Don C Turner plaintiff Vs Baxter B Austin defendant filed May 18, 1920 Transcript. Bill of Particulars. he bought calf at public sale . the calf belonged to someone else who took the calf the Jury found for the plaintiff pages 81-87

14. Alice Morris plaintiff Vs James Morris defendant filed Nov. 24, 1919 Divorce Married November 8, 1910 at Imperial, Chase County , Nebraska . Issues of marriage , Marion Alice 7, John Harold 3, non Support and willfully deserted her, she wants custody of minor children and permanent alimony . divorce granted pages 87-91

15. Jacob C Ball and Sarah J Ball plaintiff Vs Joseph J Scott and Amanda E Scott defendants filed April 20, 1920. foreclose on mortgage and sell premises to satisfy the debt. pages 91-96

16. William O Russell plaintiff Vs Arthur Patenberg defendant filed April 19, 1920. the defendant did run over said Ray Russell causing him injury for 6 months and medical expense . wants judgment for expenses. Granted pages 96-97

17. August Morosic and Michael Morosic , Jr plaintiffs Vs Pauline Barber, Robert Barber. Frank Morosic, Ida Morosic, Anna Teare, Edward Teare, John Morosic, Mary Morosic , Rose Morosic and Anna Morosic defendants filed August 7, 1920. to settle the estate of Michael Morosic deceased pages 97-108

18. In the Matter of the estate of George W Jones, Deceased filed Sept. . 28, 1920 to settle the estate of George W Jones last will and testament found for the widow , and that he was sane at the time of making the will pages 108-123

14. Charles E Lindstrom plaintiff Vs Benjamin E Holbrook, Alice Boatman, Etta Butcher, Cora Beggs, Maggie Stevenson, Katie Coleman and Marcie Darlington defendants filed Nov. 8, 1920

to get a quieting of the title from the estate of Sarah Holbrook pages 123-128

15. Maggie McCurdy plaintiff Vs Charles McCurdy defendant filed August 5, 1920 divorce married February 17, 1896 in Saline County, Nebraska. Issues of marriage was 5 children , three of them are living, 2 of the living children are of age the other daughter is 17. non support and extreme cruelty she wants divorce and alimony . divorce granted pages 128-131

16. Barbara Fahrenbruch plaintiff Vs Marie Achzier, John Achzier , her husband, and Elmira Fahrenbruch defendant filed August 31, to settle the estate of Carl and Fred Fahrenbruch pages 131-132

17. Mary I Canaga plaintiff Vs Thomas B Canaga defendant filed July 24, 1920 divorce married JANUARY 22, 1904 AT McCook, Nebraska. issues of marriage are John W Canaga born Sept. 19, 1904;' Lois M Canaga born Oct. 20, 1907; Arthur B Canaga born August 22, 1909; Helen L Canaga born August 9, 1911;, Henry F Canaga born Dec. 28, 1915 all children are living. he has a violent temper and she wants a divorce, custody of their children, divorce granted and she given custody of minor children pages 133-135

18. William J Perkins plaintiff Vs Grace Edith Perkins defendant filed Dec. 16, 1920 divorce married January 18, 1916 at Wray Colorado. Issue of Marriage a daughter Fern Berdine born Feb. 18, 1918 willfully deserted him spent his money on goods and merchandise she didn't need . he prays for a divorce. divorce granted pages 135-138

19. continued form page 132 of this volume Barbara Fahrenbruch Plaintiff same as #16 above . sold the land and divided the money after debts paid page 139-150

20. John W Neal plaintiff Vs Gladys Neal Defendant filed Sept. .7, 1920 divorce married August 11, 1920 at Holdredge, Nebraska. that she had a husband , the plaintiff wants a divorce and released of all obligations of marriage. divorce granted pages 150-155

21. James W Dolan plaintiff Vs Leisete Gruss, If living , if not the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, personal representatives, and all other persons interested in the estate of Leisete Gruss. Deceased,-------Gruss first and real name unknown husband of Leisete Gruss, if living and if dead all heirs , devisees, legatees, personal representatives , and all other persons interested in the estate of ____Gruss, deceased, the unknown heirs , devisees, legatees, personal representatives, and all other persons interested in the estate of Anna Spellerberg, deceased, Mary A Beck, Conrad Beck, Anand Johnson, Mckillip, Edward McKillip, Emma Johnson Rinck, Martin S Rinck, Beatrice Lang Ruggles, Arthur R Ruggles, Marguarite Lang, Marie Lang, Beatrice H Lang, Bessie T Lang, Thuran H Lang, Lela May Lang, Paul O Hatcher, May Hatcher, defendants filed Nov. 22, 1920 to settle the estate of Louisa T Lang deceased pages 155-164

22. Ethel Conover plaintiff Vs Henry Conover defendant filed August 7, 1920 divorce married June 9, 1916 Concordia , Kansas. Issue of marriage are Neoma age 3, Eva age 2, non support, and extreme cruelty , Adultery , plaintiff wants custody of children and relief just and equitable. divorce granted pages 165-167

23. continued from page 164 of this book # 21 above. to settle the estate of Louisa T Lang deceased pages 167-173

24. Robert Townley Wade plaintiff Vs Perry P Wade, Olive P Wade, George Thomas Wade, a minor, Howard E Wade, a minor, and Mary K Wade, a minor, and T J Dimmitt legal guardian of said minors. filed Sept. 27, 1920. to settle the estate of Alice Wade deceased pages 173-184

25. Loyal J Baker plaintiff Vs Edward C O'Donnell, the heirs , devisees, legatees, personal representatives , and all other persons interested in the estate of Edward C O'Donnell, deceased

quieting and confirming the plaintiffs title filed Dec. 29, 1920 granted pages 184-192

26. Jessie Byrd plaintiff Vs Perry Byrd defendant filed August 26, 1920 divorce Married November 19, 1902 Norman , Nebraska. Issues of marriage are; Loretta Harsh , 17 Married, Evertt Byrd 15, Opal Byrd 10, Clifford Byrd 12, Wilma Byrd 10 months , extreme cruelty and excessive use of liquor. willfully deserted , and Non support wants custody of minor children and Alimony divorce be denied he is to pay $50.00 a month support money pages 192-199

27. In the Matter of the Application of A J Crawmer , guardian of the estate of Samson Bush, an insane person, for leave to sell real estate filed Sept. 8, 1920. granted pages 199-207

28, Rose Fahrenbruch plaintiff Vs John Fahrenbruch defendant filed May 6, 1921 divorce married March 4, 1913 at McCook, Nebraska. non support , extreme cruelty , wants maiden name restored to Rose Bouer, and court costs. no living issues of marriage . divorce granted pages 207-211

29. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs G A Bryan defendant filed January 27, 1921 transcript on complaint that G A Bryan forged a check for $150.00 given probation and fined pages 211-216

30. Henry L Walters plaintiff Vs Daisy B Walters defendant filed February 4, 1921 divorce married June 30, 1915 Lexington, Nebraska. unfit conduct, committed adultery with Edward Moore. he wants a divorce. divorce granted pages 216-218

31. Citizen State Bank of McCook, Nebraska plaintiff Vs Henry Pfister , A N Nelson , and Baxter B Austin defendants filed April 1, 1921 Judgment for the plaintiff pages 218-222

32. Jessie J Hadley plaintiff Vs S S Morrison , first true name unknown to his heirs, devisees , legatees, personal representatives and ll other persons interested in the estate of S S Morrison defendants Filed Dec. 3, 1919 . that the title of the plaintiff be quieted and confirmed. pages 222-225

33. In the Matter of the estate of Florence L Burgess , Incompetent, Filed January 25, 1921. to sell all real estate belonging to Florence L Burgess , Incompetent. Granted pages 225-236

34. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Clarence Meyers defendant filed May 31, 1921, transcript had a forged check , defaulting R M Osborne and John Dunbar. he pleaded guilty as charged pages 236-239

35. Gertrude Clemons plaintiff Vs Bert Clemons defendant filed Feb. 12, 1921 divorce married Oct. 22, 1904 at Bloomington , Nebraska. Issues of marriage are Ona Clemons age15, Addie M Clemons age 13, Irma A Clemons Age 11, Velma M Clemons age 8, and Ralph C Clemons age 5, extreme cruelty , drove her from her home. she wants a divorce and alimony . She was awarded alimony and divorced. pages 239-241

36. Rose Ellen Madden plaintiff Vs Catherine Owens, Mary McManus and Frances Garrity defendants .filed Dec. 9. 1920. the mortgage be void and the title be quieted to the plaintiff pages 241- 246

37. Complaint filed August 29, 1920 against George Wagner for taking water from Henry Liebsack without permission . pages 247-250

38. Walter F Keyes plaintiff Vs Louis Suess, and Arthur J Fritter defendants filed January 28, 1921, was a mix upon the contract when the land was bought pages 250-256

38. Continued from # 37 of this book, George Wagner made an assault upon the Henry Liebsack with a weapon, a shovel with intent to harm him. he pleaded guilty and ordered to stand trial later pages 257-259

39. Mabel Schamel plaintiff Vs Charlie Schamel defendant filed November 16,1920 divorce Married October 14, 1915 at McCook, Nebraska. Issue of Marriage Evaline Blanche Schamesl 3, extreme cruelty and non support he was ordered in Chase County to pay child support which he did for awhile. . she wants custody of child , support for child and alimony . , she got custody of said child and support for her pages 259-263

40. Edwin s Cruver plaintiff Vs Stella H Cruver defendant filed July 21, 1920 divorce married April 29, 1913 at McCook, Nebraska. Committed adultery with Frank Morgan and other men, charges extreme cruelty, issues of marriage are Howard E Cruver age 6, Margaret V Cruver age3 and Loretta Curver age 18 months the plaintiff is ready and willing to take custody of said children, she filed cross petition asking for support and alimony, the defendant is to pay support for children to the plaintiff and he has visiting rights and she has the house divorce granted pages 263-270

41. In Juvenile Court of Red Willow County, Nebraska . filed June 21, 1921, shows that Dennis Harkin age 4, is a dependent and neglected child. that Bertha Harkin Playford is his mother and she married James Harkin who beat the boy , tied him up for long periods of time it is hereby ordered they appear in court with child . pages 270-271

42. In the Matter of Application of the Church of the Deciples of Christ Of McCook, Nebraska, for an order authorizing them to mortgage real estate filed June 29, 1921. granted so they can repair and remodeling . pages 272-273

43. Sadie V Greenlee Plaintiff Vs Wayne B Greenlee defendant filed July 31, 1920 divorce married, October 17, 1901, at Chandler, Oklahoma, extreme cruelty , issue of marriage one son Byron Dale Greenlee age 13, it is agreed by parents he spend time with both of them. she wants divorce. divorce granted she has custody of son page 273-276

44, Maurice P Wrightstone, plaintiff Vs Richard B Sheridan and Ellen T Sheridan defendants filed Dec. 15, 1919. judgment for installing heating in house . pages 277-280

45. Citizen State Bank of McCook, Nebraska plaintiff Vs Charles M Austin and Baxter B Austin defendants filed March 18, 1921, judgment for the plaintiff pages 280-286

46. The Citizen State Bank of McCook, Nebraska plaintiff Vs Peter J Karthouser and Agnes Karthouser defendants filed October 8, 1920. they defrauded the plaintiff by concealing their goods and chattels ordered to pay judgment to plaintiff pages 287-301

47. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs James Weakley defendant , complaint filed May 26, 1920 , he defrauded said Northrup and Dick on weight of hogs , the jury found the defendant Not Guilty pages 301-307

48.State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Charles Cruver defendant filed May 8, 1920 transcript Complaint by Charles H Russell the defendant stole one electric drill and one set of Reamers. the jury found the defendant not guilty pages 307-313

49. Mabel M White plaintiff Vs Henry Albert White defendant filed November 17, 1920 divorce married .May 4, 1911 at Kearney, Nebraska. issue of marriage Albert LeVern White age 8, non support and extreme cruelty ,wants divorce support for her and child and custody of child and he pay court costs. granted divorce , alimony and child support pages 314-319

50. filed May 26, 1920 transcript Complaint filed against Lowell Emerick in Red Willow County , Nebraska, drove his car without lights and at a high rate of speed hitting one John E Hathorn causing him Mortal fractures , concussions and wounds , causing him to die Jury found him not guilty pages 320-326.

51. Walter Nothnagel plaintiff Vs C L Hawkins first name unknown defendant filed Oct. 11, 1920. for trespassing on his leased land, drove cattle on to wheat field and tromped it in the ground the plaintiff wishes damages for his crop and to stop the trespassing. for the plaintiff pages 326-332

52. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Michael Moore sold Intoxicating liquor to one Arthur Shaver.

he was found guilty in open court of violating State Liquor Laws. given probation for 3 years pages 332-336

53. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Stanford S Cass defendant filed May 21,1920 transcript he made a assault on one Edward C Hethcote Jury found him not Guilty pages 337-340

54. W E Bower plaintiff Vs Walter G Bower, Don Severn, Mrs Don Severn name is to the plaintiff unknown ., defendants filed July 22, 1920, to foreclose on mortgage . to sell land to pay mortgage pages 340-351

55. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs John Clements defendant Filed March 5, 1921, he forged and counterfeit a check to defraud Mrs. Emma Godbey. given probation pages 351-355

56. Filed December 14, 1920 transcript , DeWitt Kleven took a Ford Truck belonging to Albert M Nelson, he pleaded guilty and got probation pages 356-360

57. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Robert L Sutton defendant filed Dec. .7, 1921 case # 314 Docket 2, page 15, wrote a forged and counterfeit check , pleaded guilty given probation pages 360-364

58. Baxter B Austin plaintiff Vs J C Glenn, and the heirs , devisees, legatees, personal representatives , all persons interested in the estate of J C Glenn Deceased defendants filed July 22, 1921. That J C Glenn never executed any release deed. plaintiff prays his deed be quieted and confirmed pages 364-370 Granted

59. Joseph Moss plaintiff Vs George McCain defendant filed January 10, 1921, jury found for the plaintiff pages 371-372 see page 385

60. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs George W Monroe defendant filed Oct. 7, 1921 transcript Criminal Case #352. George Monroe with a pistol shot Walter Walden, he entered a plea of guilty to assault and battery pages 373-375

61. Enal B Carroll plaintiff Vs Frank Dike defendant filed January 29, 1921, for labor he did for the plaintiff , the plaintiff won the judgment but the defendant appealed . Jury found for the plaintiff pages 375-380

62. Filed July 13,1921 transcript , Case #344 State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs John G Morland defendant , Wife Desertion, pleaded guilty , sent to prison for one ;year . page 381-384

63. Amy E Miller plaintiff Vs William F Miller defendant filed January 24, 1921 divorce married March 13, 1907 in Red Willow County, Nebraska. Issue of marriage John age 4, and Helen age 9, Willfully deserted her and non support she wants custody of children and alimony and support . divorce granted pages 384-389

64. Walter L Allison plaintiff Vs Ellen Allison defendant filed April 4, 1921 divorce Married February 26, 1916 at Denver Colorado. Issue of marriage Robert Allison born June 2, 1917 and Elmer Allison born November 4, 1919, Robert is now dead. willfully deserted him and left said child he wants a divorce and custody of said child Elmer. Divorce granted pages 390-393

65. C L Hawkins plaintiff Vs C W Yost defendant Case #1264 entitled action of possession of live stock. The Jury found for the defendant . new trial .,this trial found for the plaintiff pages 394-400

66. Harry Stillman plaintiff Vs Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, Rail Road defendants filed Dec. .11, 1920. Judgment for a steer that was killed by train because the RR fence was bad. Jury found for the plaintiff a New Trial was ordered by the defendant. Jury was for the plaintiff in new Trial pages 401-407

67. Filed April 19, 1921 transcript . Baxter B Austin and L A Fitch plaintiff Vs Gottleif Clamp defendant , they harvested wheat and was to pay the plaintiff a fair price , Jury found for the plaintiff . Motion for new trial ordered. pages 408-415

68. Henry Lebsack plaintiff Vs George Wagner defendant filed Dec. 29, 1920 the defendant struck the plaintiff with a shovel doing great bodily harm . count 2 the defendant diverted the water from ditch so he couldn't water his sugar beets. The jury found for the defendant pages 415-418

69. Rex E Scott plaintiff Vs A N Nelson and George P Cappel defendants . Judgment for note on mortgage . Judgment for the plaintiff pages 418-421

70. Helen Potthoff Plaintiff Vs Henry Baker defendant filed November 21, 1921 Case # 350 Docket 1 page 450 Criminal Case . she is an unmarried woman who delivered a child Dec. 6, 1921 who Henry Baker is the father. was found to be the father and ordered to pay support for said child pages 421-423

71. G H Watkins plaintiff Vs John Harrison defendant filed March 18, 1921, To collect for the mortgage on said real estate . ruled for the plaintiff pages 424-432

72. Charles W Poore plaintiff Vs The Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad defendants . filed January 3, 1921. sparks from the train caused a fire which burned his grassland, so he wants judgment against the RR. Jury found for the plaintiff pages 432-448

73. George Propp plaintiff Vs Maria Elizabeth Propp defendant filed August 13, 1921 divorce married 23 years ago in the City of Frank , province of Sarat of the county of Russia , Issue of marriage are. Mollie 17, Maria 15, Minnie 10, Victor 7, extreme cruelty , they bring men into the home and while the plaintiff works . the 2 oldest girls call him names, and the defendant does nothing . wants divorce and for courts make an order for the custody of children, the plaintiff is not entitled to an absolute divorce, at this time. he is to pay child support for the 3 minor children pages 451-456

74. Elizabeth Koch plaintiff Vs Peter Koch defendant filed August 30, 1921 divorce married June 19, 1915 Campbell Nebraska, Non Support, has worked out for food and clothes. wants a divorce, that he pay for support during this action and alimony . he filed a cross petition saying she committed adultery several times . they came to agreement and settled our of court and the divorce was granted. pages 456-460

75. Diane A McCarty, Bert D McCarty and Melvin A McCarty plaintiffs Vs Gertrude H Powell , George W Powell, her husband; Florence Hunt, Ward C Hunt, Her husband, Bessie Gallentine, D W Gallentine, Her Husband, Fern Andrews, Howard D Andrews, her husband, Etta McCarty, Elizabeth McCarty and Henrietta McCarty defendants to settle the estate of William A McCarty, Deceased, Pages 460-468

76. Emma M Leist plaintiff Vs Milford Parker defendant , prays for a judgment for her injuries caused by the defendant and his tractor. The jury found for the defendant, moved for a new trial pages 468-472

77. In the Matter of the estate of Emiline Mitchell, deceased transcript. Objections to allow the claims of Nickolas Mitchell, and Leota Mitchell, J E McNeeley, filed the objections to allow the claims to be paid pages 472-479

78. Clifford E Rector plaintiff Vs Edward F Worden, and Alice M Worden, husband and wife, the heirs, devisees, legatees and personal representatives ,and all others interested in the estate of Edward F Worden, if deceased, the heirs devisees , legatees and personal representatives , and all others interested in the estate of Alice M Worden, if deceased, defendants filed November 21, 1921. the plaintiff prays that the title and right of possession be quieted and confirmed .granted pages 479-488

79. Nicholas Mitchell , Amanda L Hyatt and May T Wright plaintiffs Vs Hayden Frastue Mitchell, Known as Russ Mitchell, James H Mitchell, George E Mitchell, Sadie Malen, William E Shafer, Rosetta Witt, Orie E Shafer,Leota Mitchell, Minnie E Mitchell , Ada E Mitchell , Elizabeth Mitchell, Charles Witt, Leonard Wright, and James Malen defendants filed Sept. 25, 1919 to settle the estate of Emiline Mitchell deceased pages 488-511

80. Joseph M Vincent plaintiff Vs Mary Degele and Jacob Degele defendants filed Nov. 8, 1921. the plaintiff built a house furnished labor material to foreclose and they sell the house to pay the bill. the jury found for the plaintiff . pages 511-516

81. filed May 9, 1921 transcript James M Cassell plaintiff Vs John Crocker, Joseph Crocker and Louis Crocker defendants . for wrongful detention of personal property, Jury found for the plaintiff that he was the owner pages 516-528

82. Wesley M Rozell plaintiff Vs Albert N Nelson and Mollie Nelson defendants filed Oct. 18, 1921. foreclose on mortgage pages 528-536.

83. John F Helm plaintiff Vs The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company defendants filed Sept. 26, 1921. wanted land belonging to the plaintiff for right away pages 536-542

84. John F Helm plaintiff Vs Red Willow Equity Exchange Feb. 28, 1922 motion for new trial pages 542

85. W M Rozell plaintiff Vs J M Cassell defendant filed April 5, 1921 Transcript, keep the possession of said premises from the plaintiff . Jury found for the plaintiff pages 542-545

86. Amos D Althouse plaintiff Vs Mary E Simmons, Daniel W Sawyer, and Emma Sawyer his wife defendants filed Nov. 5, 1921. to foreclose on mortgage . pages 545-551

87. Asa F Ballah plaintiff Vs Ollie Murray and Minnie Murray his wife filed July 27, 1921. foreclose on notes and mortgages , have 20 days to pay or the premises will be sold pages 551-554

88. William N Edgar plaintiff Vs Skinner packing Company Defendant filed Feb. 2, 1921, to defraud the plaintiff , for stocks in said company, pages 555-569

89- Isaac C Clark and Nellie Clark Plaintiff Vs The Nebraska and Kansas Farm Loan Company ,

Amanda Rowland, Thomas Rowland, Harvey Rowland, Minnie Rowland, The Citizen State Bank of McCook, Nebraska, Elias B Nelson, Harvey E Nelson, Emory J Nelson, Grace m Goodenberger, Bert Goodenberger, Amanda K Bennett, James Bennett, Llydia B Huet, Clarence Huet, Lucy L Couse, Paul Couse, Benjamin E Nelson a minor, Mildred Nelson, A Minor , May Roshong, Lafayette Roshong, Joshua Rowland, and May Roland, Clara Hafner, Mathias Hafner, John S Rowland, Mary Rowland, Nellie Rowland, The unknown heirs, Legatees, devisees and personal representatives of John Rowland, deceased, and all other persons interested in the estate of John Rowland, deceased, real Names unknown, and all persons having or claiming any interest in said real estate. filed November 10, 1921. That the plaintiff are the owners of the title in fee simple absolute of the real estate . pages 569-578

90. Otto Harsch plaintiff Vs The County of Red Willow, Nebraska defendant filed Sept. . 8, 1925. #4465 that he wrecked his auto. going over a bridge on planks put there by the road crews. Jury found for the defendants . pages 580-582

91. Annie E Campbell plaintiff Vs Frank M Campbell defendant filed January 24, 1925 divorce married. May 4, 1905 at Hill City, Kansas . Issues of marriage are ; Blanche age 19, Harold age 17, Milford age 16, Mildred age 11, Melvin age 8, Edith age 6, and Evelyn age 3, Blanche is married to Ted Lytle and not living at home , Harold and Milford are working and helping plaintiff with living expenses. charges non support wants divorce and just relief the courts see equitable. divorce granted pages 583-586

92, Frank m Colfer, executor of the last will and testament of John M Farrell, deceased, Edward Farrell, Lillian Shirey, Ruby Schenck, Leonoe Clark, Bertha Highley, Mildred Dellenbach, and Richard Knox. plaintiffs Vs Bartholomew Doyle, Mrs. Bartholomew Doyle, Leo Doyle, Frances Fern Gogerty, David Gogerty, Margaret Doyle, Marie Riley, Ellsworth Riley, and all persons having or claiming any interest in said Real estate defendants filed December 12, 1925. that the title and right of possession be for the plaintiffs to settle the estate of John M Farrell deceased pages 586-595

93. Elizabeth P Emerson plaintiff Vs Clarence L Emerson defendant filed Nov. 17, 1925 divorce

married June 18, 1925 in Denver, Colorado non support wants divorce and temporary alimony and suit money . Alimony and divorce granted pages 595-600

94. Edna M Dalton plaintiff Vs Carl R Dalton defendant filed May 23, 1925 divorce married; June 13, 1917 at South Sioux City, Dakota County, Nebraska; Issue of marriage Warren Kenneth Dalton born Oct. 23, 1920 Plattsmouth , Nebraska. divorce , alimony, and custody granted to the plaintiff pages 600-603

95. Patrick Walsh plaintiff Vs Peter Allambaugh; _____Allambaugh; his wife, first real name unknown; Harry E Kammerlohr, , Adeline Kammerlahr,his wife, and all persons having or claiming any interest in said Real Estate filed Feb. 12, 1926. foreclose or pay debt, granted for the plaintiff pages 604-606

96, Francis E Dike plaintiff Vs The City of McCook, Red Willow County Nebraska defendant filed Feb. 8, 1926 the tract of land is subject to overflow and only good for farming, the city voted to disconnect the land from the city pages 606-609

97. Minnie Fogle plaintiff Vs John Fogle filed August 12, 1925 divorce married Sept. 11, 1918 at Trenton, Nebraska. Issue of marriage are John Fogle age 6, Dorine Fogle age 3. willfully deserted her and children, she wants a divorce and custody of children and support for her and children. balance of record continued on record 34 page 251. pages 610 612

98, Rystorm Company plaintiff Vs C B Lindburg , the first real and true name unknown defendant. filed Feb. . 17, 1926. Judgment against the defendant issued an order of attachment on the defendant. court finds for the plaintiff ordered to pay pages 613-622

99. The Barnett Lumber Company, plaintiff Vs Ida M Smith , as administrator of the estate of Charles M Smith, deceased, Vincent Smith, Margeurite Smith, a Minor, Donald Smith A minor, and Jesse Smith A minor, and Frank Smith defendants filed May 19, 1924 to foreclose on mortgage, and ordered sale of real estate. pages 622-634

100. Vernice Pringle plaintiff Vs Florence Watkins, C Herbert Watkins, George N Pringle, John F Cordeal as administrator for the estate of Bettie A Franklin Deceased defendants filed January 13, 1926. to settle the estate of Bettie A Franklin , deceased pages 635-645

101. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Arch Woodburn defendant filed July 29, 1926 transcript. forged and counterfeited a check . pleaded guilty. he being age 20 sent to State Reformatory for one year at hard labor pages 646-650

102. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Charles Collings Defendant filed July 20, 1926 Transcript .carried a weapon concealed on his person a Knife with blade six inches. page 650& 653 sent to prison for one year (Pages mixed in book)

103. Luman B Swaggart plaintiff Vs William A Gold defendant Filed April 24, 1926 to foreclose a lien for taxes on said real estate. pages 651-652

104. State of Nebraska plaintiff Floyd Fattig defendant filed July 26, 1926 forged and counterfeited a certain check. he is 17 and pleaded guilty, and sent to Industrial School for Boys at Kearney. pages 653-657

105. Frank C Smith plaintiff Vs Harvey P Sutton, Albert J Cain, and Harold P Sutton defendants filed Feb. 20, 1926 . they entered into a partnership and one of them wanted out. the court found for the defendant Harvey p Sutton, The plaintiff was paid his share of the business page 657-670

106. Mable Wright plaintiff Vs Mattie E Knipple, Helen Huston, Frank Huston, her husband, Lettie Sydow, Guy Sydow, her husband, Robert Knipple, ___Knipple his wife, first real name unknown, the heirs , devisees, legatees and personal representatives , and all other persons interested in the estate of Orlando M Knipple deceased, defendants filed November 12,1926, ruled for the plaintiff pages 670-679

107. State Bank of Holdredge , Nebraska plaintiff Vs M A McCarty defendant filed July 1, 1926. Judgment for the plaintiff pages 680-682.

108. Luman B Swaggart plaintiff Vs William A Gold, Agnes May Gold, James Gold, ___Gold, wife of James Gold, whose first name is unknown to the plaintiff, Ruth E Gold. Defendant Filed April 24, 1926. purchased at a tax Sale Real Estate. pages 682& 685 mixed in book to sell real estate and pay plaintiff

109. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Tom Vose defendant filed July 31, 1926, made an assault against one Geneva Boyd a female child age 13, the jury found the defendant not guilty pages 686-688

110. Transcript filed May 10, 1926 The State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Loren R Hamblen defendant . Llillian Jankow filed complaint. she is an unmarried woman pregnant with child and Loren R Hamblen is the father. The jury found him guilty as charged pages 688-691

111. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs William Thayer defendant filed August 6, 1926 for having a car on the streets while being drunk . charges driving while Intoxicated. jury found him not guilty pages 691-692

112. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs William Thayer defendant filed August 6, 1926, charging him with resisting arrest. Jury found him not guilty pages 692-693.

113. C W Poore plaintiff Vs The Chicago, Burlington, And Quincy railroad defendants filed Dec. 5, 1926. was delivered hogs and cattle the number of hogs was short wants judgment from the defendants for the missing hogs. the RR filed a objection to Deposition pages 693-700