1. Frank Cain and William Little plaintiffs Vs George Cappel defendant filed Sept. 1, 1916 transcript , Bill of Particulars for services done, Dug Well, went to trial found for plaintiff filed motion for new trial pages 1-10

2. David Magner plaintiff Vs Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad defendants filed Bill of Particulars March 7, 1916, transcript of proceedings, Had frozen potatoes , Wants judgment for them , Court found for plaintiff, defendants appealed case pages 11-31

3. Affa C Seeley plaintiff Vs James W Houchin, Mary F Houchin and Harrison Stokes defendant filed December 14, 1916 fore close and prays for decree quieting her title found for the Plaintiff pages 32-37

4. Filed November 27, 1915 Bill of Particulars, Herbert J Pratt plaintiff Vs Edward M Cox defendant , he did work and never got paid Jury found for defendant , Motion for a new trial filed pages 37-46

5. Filed November 9, 1916 transcript Joseph L Porter Vs Fred Schmidt defendant used granary for one day wheat storage and expected not to pay for it pages 46-49

6. Mary A Colligan , Edward C Colligan, Katie Colligan and Sadie Colligan plaintiffs Vs John Colligan, Edith Colligan, Thomas Francis Colligan, Dora Colligan, Mary Burroughs, William Burrough, James Colligan, Fred Colligan, M Drury and Martin Bergin Defendants Filed November 25, 1916, To settle estate of Michael Colligan by dividing or selling Real Estate . Has a Tax Lien against estate pages 50-63

7. Mary Wisker and Charles Wisker plaintiffs Vs Albert FKurtz, Minnie Kurtz, Isaac Kurtz, Sarah Kurtz, Wesley M Kurtz, Elizabeth Kurtz, Anna C Quaduor , Rudolph Quaduor , Minnie Unger and Gotlep Unger defendants Filed November 21, 1916, Settle estate of Manda and Martin Kurtz If cannot be divided sell and divide money from Real Estate pages 63-73

8. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Edward Becker defendant filed March 16, 1917 Transcript , Complaint by O F Sanchez, he said defendant broke into and stole goods belonging to plaintiff He pleaded Guilty sent to prison 1-10 years at hard labor pages 73-78

9, State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Charles Murphy defendant filed March 16, 1917 complaint by O F Sanchez The Defendant broke in Railroad Car and stole goods belonging to Sanchez he pleaded Guilty , sent to prison 1-10 years at hard labor pages 78-84

10. First National Bank of Sterling Colorado plaintiff Vs Arthur M Sherman and Mrs. Arthur M Sherman his wife, real name unknown defendant Filed January 26, 1917 foreclose Case # 3531 Decree of foreclosure Pages 85-92

11. Marie Neubauer plaintiff Vs Evart Neubauer defendant Filed February 17, 1917 Divorce , Married May 15, 1914 at McCook, Nebraska Charges Extreme Cruelty , wants divorce and maiden name restored to Marie Walker and alimony pages 92-96

12. Cornelius S Quick Jr. plaintiff Vs Jane Anderson Secrest, Ermest Anderson, Wallace Fraley, Edwin C Anderson, Benjamin F. Anderson, William C Anderson, Maude F Anderson, Grace M Beauchamp, Emma Anderson and Sarah A Anderson defendants. Filde March 21, 1917 she paid mortgage but the title was not released she wants a quieting of title pages 96-101

13. Minnie A Rowland plaintiff Vs John R Rowland defendant filed March 31, 1917 Divorce, Married February 28, 1911 at Benkelman, Nebraska, charges extreme cruelty, non support, Granted a divorce and defendant pays cost of court pages 101-103

14. Frank M Jennings plaintiff Vs Hazel M Dean, Albert W Dean, Arthur E Jennings , a minor, Leveria Jennings, Cora V Pagel, Carl Pagel, Effie P Jennings, a minor, George W Jennings , a minor, Lyman N Jennings , a minor, Edward S Jennings, a minor, Esther D Jennings, A Minor, Lydia M Jennings, A minor, Ella M Dean , a minor, Carl Raymond Pagel, a minor , Myrtle M Jennings defendants filed March 31, 1917, for clear title to the land he paid for pages 103-112

15. Gladys W Sympson plaintiff Vs Walter Sympson defendant filed December 30, 1916 Divorce, Married August 13, 1906 Fairfax, Missouri. Issue of marriage Thelma Sympson 8 years old, charges extreme cruelty , non support wants divorce and custody of daughter an just relief the courts see fit. court finds for plaintiff for custody of Thelma and permanent alimony of $500.00 and $7.50 a month until Thelma reaches the age of 16 pages 112-116

16. Aimee E Menard plaintiff Vs B R Askey and Ora Askey defendant filed February 24, 1917, foreclose on mortgage and ordered a sale according to the law pages 116-120

17. Olive Bryson plaintiff Vs Frank Bryson defendant filed April 14, 1917 Divorce, Married June 22, 1911 at Oberlin, Kansas. charges extreme cruelty and wants divorce and maiden name restored to Olive Zimmerman and relief as seen fit .court ruled for the plaintiff . pages 121-124

18. Ben King plaintiff Vs Lizzie D Loyd, William A Loyd, George F King, Angie King, Nattie S Modrell, James A Modrell, Roy W King, Mary A King, Millie M Pixler, Charles Pixler, Floyd W Harris, Hattie M Harris, Glen S Harris, Don L Harris, Lucian Harris, Guardian of said Hattie M Harris, Glen S Harris and Don L Harris minors and Farmers Savings Bank Defendants filed Nov. 14, 1916 settle estate by selling Real Estate and dividing according to law pages 124-141

19. James F McNelley, Ellen M Mc Neely , William A McNeely, Arthur F McNeely and John D McNeely plaintiffs Vs Mary D Thompson and Frederick Thompson her husband , Annie L Flynn and William J Flynn Her husband defendants filed October 8, 1915 Settle Estate by selling Real Estate and dividing money pages 142-155

20. Charles t Meyers plaintiff Vs Fred Schmidt defendant filed March 20, 1917 The plaintiff has a restraining order from trespassing found for plaintiff all except where the defendant had planted wheat pages 155-167

21. Barbara Rayer plaintiff Vs William J Rayer, Hyacinth May Rayer, his wife, Rose A Rayer, a minor, A Joseph Rayer ,guardian of the person and estate of Rosa A Rayer, a Minor , Samuel S Rayer defendants Filed January 31, 1917 to settle estate of Henry Hahn sold property and settled the estate pages 167-180

22, Harry Stillman plaintiff Vs Nora Stillman, Avis L Stillman , Charley H Stillman also known as Charles H STillman, Fannie M Eastin, Griffin Eastin, Minnie F McCoy, James J McCoy, Erma C Young, and Charles F Young defendant, Filed December 13, 1916 to settle the estate of Frank Stillman , to sell all but the residence of Nora and settle the rest , had to sell Real Estate to settle debts on estate pages 181-210

23. Thomas A Rowland plaintiff Vs Amanda Rowland, Harvey Rowland , Minnie Rowland, May Roshong, Lafayette Roshang, Josua Rowland, May Rowland, Clara Hafner, Mathias Hafner, John R Rowland, Minnie Rowland, Nellie Rowland, Elias B Nelson, Harvey E Nelson, Grace M Nelson amanda K Bennett, James Bennett, Llydia Huett, Clarence Huet, Emoray J Nelson , Lucy L Nelson, Benjamin E Nelson, Mildred Nelson, Citizens State Bank of McCook, Nebraska defendants . to settle the estate of John Rowland and Lydia Belle Nelson pages 210-225

24, May A Jeffers plaintiff Vs Edward A Jeffers defendant filed April 28, 1917 Divorce Married May 28, 1895 in Red Willow County, Nebraska. Issues of Marriage Bernice age 20 Married, Fay 18 years, Ray 16, Roy 13, and Frank 11, Desertion went to live with Hattie Schultz, The plaintiff wants a divorce and custody of minor children and alimony and further relief the court see fit pages 226-227

25. Lester E Jacques, plaintiff Vs Minnie Jacques, William H Jacques , Rose Jacques, Wife of Lester E Jacques, Augusta M Jacques, James B Jacques, a minor, Benjamin a Jacques, a minor, Richard T Jacques, a minor and Minnie Jacques, guardian of the estates of Juames B Jacques, Richard T Jacques, and Benjamin A Jacques, minors defendants filed February 19, 1917

To settle the estate of Edward C Jacques by dividing Real Estate or selling and then dividing pages 227-244

26. Adam Schlecht, Plaintiff Vs Margaret Schlecht defendant filed May 12, 1917 divorce Married June 20, 1906 Linden, North Dakota, Extreme cruelty plaintiff prays for divorce and equitable relief pages 244-245

27. Robert McQuilken plaintiff Vs John E Ford, Marie Ford, Asa F Ballah, Luella E Ballah and Frank Houghnon defendants filed November 12, 1915 foreclose and have receiver take care of the premises until matter is settled, pages 245-260

28. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Leo Schmitz , Alice Schmitz and Elizabeth Nash defendants filed July 11, 1917 Transcript. Complaint by John L Rice; Alice Schmitz delivered a male child on June 23, 1917, in Red Willow County, Nebraska, premeditated malice did kill and murder said male child. Elizabeth Nash found not guilty by jury pages 260-269

29. David J Reid plaintiff Vs Fred B Dillon defendant filed May 12, 1917 Owes money for medical and surgical treatments , attachment on property of defendant found for plaintiff pages 269-275

30. Frank P Young and Howard W Young plaintiff Vs Lafayette Watson, and Mary Watson, his wife, Henrietta H Lockwood, Frank P Lockwood, James L Lockwood, and Bertha C Lockwood, defendants filed July 6, 1917 plaintiff pray they may be declared the owners of Real Estate pages 275-280

31. The SouthWick Loan and Trust Company plaintiff Vs C H Coulson and agnes May Coulson, his wife, Laura Wharton and John C Wharton, her husband, G G Mim , Real name unknown, The First Nationa Bank of Grant City , Missouri, Frank B Enyart, and Adelaide Enyart, His wife, International Harvester Company of America, defendants Judgment or foreclose on premises and sell it to pay bill pages 280-291

32. Chloie S Cruver plaintiff Vs Jay D Cruver defendant filed Feb. 16, 1917 Divorce Married August 17, 1910 Wray Colorado, Issue of marriage on girl Lela M Cruver age 5, Extreme Cruelty , beat her, she wants divorce and custody of child and equitable relief pages 292-293

33. Justin A Wilcox plaintiff Vs The City of McCook, Matthew Lawritson, Clifford Naden, Richard A Green and Morton L Search defendants filed January 12, 1917 Praecipe Judgment against city for tearing out his sidewalk and retaining wall with out permission pages 293-306

34. Dewitt Y Dorwart and Clint Hamilton plaintiff Vs Samuel W Hockett defendant filed April 19, 1917 judgment rendered against the defendant page 307-317

35. Pearl King Clark plaintiff Vs Winslow C Clark defendant filed August 4, 1917 divorce Married June 27, 1904 , at Springfield Missouri, Issues of Marriage are Charles W Clark 12, Russell A Clark 10, and Donald Clark 9, non support , she wants custody of children and money to support them and he pay court costs pages 317-320

36. State Of Nebraska plaintiff Vs William Otto defendant filed August 21, 1917 Transcript , Complaint filed by Otto C Harsh , Stole his automobile , in open court he pleaded Guilty pages 321-324

37. John L Sargent, Plaintiff Vs Mrs. Ella H Jones and ----Jones, her husband, real name unknown, The unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of Mrs. Ella H Jones , deceased, The unknown heirs , devisees, legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of ______Jones Late husband of Mrs. Ella H Jones, deceased, The unknown heirs, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of James Hetherington, deceased, and the unknown owners and claimants of Lots Twenty-three, and Twenty-four in Block Thirty -two in the Original Town of Indianola, Red Willow County, Nebraska defendants filed July 21, 1917 the plaintiff prays for a quieting of his title to real estate pages 325-334

38. James S Doyle plaintiff Vs Mrs H C Beckwith defendant filed Sept. 7, 1917 decree finding the mortgage has been paid and release of mortgage. court finds for plaintiff pages 334-338

39. Ada Childers plaintiff Vs Lee C Childers filed May 8, 1917 divorce Married November 7, 1913 at Osceola, Polk County, Nebraska, Issue of marriage one child Dorothy Childers age 3, Extreme Cruelty and non support wants divorce ,and support for child and permanent alimony pages 340-342

40. Charles T Meyers plaintiff Vs Fred Schmidt defendant filed July 10, 1917, the defendant to give an adequate injunction bond, found for the plaintiff pages 342-352

41. Olivia C Dillion plaintiff Vs Andrew J Dillion defendant filed August 4, 1917 judgment for rent they own and he keeps the money. jury found for defendant order a new trial Jury found for the defendant pages 353-360

42. Henry Kisker plaintiff Vs Priscilla Clothier, Maggie Engle, James Engle, her husband, J A Cordeal, and Moses Erman defendants filed Sept. 20, 1917, prays he may have a quieting of the title to the real Estate pages 360-365

43. The German State Bank of Dyersville, Iowa plaintiff Vs Emil Pfalzgraf, Ida Pfalzgraf , Johanna Waechter and William Remington defendants filed October 16, 1917. foreclose on notes, mortgages and tax liens pages 365-376

44. Lottie Powell plaintiff Vs Boyle Powell defendant filed divorce Married October 16, 1894 at David City, Nebraska Issue of marriage daughter Ruth age 19, charges extreme cruelty wants divorce and other relief deemed just and equitable pages 376-378

45. Mina Pummell plaintiff Vs Walter Pummell defendant filed for Divorce Married January 31, 1912 at Benkelman, Nebraska, , he is a habitual drunkard, Issues of marriage are Arleta Pummell age 5 and Everett Pummell age 3 which are in the custody of the mother. she wants custody of children and alimony and support money for children pages 379-380

46. Lena Scheibel plaintiff Vs W D McDonald, Catherine McDonald a minor, Virginia McDonald, a minor, Eugene McDonald a minor, Francis McDonald a minor, The Ocidental Building and Loan assoc. filed foreclose of Mortgage, page 380-392

47. James D Williams plaintiff Vs Ida B Baugh defendant prays the mortgage be canceled and satisfied of records ,and the cloud on the title be removed pages 393-394

48. In the Matter of the Application of Samuel O'Conner, Blind for relief filed Sept. 9, 1917, Transcript, ask for relief of $300.00 as he will be blind all his life. case # 3575 they dismissed his case pages 396-398

49. State Of Nebraska plaintiff Vs John Offner defendant filed January 16, 1918 Complaint by C B Gray, broke in warehouse of M Kramer with intent to steal, Charles Offner age 13 and John Offner 11, sons of Henry Offner wander the streets all hours of the night and have committed crimes and are delinquent children , that they be in the care of Rev G L Sharp for one year pages 398-404

50. S E Ingram and Anna F Ingram plaintiff Vs Fred Bomark, and Pearl Bomark,his wife, and the State Bank of Lebanon defendants filed October 22, 1917 he mislead the plaintiffs about the land. pages 405-433

51. John F Helm plaintiff Vs Scott Bennett and Jacob Randall defendant filed Sept. 21, 1917

for trespasses on the plaintiff land without his permission, destroyed crops and cut fences. he obtained an injunction, pages 434-442

52. Frank E Poore plaintiff Vs William F Martin, Jane R Martin or Janey L Martin , David E Martin and the Citizen State Bank of McCook, Nebraska defendants filed March 16, 1917

He paid for land but the defendants won't give him warranty deed. pages 443-460

53. Francis Marion Reeves plaintiff Vs Rebecca Elizabeth Thomas, George M Thomas , her husband, Elva Pearl Townley, John C Townley, her husband, Geneva Reeves , wife of the plaintiff, May Leota Reeves, Mary Letha Reeves, Opal Alice Reeves, Sena Isabella Reeves, a minor, Daniel Edward Reeves, a minor, Ruth Ann Cullison, Jesse O Cullison her husband, and Rebecca Elizabeth Thomas as guardian of said Sena Isabella Reeves and Daniel Edward Reeves , Minors defendants Sept. 26, 1917 to settle the estate of Daniel Reeves deceased 461-472

54. John H Jones and C Wilbur Thomann plaintiffs Vs The City of Indianola defendant filed October 29, 1917. they want to detach form the city of Indianola and not be in the city limits. court found for the plaintiffs pages 473-477

55. John Thomas , plaintiff Vs Lulu May Thomas defendant Divorce filed November 8, 1917 Married March 1, 1899 in Nemaha County, Nebraska, Issues of Marriage Clayton J Thomas 17, and Leo W Thomas 15, are with the plaintiff, committed adultery with Charles A Milligan at his home. he wants divorce and custody of children and equitable relief court ruled custody to the defendant and he pay child support both appealed the case to supreme court pages 477-483

56. Esther Thomas plaintiff Vs Franklin Van Vleet, Lizzie VanVleet, Mary Pratt, Gardner Pratt, George VanVleet, Jane Van Vleet, Prudence Leopold , Milton Leopold, Gertie Adams, James Adams, Oscar L VanVleet, May Van Vleet, Edward L VanVleet, Freeda VanVleet, George A VanVleet, Sherman C VanVleet, Charles S VanVleet, Minnie O Schell, and John M Thomas defendants filed November 20, 1917 to settle the estate of Stephen VanVleet deceased, pages 484-495

57. William Jeffries plaintiff Vs Martin B Holland and Bernard McNeny defendant filed January 4, 1918 traded land for a Hotel and it burned while still in the name of Holland and he collected the insurance , court found for Holland against McNeny . see page 538 of this book pages 495-509

58. Jay Weaver plaintiff Vs C S Thompson and Amanda Thompson defendants filed December 8, 1917. Judgment for the plaintiff for money owed by the defendants pages 510-514

59. Jessie Sheppard plaintiff Vs The City of Indianola and William Fritsch defendants filed November 15, 1917. the sidewalk had cement mixer and lumber on it and plaintiff fell and hurt herself the jury found for the defendant new trial and again they found for the defendant page 514-521

60. Linus E Southwick plaintiff Vs Henry Small, Heirs, devisees, and Legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of the said Henry Small Deceased, Mary A Small, the heirs, devisees and legatees, personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of said Mary A Small,deceased, defendants filed January 4, 1918, a decree may be rendered in quieting the title and confirming it . pages 522-528

61. Mary A McDougal plaintiff Vs Isaac N McDougal defendant filed March 27, 1918 Divorce Married August 28, 1913 Denver, Colorado cruelty and non support wants divorce and her name restored to Mary A Jones defendant is to pay costs of court pages 529-530

62. Ellen M Stanbarger plaintiff Vs Orville Ellsworth Stanbarger defendant filed Feb. 15, 1918 Divorce married November 5, 1913 in state of Kansas. issues of marriage Wanda age 3, and Edwin age 1, willfully deserted the plaintiff and took said children to Kansas to live with his folks. she wants custody of children and support money for them also alimony , the defendant joined the military service the court awarded the plaintiff custody and support money for children and alimony for her pages 531-534

63. Percy Catlett plaintiff Vs The Village of Bartley defendants filed March 23, 1918 his land is in the limits of Bartley he wants to be disconnected from the city as his land is farm land court found for the plaintiff pages 535-537

64. State of Nebraska Vs Arthur Cain defendant filed Dec. 19, 1917 transcript complaint filed by B Beck , for carrying a deadly weapon , a revolver, he pleaded guilty and found guilty and fined and committed to common jail until fine is paid. pages 537-541

65. State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Lloyd Benjamin, Hugh Hines, Marion Walker and Carl Ploussard, defendants , filed March 21, 1918 they committed burglary they are minors under the age of 18 and are delinquent children . it was their first offense so they were fined and put on probation. pages 541-542

66. The State of Nebraska plaintiff Vs George Guist, David Eckhart, William Suave , David Snider, and David Washenfelder defendants filed March 21, 1918 are all minors under the age 18, and are delinquent children they stole and then sold stolen property and petty Larceny. it was their first offense so were fined and put on probation pages 542-544

67. John B Smith plaintiff Vs Matthew Stewart and W E Nelson defendants filed December l, 1918, defendant trespassed on plaintiffs land and used it as a road without his consent, ruined the grass, found for the plaintiff pages 544-549

68. Alma F Crawley plaintiff Vs John Crawley defendant filed February 6, 1918 divorce married May 1, 1879 Chariton, Iowa, Issues of Marriage ; Ott Crawley, Clarence Crawley, Ben Crawley, Bart Crawley, Sam Crawley and Max Crawley all of them over 21 except Max and he is 18. She got a divorce in Lincoln county in 1904, but remarried him in 1905 in Colorado. she charges extreme cruelty , she wants a divorce and temporary alimony and suit money and permanent alimony. she got alimony and the custody of the minor child pages 549-555

69. Elizabeth Gregeory plaintiff Vs Alexander M Gregeory defendant filedJuly 19, 1918 divorce Married April 26, 1895 at Oberlin, Kansas. issues of marriage are Anna Polzine 22, Bessie Parcel 21, Delbert Gregeory 15, Charles Gregeory 13, Moretta Gregeory 8, Delbert , Charles, and Moretta live with the plaintiff . permanent and temporary alimony and custody of said minor children charges extreme cruelty . found for the plaintiff pages 555-558

70. Eric A Ebert plaintiff Vs Paulina M Ebert defendant filed June 12, 1918 divorce married August 1, 1917, willfully deserted him he wants a divorce and just and equitable relief pages 559-562

71. Marie S Young plaintiff Vs Mitchell Young defendant filed November 14, 1918 divorce Married Sept 29, 1918 at Beliot, Kansas , said he couldn't support her or himself during the winter and drove her from the house with a shot gun she wants divorce and Name restored to Marie S Jessel, she be granted reasonable alimony. pages 563-564

72. W George Sheppard Plaintiff Vs Jessie Sheppard defendant filed Nov. 16, 1918 divorce Married January 2, 1884 at Indianola, Nebraska willfully deserted him she filed a cross petition asking for divorce and equitable relief and a trial . pages 564-565

73. Francis A Hougnon, plaintiff Vs George W Burton, if living and Andrew E Harvey , if living, partners under the firm name of Burton and Harvey, The unknown heirs , devisees, legatees, and peronal representatives of George W Burton if deceased; the unknown heirs , devisees , legatees and personal representatives of Andrew E Harvey , if deceased, Defendants filed March 26, 1918 that record of mortgage be released and a quieting of title be confirmed pages 565-572

74. Irene Swanson plaintiff Vs Luther E Swanson,Lena F Swanson , and Ivan William Swanson defendants filed April 6,1918 to settle the estate of Otto S Swanson deceased, sold the land and divided the money pages 572-581

75. Ellen F Daniels plaintiff Vs Floyd W McElroy, Lyle F McElroy, Bernice McElroy, Dessie McElroy-Kinnison, Goldie McElroy-Carothers, and Fern McElroy-Robinson defendants filed December 12, 1917 to settle the estate of Joseph W Daniels deceased sold land and divided money according to the law. pages 581-594

76. Laura Halfen plaintiff Vs Ernest H Halfen defendant filed July 3, 1918 divorce married May 8, 1916 at McCook, Nebraska. extreme cruelty and non support . she wants divorce and maiden name restored to Laura Hamilton and defendant pay court costs and he return the money he borrowed from her , property agreement approved pages 594-598

77. Forster G Stilgebouer plaintiff Vs Charles J Higgins, Flordia C Higgins, Valeria M Williams, _____Williams , first real name unknown, husband of Valeria M Williams and the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, personal representatives, and all other persons interested in the estate of Charles J Higgins,deceased, Florida C Higgins, deceased, Valeria M Williams Deceased, and ____Williams husband of Valeria M Williams, Deceased Defendants filed August 1, 1918 to foreclose on mortgage but all are dead or can't be found the plaintiff would like his title quieted and pages 598-606

78. Calvin Hammond plaintiff Vs Atchison Furniture Company, W J Neill and the full name unknown, if living; the unknown heirs , devisees, legatees and personal representatives of W J Neill, if deceased, The Western Farm Mortgage Trust Co. William L Montague, if living, ; The unknown heirs, devisees, legatees , and personal representatives of William L Montague, if deceased defendants filed March 21, 1918. that he has the cloud lifted from his title and he is the owner of said Real Estate pages 606-612

79. John Haag plaintiff Vs The unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, Personal representatives of and all other persons interested in the Estate of Charles Cunningham deceased, Paul S Seeley , Affa C Seeley the unknown heirs devisees, legatees, Personal representatives and all other persons interested in the estate of Augustus Horton Seeley, Deceased defendants filed April 29, 1918. for quieting of title pages 612-622

80.In the Matter of Mollie Propp, a dependent and delinquent child age 14, that George Propp and Marie Propp are her parents, she is out late at night with people she should not be with, petty thefts and makes untrue statements. the cruelty and depravity of her parents , the home is an unfit place for the child. It was ordered that mollie be given probation and her officer check her home once a week to see she is not mistreated pages 622-625

81, The State Of Nebraska plaintiff Vs Paul Dreishler defendant filed March 25, 1918 , Transcript Complaint of L A Fitch, stole a Ford Automobile belonging to Maurice I Sterrett and Cloyd Fahrney, pleaded guilty and sentenced to the State Industrial School At Kearney , Nebraska he is 17 years old. pages 625-629

82, John A Boyd plaintiff Vs Maye E Boyd defendant filedJuly 11, 1918 divorce Married Sept. 5, 1910 at Decatur County, Kansas. on Dec. 24, 1912 adopted child Mary Jane Boyd. committed adultery with one George Ashley, and other men plaintiff wants custody of said child and just and equitable relief . pages 629-632

83. Jacob Reifschneider plaintiff Vs R A Dike defendant filed January 7, 1918 transcript , Bill of Particulars, being the person driving the Colorado Automobile #63228 on Nov. 24, 1917, drove his car at a high rate of speed and hit the plaintiffs auto. damaging it , jury found for the plaintiff new trial ordered pages 632-639

84. In the matter of Application of F G Stilgebouer administrator, for license to sell Real Estate filed May 22, 1918, to sell Real Estate to pay estate debts pages 639-647

85. Bell McDaniels plaintiff Vs Charles Thomas McDaniels defendant filed March 20, 1918 divorce Married November 8, 1916 at St Louis, Missouri. he is a habitual drunk , extreme cruelty , and Non Support, willfully deserted her. Issue of marriage one child born March 6, 1918 Eugene Frances McDaniels. she was awarded custody of child and divorce and he is to support the child pages 647-652

86. William Ebbekaplaintiff Vs Doctor F L Wiseman,if living, first and full name unknown, the unknown heirs, devisees and legatees and personal representatives of the estate of Doctor F L Wiseman, if deceased , and all persons interested in the estate of Doctor F L Wiseman defendant filed March 22, 1918 debt was paid but the mortgage not released it is ordered this be done pages 652-658

87. Rebecca Burgess plaintiff Vs William B Kinkead and Mary E Kinkead, his wife, John C Kinkead and Fannie M Kinkead, his wife, George F Kinkead and Carrie J Kinkead, his wife, Samuel S Kinkead , Altha A Edaburn and John Edaburn, Her husband, James I Kinkead and Lottie Kinkead, his wife, Charles H Burgess, Matilda B Jackson and John Jackson , her husband, Robert A Kinkead and Nora Kinkead,his wife, Mattie A Collicott, and John M Collicott, her husband , John a Cawkins and Alma B Cawkins, his wife, David A Adams and Mae Adams , his wife, Charles H Lockwood and Cora Lockwood, his wife defendants filed June 15, 1918. to settle the estate of John Kinkead deceased pages 658-676

88. Daniel W Sawyer, Carrie Viola Orcutt, Lida Estella Blake and Eudora G Underhill plaintiffs vs Annie Sawyer, Robert J Sawyer, Noah F Sawyer , Annie Sawyer guardian of Robert J Sawyer, insane, incompetent, Frank Blake , Willis Orcutt, John Underhill, Harlow W Keyes, The State Bank of Indianola, Nebraska. and Emma Sawyer defendants filed June 18, 1918. to settle the estate of Noah Sawyer by according to his last will and testament pages 676-690

89. The First National Bank of Cedar Bluff, plaintiff Vs Walter P Ebert filed July 25, 1918 Judgment for the recovery and return of said goods. and Chattels or for the value if the goods are not returned and his costs and damages. issued order for sheriff to get the goods and take to the plaintiff pages 690-698