starting on page 338

48. Francis C Faulkner and Henry C Sanders, As assignees of the Sullivan Savings Institution Vs Joseph C McBride, Thomas W Musgrave, Isabel Musgrave, Carlos C Burr, and John E Hill, Receiver of the Lincoln Savings Bank and Safe Deposit Company defendants Filed Jan. 14, 1898.

foreclosure, issued a stay for 9 months pages 338-342

49. Sophia Griswold plaintiff Vs James B Griswold defendant filed July 8, 1897, divorce married Nov. 20, 1890 at Cheyenne , WY. Issues of marriage are; Laira age 3, Jacob age 2 months. charges non support. wants restraining order for the insurance money, divorce , support and alimony. she ask for $200.00 for the insurance money The bank was made trustee of the money. pages 342-359

50. Meigs H Whaples Vs David Creager, Margaret E Creager, James W Dawes, Fayette I Foss, L H Denison as receiver of the firm of Dawes and Foss, The Loan and Guarantee Company of Connecticut, , A corporation, Sarah M Goodwin, Jesse O Goodwin and John Doe defendant filed March 9, 1897. foreclose the mortgage. pages 359-369

51. The McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. Vs O S Van Doren defendant filed July 21, 1896

the judgment they won has not been paid , want their money. judgment became dormant by lapse of time wants an order of revivor to be issued pages 369-370

52. Sandwich enterprise Company , a Corp. organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Ill. Vs A V Olmstead defendant filed Sept. 30, 1896. Judgment against the def. for money owed him. they attached his land and goods and chattels . pages 370-376

53. # 1887. 53. Horace A Greenwood Vs Michael Kearns et ux. filed May 27, 1897

execution in favor of the plaintiff . pages 376-382

54. # 1943. George W Hinkle , Admr. Vs C A Jackson , et al. Execution District Court , Judgment obtained June 13, 1895 . foreclose for pymt . of judgment . sold the land pages 382-385

55. # 1884. John A Gunn Vs Red Willow County. filed April 6, 1897. He was told to give medical visits to a patient and the county would pay for it. . County Commissioners disallowed the claim. new trial was ordered pages 385-391

56. # 1870. Nora M Cole plaintiff Vs Silas H Colvin defendant filed Jan. 29. for Promissory note. Plaintiff believes J F Forbes, Henry Smith, Cal Throne has property belonging to the defendant in their possession. pages 391-399

57. # 1871. Thomas Clinton Kelly Vs Abraham Peters, filed Feb. 5, 1897. Affidavit in replevin .

for property which he is entitled to the immediate possession . judgment for the plaintiff, case appealed by defendant. jury found for the plaintiff he is to get his stock back and pay damages to crops to defendant. pages 399-415

58. # 1682. J E Seeley plaintiff Vs Sarah F Spickelmier, Levi J Speckelmier, Peter Peterson , Viola L Peterson, Henry Neis, Nichols Collings, Charles Nash, Wester Land Company defendants sold land on tax sale, Plaintiff bought from Western Land CO. foreclose and sell the premises to pay him his tax money. The taxes were paid by defendants . pages 415-417

59.# 1891. State of Nebraska Vs Aaron Grinnell defendant filed June 11, 1897. complaint by David Carpenter, broke into his house and stole one shotgun value $25.00. Jury found him not guilty pages 417-430

60. # 1763. State of NE Vs Edward Lorenz filed Feb. 5, 1898 . Supreme Court, against said defendant be reversed at the costs of the plaintiff. Defendant is charged with murder Jury found him guilty of murder in the first degree. pages 430-452

61. # William H Campbell Vs C E Friend, Mike Duffy , Willmina B Friend, and S T Ridgely defendants filed June 15, 1897. Bill of Particulars; foreclose on promissory note. Judgment for the plaintiff pages 452-460

62. Thomas H Hayden plaintiff Vs Gertie Hayden defendant filed Aug. 14, 1897 divorce married July 20, 1889 in Frontier County, NE. willfully absent, wants divorce. pages 461-462

63. W V Gage, Vs Red Willow County, NE filed April 6, 1897. He is a DR. County wanted him to give professional care to Joseph Saunders. also Henry Jeffries who was shot, Saunders had operation on foot. Commissioners rejected the claims. the plaintiff intends to appeal the case. Jury found for the defendant pages 462-470

64. Dr. Z L Kay Vs Red Willow County filed April 6, 1897, Appeal, Ask to take care of the O'Conners family. by Justice of the Peace H H Berry. County Commissioners disallowed his claim for services. he Appealed Pages 470-475

65. Thomas Rowland plaintiff Vs Nellie D Rowland defendant filed Aug. 1, 1897 divorce, Married Sept., 1888 at Fort Collin, Colorado. Willfully deserted him. Wants a divorce. pages


66. Belle M Tuttle plaintiff Vs George H Tuttle defendant filed Aug. 20, 1898 divorce Married Sept. 12, 1888 in Red Willow ,County, NE. Issues of Marriage are; Mable Tuttle age 7, Clarra Tuttle age 3, Maude Tuttle age 16 months, Joseph Tuttle age 6 , Lizzie age 5, Non support, wants custody of Mable, Clara and Maude and alimony , support . Issued a summons pages 477-479

67. Sylvester S Syder, and Henry Brewer, partners doing business under the firm name of Snyder and Brewer, Vs M Altshuler filed Aug. 11, 1893, and Sept. 21, 1893. Defendant in error, Judgment for the defendant pages 479-485

68. Helen T Campbell Vs Charles T Brewer, Fowler S Wilcox, Lottie Brewer, Katie E Wilcox and the Citizens Bank of McCook, filed Aug. 11, 1897. foreclose, pages 485-510

69. Delia A Dunham plaintiff Vs Amelia H Clark, Zack S Clark, Edith M Clark, Floyd W Clark, North Platte National Bank, James F Toy, The McKinley Lanning Loan and Trust Company and John Doe real name unknown filed Aug. 11, 1897. foreclose of mortgage. pages 511-525

70. Ella M Little plaintiff Vs Frank King, Martha J King, William T Weddell, Mrs. William T Weddell, his wife, who's Christian name is to the plaintiff unknown, The NE . Loan and Banking Company defendants. filed March 10, 1898. Praecipe, foreclose on notes and mortgages. pages 525-540

71. George M Brown plaintiff Vs Albert F Reeves, John E Kelley, and Nora E Kelley and the McKinley Lanning Loan and Trust Company defendant filed Aug. 21, 1897. foreclose , pages 540-548

72. In the matter of the estate of Virginia Wilson , deceased, filed Aug. 13, 1897. petition to sell real estate to pay debts and expenses. granted pages 548-553

73. The McCook Loan and Trust Company , and George Hocknell plaintiff Vs Edgar E Seaver, Alice V Seaver, William A Cepreley, Mrs. William A Cepreley his wife whose Christian name is to the plaintiff unknown, E E Cepreley, E E Cepreley as guardian of the estate of William a Cepreley a minor, J J Mathews , Mrs. J J Mathews his wife who's Christian name is unknown to the plaintiff and John Doe real name to plaintiff Unknown filed Aug. 15, 1898. foreclose on mortgage. and sell real estate. pages 553-559

74. Ellery W Davis , as executor of the last will and testament of Sarah A Davis, Deceased plaintiff Vs John W Fifer, Ora Fifer his wife, Benjamine F Fifer defendants filed Sept. 3, 1898.

foreclose. pages 559-562

75. Jane M Amen plaintiff Vs Herbert Amen defendant filed Aug. 20, 1898 divorce, married June 14, 1898 at McCook, NE. non support, wants divorce and maiden name of Hill restored. summons issued pages 563-564

76. In the matter of Thomas J Murphy , deceased for license to sell real estate filed Feb. 9, 1898

to pay debts and expenses granted respondents Jennie Murphy, William Murphy , Maude Murphy, Beulah Murphey, Lula Murphy, and Patrick Mc Kenna heirs . pages 565-572

77. Hattie A Conklin plaintiff Vs Mary E Johnston, George E Johnston, NE. Loan and Banking Company, C M Crawfore, Cashier, William C LaTourette, and John R Phelan defendants filed April 2, 1897. foreclose, sell premises and pay plaintiff . pages 573-580

78. Asa Perkins, plaintiff Vs Susan F Calkins (formerly Susan F Kneff) and John Calkins , her husband, J E Kelley full name to plaintiff unknown; James Wright and Amelia A Wright his wife and the Citizen Bank of McCook, NE. defendants filed Sept. 3, 1897. foreclose on mortgage. and stay requested pages 581-588

79. Hugh A McGaughy plaintiff Vs Cornelius J Ryan, Mary J Ryan , William Nicklas, Mrs. William Nicklas, his wife who's Christian name is to plaintiff unknown, Robert G Johns and Samuel C Johns defendants filed Nov. 24, 1897. foreclose on mortgage. injunction issued so they could not remove the windmill, fences, cribs and, other buildings and improvements on the mortgaged premises. pages 589-598

80. George A Kelsey plaintiff Vs Albert Halverson, Julia Halverson, Howard Martin, and Mrs. Martin, his wife , who's first name is unknown defendants filed Aug. 30. 1898. fore close on mortgage. pages 599-603

81.George A Kelsey plaintiff Vs Rufus M Snavely, Sarah R Snavely, George E Johnston, Mary E Johnston, John J Lamborn, Hanna E Lamborn, C M Crawford, Cashier and John R Phelan defendants filed Aug. 18, 1898 . Farm Mortgage Bond, foreclose. pages 604-612

82. Maggie Brooks and Ada Vierschilling, as administratrices, of the estate of Margaret Vierschilling, Deceased, Vs Frank P Kellogg, Ida B Kellogg, his wife, S M Cochran & Co., a partnership , Barnett Lumber Co., A corp. , Howard Lumber Co. and I R Andrews. defendants filed Dec. 29, 1897. foreclose, stay granted pages 612-619

83. Arthur J Brent, plaintiff Vs William Karskadon and Charlotte Karskadon, his wife defendant filed Dec. 17, 1897. Real Estate Mortgage coupon Bonds. foreclose, stay granted pages 620-625

84. Henry O Wait plaintiff Vs Milton E Horner, Orpha Horner, Hiram C Rider and Charles L Miller defendants filed Nov. 20, 1897. receiver appointed and foreclose on mortgage. pages 626-636

85. Mrs. T M Gilbert plaintiff Vs John McGuinness, Mary E McGuiness, J E Seeley, Edmund W Pedler, Mrs. Pedler wife of Edmund w Pedler, first name unknown , Thomas M Waene , John Doe and Mary Doe defendants filed Dec. 23, 1897. Farm Mortgage Bond. foreclose, and receiver appointed pages 636-642

86. Winnie D Stoddard, Guardian plaintiff, Vs Sigmond Seaman, Annie A Seaman, Mary Lyman, ____Lyman her husband, who's first name is to plaintiff unknown, John E Kelley and William Fruin, Oscar Everist, and Mrs. Oscar Everest, his wife, who's first name is to plaintiff unknown defendants filed Dec. 30, 1897. Real Estate Mortgage Coupon Bond. Foreclose. pages 642-655

87. City of McCook, Vs U J Warren defendant filed March 12, 1898. judgment against the defendant for a promissory note , the defendant Demurs Pages 655-658

88. Lemira M Beaty plaintiff Vs Charles Masters, et al. defendant filed March 17, 1897. foreclose on mortgage. pages 658-664

89. John E Kelley plaintiff Vs William Wight, and Sylvia C Wight his wife defendants filed Aug. 13, 1898. Real Estate First Mortgage Coupon Bond. foreclose. page 665-669

90. J Elmendorf plaintiff Vs Joseph O Shaffer et al, Clara Shaffer, J E Seeley, John J Lamborn, O E Root, William S Querlunder, Mrs. Querlunder wife of William first name not known defendants filed Jan. 5, 1898. Farm Mortgage Bond Foreclose. and sale of said premises pages 670-674

91. J R Bullock, plaintiff Vs Roland R Woods, Jennie L Woods, Charles T Brewer, Lottie Brewer, and the Citizens Bank of McCook, NE filed Nov. 10 , 1896. that the heirs be made a party to this action and that cause stand revived and that decree may be rendered as in the petition of which this is supplementary. foreclose pages 674-684

92. NE. Loan and Trust Company plaintiff Vs The Heirs ar law of Alexander Swanson (Single) John Swanson, and John Doe, real name unknown, and John Pearson and ___Pearson , his wife , first name unknown defendants filed Nov. 5, 1897. foreclose on coupons and tax receipts, pages 685-693

93. Ada West plaintiff Vs Nelson S West defendant filed Aug. 29, 1898 divorce married April 24, 1873 at Lowell NE. non support and willfully deserted her, issues of marriage are ; Forest F West age 24, Pearl West age 19, Mable West age 15, Edna West age 10, Bessie West Age 8, wants custody of minor children , support, and the land which she lives on, alimony , summons issued pages 694-699 .