Volume 11 of Red Willow District Court Records

1. # 1396 John Schmidt Vs John Paxton filed March 31, 1893, Bond for deed (Bought Land ) Mortgage pages 1-7

2. # 1189, Lillian M Whish Vs Joseph A Hayes, Lidia Hayes, , A M Wiley Trustee, and NE. and KS. Farm Loan Company Filed 3-25-1892, Mortgage foreclosure pages 7-21

3. # 1192, March 25, 1892, Ellie t VanSaudt Vs Dennis St. Germain , Maggie St. Germain , The NE. and Ks . Farm loan Company, Henry Clark trustee, Joshua Gerver . Mortgage, sell land to pay Mortgage pages 21, 39

4. # 1289, Sept. 17, 1892, Saint Joseph Loan and Trust Company of St. Joseph MO, a corp. Vs John C Kinkead, Fannie Kinkhead and Charles E Walters , Real estate Mortgage note, default in Payments foreclose pages 39-45

5. # 1118, V D Reed Vs Joseph A Condeal , S J Rittenhouse, Maggie Kalb, John Kalb, William S Fritsch Guardian in fact for John Kalb(insane) Guardian Ad Litem for minor heirs . foreclosure , John and Maggie were divorced 1889, There was 5 children pages 45-55

6 # 1124 Nov. 5, 1891, V D Reed Vs Francis L Gibbs, Emma A Gibbs, Frank J Eberson , Alexander Peterson and Theodore F Lasch , foreclosure , requested a stay of sale Pages 55-67

7. # 1209, April 5, 1892, Elsy C Prichard Vs Mary J Gore, Robert S Gore , Judson Remington, J E Seeley and William F Millen Mortgage foreclosure pages 67-82

8. # 1296, Oct. 11, 1892, Luther B West Vs Swan Peharson, Peter Peharson , The Philps and Bigelow Wind Mill Co. , The Western Loan and Invest Co. and J M Furguson Foreclose on Mortgage pages 85-105

9. # 1489 Aug. 17, 1893, Flora Butenschoen Vs Claus Butenschoen , Divorce, MD Nov. 23, 1889 at Bloomington NE, he Beat and threatened her life with a knife, Would like maiden name restored to Martin pages 105-110

10. Nancy Slocum Vs Elizabeth Jay , July 6, 1892, Mortgage Deed , Samuel Slocum Died Jan. 17, 1889, Charles Slocum executor of his will, foreclose pages 110-121

11. Thomas Edwards Vs V Bagle , Bill of Particulars, filed June 15, 1891, Worked as common laborer on farm filed 1, 21, 1893, He did not’ t pay what he had promised pages 121-127

12. In the Matter of the estate of Frank H Fawler Deceased, Petition to sell real estate, Henretta Fawler Administratrix, To pay debts and expenses , Heirs are William C Fawler and Alfred Fawler pages 127-140

13. # 1253, Dec. 7, 1892, William A Hinsley Vs Pritsch and Kimberly , a Co-Partenship, Plaintiff Agreed to work as a traveling salesperson for boots and shoes for $ 1`25.00 a month Dispute on Wages pages 140-147

14. W E Rollings Vs Robert H Thomas, Kate Thomas US Engine and Pump Co. , William Garsen Thomas, White Stove Co. Filed April 13, 1889 Mortgage on real estate pages 147-162

15. Frees & Hockwell Lumber Co. Vs Robert Thomas, That W E Rollin never was the holder of mortgage as the plaintiff holds mortgage Pages 162-175 Consolidation,,

16.In the Matter of the Estate of George Starbuck, deceased, Oct. 20, 1899, Administrator , M Y Starbuck and E May Starbuck, Petition to sell real estate , Heirs are Benjamin Starbuck, a minor 14, Clyde Starbuck, Florence and Georgia Starbuck, minors, Morris and Melinda Starbuck, Citizen Bank and C L Noble, Bertha E Lincoln, Kermand Daniel and Co., John P Swanson, . For license to sell real estate to pay debts and expenses. pages 175-180


17. Robert H Thomas Contestant Vs Vocances Franklin , frank H Spearman, James E Lochman, Justin A Wilcox and City of McCook, Dec. 26, 1892, Amended complaint pages 180-199

18. # 1273, Aug. 27, 1892, Mary E Bliss Vs James A Hauchin and Mary E Huachin , his wife, Harrison Stekes, JW Dolan, W A Scott and Marie Penfield Promissory Note, to secure payments , pages 199-214

19. # 1375, Harmony E Clard, Vs John W Goetschins, Cenena E Goetschins, George W Burton, and Andrew E Harvey, doing business under the name of Burton and Harvey, March 11, 1893, real estate mortgage of Cyntha C Selden, deceased, Henry Taleatt Administrator, of will , the plaintiff got real estate mortgage in the will and now wants possession of said real estate, request a stay of sale pages 214-221

20. # 1895, Helen T Campbell Vs Theobold Steinler, Mathelda Berndt, and Robert E Campbell March 30, 1893 Mortgage deed foreclose pages 231-237

21. # 1250, July 6, 1892 Charles Slocum Administrator, Vs Eugenia Pearson, Edwin M Pearson , NE. and KS farm Loan Co. Mortgage foreclose pages 237-254

22. # 1223 April 28, 1892, J Lowell Moore Vs Joseph A Brewer, Anna G Brewer, Aultman Miller and Co. George Hockwell, Vocauces Franklin, and the Globe Investment Co. Mortgage foreclosed pages 254-266

23. # 1297, Aug. 27, 1892, Mrs. M E A VanVleet Vs Deatnick Blake, Mary Blake his wife, JE Seeley and Unknown heirs and Devisees of Deatnick Blake deceased, Mortgage Deed , Foreclose Van Vleet Adm. pages 266-277

24. # 1271 Aug. 27, 1892, Charles N Griffin Vs Waldo E Winslow , Augie E Winslsow, J W Dolan, J E Seeley, Mortgage deed foreclose pages 277-289

25. # 1207, April 5, 1892, A M Beveradge Vs William W Gerver , Mrs. Jenet Gerver J E Seeley , Jacob W Outkelt, G H Getman, Mortgage foreclose page 289-304

26. # 1329, Bank of Commerce Vs Saul Pollack , Mrs. Pollack his wife Robert A Heaton Dec. 9, 1892, Mortgage foreclose , Cross petition by Robert Heaton request of stay pages 304-311

27. Bank of Commerce Vs William Remington Jr. , Cora Gracie Remington, Saul Pollack, Mrs. Pollack, Lewis A Kirk , and Mrs. Kirk his wife, May 8, 1893 Mortgage foreclose pages 311-319

28. # 1285, Garwood H Atwood Vs Louis Makin, Mary Makin his wife, Bernard S Kalla , Mrs. Bernard S Kalla his wife, Sept. 9, 1892, foreclose of mortgage pages 319-339

29. # 1297 Oct. 12, 1897, Newton Hart Vs George Weill, Katherina Weill and George W Burton, Andrew Harvey , fore close mortgage pages 33-351

30. # 1463, July 17, 1893, Georgie A Dewey Vs Elbert J Henderson, Carrie Henderson, George W Burton , Burton & Harvey Co. , Frank Brown and Mrs. F L Brown his wife Foreclose mortgage , Stay requested pages 351-362

31. #1305, Oct. 20, 1892, Charles H Hall Vs Rufus M Suavely , Sarah R Suavely, J J Buchanon, Mrs. J J Buchanon his wife, NE. Farm Loan Co. foreclose on Mortgage loan pages 362-377

32. # 1427, J L Moore Vs Sarah E Gerver, Lizzie Coleman, Wilson Coleman her husband, Emma Fuller, William Fuller, her husband Dillie Hanlin and Henry Hanlin her husband May Gerver and Minnie Gerver William Allen and Sarah Allen and Wesley Gerver foreclose on mortgage pages 378-386

33. # 1208, April 5, 1892, W B Gould Vs James E Jacobs, Martha E Jacobs, Ellen F Gleason , S A Rayce, Mrs. __Rayce Wife of S A Rayce, foreclose on mortgage , request a stay pages 386-405

34. # 1533, Feb. 8, 1894, Emilie Austin Vs Charles A Austin MD April 13, 1890 , Divorce , non support, deserted them Children are Addie Austin born April 11, 1892, Daisy born June 5, 1893 pages 405-408

35. Nov. 9, 1893, Richard G Mitchell Vs Lyda B Mitchell MD Feb. 4, 1884 at Hastings, NE. Committed Adultery with Edward Fox, have one adopted child daughter Winifred age 9, pages 408-411

36. # 1363, Divorce , March 7, 1893, Rosa Frizzell Vs Perry Frizzell MD Dec. 2, 1889 Deserted non support pages 411-414

37. Divorce Dec. 14, 1893, Robert J McElherwey Vs Anna M McElherwey MD March 2, 1883, Philadelphia , PA. Abandonment pages 415-416

38. # 1360. March 1, 1893, Irving W Spaulding Vs Joseph L Springer Petition in Equity , the deed be reformed to confirm to the contract of the parties pages 416-420

39. April 22, 1893, Hastings Gracery Co. Vs Red Willow CO-Operative Association , Patrons of Husbandry, Lyman C Root, George W Arbagast, Phebe Taylor, Isaac Vandervort, W A Babcock, Tillie Root, Mrs. John Phifer , J C Lafferty, Ada Babcock, Edward Dayharsh, and Robert N Lee, Wants the rest of his money owed from a judgment pages 420-428

40. Feb. 16, 1893, Salinda E LeFevre Vs James Goodrich Jr. , Mary E Goodrich, Wilmet Mayes, George D Mayes, Robert L Garten , Shaw and Shaw, Henry Cosgrove, J W Dolan, , Judgment money or sell , Mortgage deed. pages 428-441

41. Aug. 12, 1893, Thomas Lonergan Vs Mary M Cox, Petition in Equity, fore close mortgage pages 441-445

42. Feb. 20, 1893, John E Kelly Vs Charles A Sollers, and Mrs. Charles A Sollers, fore close Mortgage pages 445-450

43. April 13, 1892, McCook CO-Operative , B & S Association Vs Sweney Munson and Ettie Munson his wife, Petition and Praecipe, Mortgage deed, Did not pay taxes, and are behind in payments .foreclose Mortgage and sold pages 451-458

44. James J Johnston, Trustee Vs John N Smith and Lucinda Smith , Foreclose Mortgage deed and sell according to Law, entered a stay pages 458-469

45. William Meggat as administrator, for the estate of John Amidon? Vs John B Meserve , Charlotte Meserve, Chester Jensen , and Mrs. Chester Jensen first real name unknown, and W F Lawson . Foreclose mortgage deed, request a stay of the order of sale pages 469-477

46. March 2, 1893, J Walter King Trustee Vs Wilber H Rosecrans, Flora Rosecrans , George W Burton and Andrew Harvey, Justin A Wilcox, Charles A Clark, and Mrs. Charles A Clark his wife and Citizen Bank of McCook, NE. foreclose , mortgage deed pages 477-491

47. Dec. 5, 1891, Emma J Lane Vs Mary Leonard and JE Seeley , foreclose mortgage deed pages 491-507

48. March 11, 1893, Joseph H King Executor of the last will and Testament of James Burnham deceased, Vs Theodore M Philllipi , Alice Phillipi, John Imel, Elizabeth Imel, George W Burton, and Andrew E Harvey, Caleb Clothier, John McCasy and Sterling P Hart and Mrs. Sterling P Hart his wife, John Burnham died Jan. 25, 1893 , The defendants made mortgage to Burnham, foreclose on Mortgage now in Possession of Hart pages 507-520

49. Aug. 12, 1893, Thomas Lonergan Vs Frank L McCraken, M. McCracken his wife, B Davis , Trustee for school District 17, Red Willow County, NE. Sofha M Davis his wife, Baldwin And Co. and Chicago Burlington, and Quincy Railroad ..real estate mortgage foreclose pages 520-531

50. Warren O McClure Vs Heyekiah M Ashmore and Kate L Ashmore foreclose on mortgage and sell pages 531-537

51. May 5, 1892, L M Leach Vs George Leland, Emma Leland his wife, L Hubbard, James s Brown , Mrs. James L Brown his wife, Henry G Brown , Mrs Henry G Brown his wife, James Neale and Mrs. James Neale his wife. foreclose on mortgage and sell pages 537-546

52. March 25, 1892, Ellen Law Vs John W Morgan, Catherine E Morgan, his wife, Mortgage on real estate, foreclose # 7334, Mortgage from John W Morgan and Catherine Morgan to the Smith Bro. , Loan and trust Co. of Beatrice NE. assigned to Ellen Law ., Washington Co. NY. pages 546-556

53. Charles H Meeker and Gladys M Boyle Vs J B Haddock March 1, 1893, Petition in Equity, the plaintiff are the owners and fee of real estate and in possession, The defendant has a judgment lien against A J Armstrong , The plaintiff prays for clear title pages 556-567

54. Sept. 11, 1893, Frank H Spearman Vs NE Loan and Banking Co. and P A Wells, Bill of Particulars, Chattel Mortgage from Arden Harlen on horses Jury for the plaintiff , Appeal pages 567-594

55. July 22, 1893, J E Seeley, Vs Antonie Dietsch, Madalean Dietsch, H A Barnhart, Mrs. H A Harnhart his wife, N J Lemnson, A L Kelly, promissory note + interest, Mortgage deed, sell premises and apply to mortgage pages 594-601

56. June 20, 1893, Frederick W Warner as Administrator of the estate of Jane G Willard deceased, Vs Enoch M Matson Jr., Elizabeth V Matson, and George Camp , James Camp . Partners doing business as Camp Brothers, Mrs George Camp wife of George Camp and Mrs. James Camp wife of James Camp . mortgage deed, did not pay taxes, therefore in default of contract foreclose on mortgage + interest and Taxes. The real estate had back tax certificate bought by Alexander Stone and C A McGreur pages 601-612