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Tyrone Cemetery







Beeson Isaac M 1856 9-10-1931  
Beeson Lettie F 9-17-1895 5-8-1896 Dau of IM & PE Buried on earth to bloom in heaven. 7m 12 d
Beeson Phebe E 1853 8-17-1910  
Bjorkman Frank 5-1-1842 11-7-1904 added maybe same as Brookman
Bjorkman Lydia 1814 11-25-1895 obit added
Blair Daughter 1-7-1887 1-20-1887 Dau. of CS & M Blair
Blair Charlie S 2-18-1857 1-11-1941 Father
Blair Glenn M 6-18-1904 12-26-1906 Son of CS & M
Blair Melissa 10-18-1865 12-7-1951 Mother
Brokman Wilhelmine L 12-27-1874 10-20-1892 Dau. of FW & M
Broman August     no stone
Broman Luvisa 1837 1896 Wife of August Gone but not forgotten.
Brookman Matilda   2-13-1897 57y 7m 14 d A loving mother_ A tender wife_ A Faithful Christian at home with Christ.
Brookman Frank W 5-1-1842 11-3-1904 Our father has gone to a mansion of rest to the glorious land by the diety blest.
Crosby Alonzo E 4-12-1840 8-11-1902 Md Sarah Davis 9-25-1888 RW Co K 23 Iowa Inf. Union army
Crosby Bozina 1847 2-8-1888  
Crosby Charley E   3-5-1894 13y 1 m 2d stone laying on ground
Davis M F 1856 7-3-1909 53y 6m 5 d
Davis Sevilla E 24y 5m 12d 1-24-1886 Wife of MF Parted friends again may meet from the toils of nature free. Crowned with mercy. Oh how sweet will eternal friendship be.
Flury Annie 8-27-1877 4-8-1890 At Rest
Flury Elizabeth 6-26-1849 5-10-1929 Mother
Flury Emmal 6-4-1885 9-6-1885 At Rest
Flury John F 7-26-1846 9-15-1913  
Flury Nicholas   1-16-1898 no stone
Fough Ada B 6-29-1861 10-29-1942 Mother
Fough Albert J 2-9-1867 4-28-1938 Father
Fough Angeline 3-8-1838 10-18-1891 Devoted wf of NW 53y 21m 10d
Fough Birdie 1883 1911  
Fough Infant     of PN & E
Fough Peter N 12-24-1868 4-5-1959  
Gielday Joseph 1848 1896  
Goreley Daughter     no stone
Goreley Robert Sr. 7-24-1813 7-10-1900 86y 1m 16 d Gar Vet Co C 36 Ind. Vol Union Army_ Gods fingers touched him and he slept.
Goreley Viola   1896  
Johnson Alvin N 7-6-1891 9-10-1891 2m 4 d
Johnson Greta L 12-20-1805 3-23-1884  
Johnson Lawrence 10-11-1888 10-16-1889 1y 5 m
Johnson Maria 6-25-1848 3-28-1885  
Johnson Sophia     infant child
Johnson Victor 5-16-1844 4-17-1885  
Johnson William     infant child
Jones Helen 4-29-1836 12-29-1904 (Shattuck) Wife of T C Jones Gone but not forgotten_ broken stone
Keuhn Carl 1907 1908  
Keuhn Ethel J 1867 1854 this date is not right
Keuhn Etta May 1901 1905 Dau of S & EJ May she rest in peace.
Keuhn Irvin R 1910 6-1-1933  
Keuhn Steven 1858 1935  
Lyon Felix R 26y 11 d 3-16-1889 A precious one from us is gone_ A voice we loved is stilled_ A place is vacant in our home_ Which never can be filled.
McMahon Lora E 1883 3-12-1903 19y 1m 21d wife of Lloyd Beneath this stone placed in trust not the immoral_ but the dust of one on earth to me most dear who learned in youth her God to fear.
Miles Clara Grace 1-13-1893 9-13-1905 Inf .Dau of MJ & VEAs a star that lost when the daylight is given_ She had faded away to shine in heaven.
Miles Daughter   11-7-1901 Dau of MJ & VE verse can not read behind a tree.
Miles Elizabeth 7-4-1826 10-26-1906 Wife of J H Miles Rest mother rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o’er thee weep.
Moore Alice 1901 1988  
Moore Charles W 1821 3-4-1882 60y 4m 4d Work the perfect man and behold the imperfect. ?? and of that man is peace.
Moore Cilvina Baker 1862 1952  
Moore Joseph C 1856 1945  
Moore May Davis 4-13-1885 1-7-1909 Stone laying on ground off of base
Moore Sallie 10-11-1822 3-26-1895 Aye_ call it holy ground_ the land where first they trod.
Moore Thayer 3m 13 d 12-9-1888 son of JC and Cilvina Budded on earth to bloom in heaven .
Richmond A J 2-10-1840 11-14-1893 53y 9m 4d GAR
Richmond Edward J 2-9-1872 10-7-1902 Md Sadie Cumming 12-15-1892
Richmond Mary P 1-5-1849 6-9-1901 Gone but not forgotten Come Ye Blessed.
Richmond Sadie Adkins 1-18-1874 8-5--1935 no stone Md Edward J Md 2. J W Adkins 1905
Ruf Bly Dillin 3-27-1904 12-10-1990 Md Henry J 5-24-1936 born Furnas Co. NE. to Brice & Emily (Romine) died Cambridge Hospital
Ruf Henry 1-30-1888 6-10-1981 Together for ever
Ruf Henry J 8-8-1910 9-11-1983 Born Fort Collins_ CO. to Henry and Mary Ruf died Denver_ Co.
Ruf Kaye Lynette 1959 1959 no stone
Ruf Mary 12-28-1892 2-15-1976 No stone found
Shoemaker Walter 1-9-1887 4-5-1936  
Snyder Jacob 11-13-1838 11-11-1897 Asleep in Jesus
Tupper Loren J 11-5-1883 8-27-1885 son of JR and ME Tupper
VanMeter Lucinda 2-26-1860 1-15-1894 Think of her_ speak of her_ not in dispair_ short is the distance which parts us today. Round us about us brave and cherished_ linger the deeds that have brightened her way.
Walton Nicholas P 1-24-1841 2-24-1927 Broken stone Co B 65 Ill. Inf.
Young Caroline 1852 10-26-1922 Gone but not forgotten.
Young Charles E 1-5-1882 4-15-1891 son of Samuel &Caroline
Young Elizabeth 3-27-1825 10-6-1902 77y 6m 9d Have I lay my burden down changed the cross into a crown.
Young John     no stone Co G 129 Ind Inf.
Young Samuel 1842 8-30-1929